Lauren Hill's Cancer Is Starting To Take Its Toll

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Lauren Hill’s cancer is taking its toll on her body. Just two weeks after the Mount St. Joseph freshman made the first score for her team’s basketball season, it has been revealed that Hill has gotten significantly weaker. On Tuesday, November 18, Hill spoke at a ceremony in her school’s gym. She opened up about how her sickness has affected her since the inspiring match between Mount St. Joseph and Hiram. “The game is sort of out of sight, out of mind,” Lauren said. “You know how I say, 'Live in the moment?' That game was two weeks ago, and I'm not worried about the future, either. I'm just worried about spending time with my family right now and the holidays and trying to get to Thanksgiving and just living in the moment.”

With her condition worsening, doctors have said that they don’t expect Hill to make it until Christmas. However, Hill and her family are facing it head on. “You're surrounded by death. There's no other way to say it,” said Lauren’s mom, Lisa Hill. “You can't let your head move forward and think of the end or what's coming next because it will take you to dark places. So you really do have to stay in the moment or it will eat you up, you won't get out of bed, and that's not a choice right now.”

The inoperable tumor plaguing Hill has left the right side of her body weak and she has resorted to using a wheelchair to move around. "Toward the latter part of the day, you'll see her more in her wheelchair because her legs are weaker so she has a hard time moving,” Lisa said.

When asked about whether her daughter will play again, Lisa answered, “I don't know. I would probably say it's maybe not realistic, but you never know on the day. So if she's got really high spirits and her body's doing what it's supposed to be doing, who knows?”

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