Lauren Spierer’s Family Awaits Test Results of White River Skull

    July 17, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Lauren Spierer, a student at the Indiana University, mysteriously vanished from Bloomington, Indiana over a year ago. Her family has been on a nightmarish mission to locate their missing loved one ever since, though nothing concrete has turned up since she vanished. Although they’ve pleaded repeatedly with Lauren’s captor to release her, the family has heard nothing from the person or persons responsible for her disappearance.

However, on July 9th, a fisherman discovered a skull in the White River, which is roughly 50 miles from campus. Although investigators searched the waters for more remains, nothing has turned up as of this writing. Now the family must await test results from forensic anthropologists to see if the skull belongs to their missing daughter.

Sadly, the Spierers have been down this road once before. Back in April, skeletal remains were located just west of Bloomington. After investigating the remains, authorities determined that they belonged to an unidentified male.

“When will you end this nightmare for our family? We will never give up,” the family posted on their Facebook page. “We are just as determined as we were on June 3, 2011. You need to know that. It’s our promise to you. For now we continue to wait.”

Lauren Spierer was last seen on June 3rd, 2011 while walking home from fellow college student Corey Rossman’s apartment around 4:30 in the morning. Although Rossman claims he can’t clearly remember what happened due to a punch he received during an altercation that evening, Lauren’s father believes he is both a “liar and a coward”.

The Spierers are currently offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of their daughter. For more information, stop by findlauren.com.

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  • Stephanie

    Actually, her paerents have repeatedly appealed for more information and a couple of months ago stated they believed she was probably dead. Corey Rossman is repeatedly named in articles, which is sad because she was with a number of other people the night she disappeared – Jay Rosenbaum, Jesse Wolff, etc. and these are people who slid off afterwards and didn’t stay around. Corey, however stayed on in the area and that is never mentioned. He was the next door neighbor to my daughter for 2 years and was no troulble whatsoever, yet it is continually implied in the media that he is the main suspect. With the number of girls that go missing in college towns, I’m not so convinced that she didn’t get preyed upon by a passing creeper. She was in no condition to defend herself, due to drugs and intoxication, unfortunately.

    • Jen

      Not only are you a terribly rude and inconsiderate person but you can’t even spell! How would you feel if YOUR daughter went missing like this and the shady characters who were her “friends” that night suspiciously remained silent and immediately lawyered up. Corey seems far from innocent or at least knows more than he’s said (which is nothing). You would be suspicious too! How would you feel if you had relentlessly search for your own daughter for over a year? Learn to sympathize with these poor people instead of attacking them. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Jill

    He was no trouble whatsoever? Are you out of your mind? He wasn’t even allowed in the building where Lauren lived because he had caused a problem there on numerous occasions. And his seemingly “coincidental” amnesia makes him a prime suspect. I know him well…he is a real creep.

    • Kerry

      Right on Jill!!!!!