Laura Prepon Recently Commented On 'Orange Is The New Black' Character's Future (Kind Of)

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Earlier this month, rumor came out that Laura Prepon will be leaving the cast of Netflix's much buzzed-about Orange is the New Black. She hasn't had a lot to say about the rumors, but did tweet a little over a week ago that she would soon be heading back to New York, where they shoot the show.

Prepon talked about shooting in New York in an interview on Cosmo Radio's Wake up with Taylor on SiriusXM. (Update: A reader has brought it to our attention that this interview actually took place in July, before the rumors, though it doesn't change a whole lot). Filming of Season 2 also began in July, by the way.

When asked if her character stays in jail, she replied, "I don't know. I'm not allowed to say."

During the interview she talked about her shooting experience, including about how they shoot in Queens, but for outside shots, they shoot at an abandoned children's hospital.

"It looks great on camera, but when we're all there, we're a little creeped out," she says, commenting on the "weird test dummies" and "weird kids drawings" that are still there.

She also mentions that the cast is not allowed to wear makeup (at least the inmates) because they want everyone to be natural-looking.

Netflix has said that rumors of Prepon's exit from the show were inaccurate, but admitted that the second season is still in development, and that nothing had been confirmed. The original BuzzFeed report about her departure indicated that she would still return for a limited number of episodes to wrap up her storyline, and that she would have the option to return later.

Co-star Taryn Manning was asked about the situation by Entertainment Tonight. She said, "Well, there’s a book and that character goes to another facility in that book. I’m not sure what’s going on, I definitely feel a bit of a loss, but to be totally honest with you, no one is really talking about it. This cast is so noble. I wish her the best and hope everything is OK with her. I hear she’s directing her own film, which she passionately talked about on set, so maybe she’s off doing that. I think she’s amazing, so it’ll be interesting without her around, but I don’t know the facts — although I hear she will be filming some of this season."

Series lead Taylor Schilling told E! News, “I don’t really know anything about that. I just know she’s an amazing actress, and I’ve really had an incredible time working with her, and I know that that relationship…there’s no end to that relationship.”

Prepon has been the most searched-for actress on the show, according to data provided by Bing. A lot of fans feel that her exit would be a major blow to the show, but it does have a large cast with more than a few fan favorites, and some of the others have recently been promoted to series regulars.

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