Laura Prepon Petitioned Not To Leave Netflix’s ‘Orange Is The New Black’

    September 3, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Laura Prepon is most likely leaving Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. While she is one of the most popular cast members, reports came out last month that she is returning only for a limited number of episodes in the upcoming second season.

Prepon has been mostly silent on the matter, and Netflix has kind of dismissed the rumors, but has indicated that everything is still developing.

Either way, fans really don’t want to see her go, and someone has gone so far as to start a Change.org petition. It doesn’t have many signatures so far, and will probably not make any difference whatsoever, but it exists. It says:




It gets into some more NSFW language, which you can click over to see if you like.

We’re not sure if the petition comes from a member of the official “PreponsArmy,” but clearly the actress has some vocal fans.

Other cast members seem to be a loss about Prepon’s situation, but others have been promoted to series regulars, so the screen time void shouldn’t be hard to fill.

Orange is the New Black: Season 2 is currently in production, and is due out in 2014.

Image: Change.org

  • Amy

    This is ridiculous. Change.org is for serious problems.

    I think the show will be better without Laura Prepon. I didn’t think there was much chemistry between Piper and Alex (although it is better than Piper & Larry’s chemistry), and I don’t think Prepon’s acting was very convincing throughout the show. Her acting was exactly the same as the way she acted as Donna on That 70s Show. I would go as far as to say that she was the weak link in the cast (besides Jason Biggs, who is the weakest link, IMO). She stood out as being especially bland compared to characters like Taystee, Poussey, Suzanne, and others.

    I’m glad that Netflix will take the time to resolve her story, and I’m glad she will have a minor role from now on. It won’t mess up the plot too much if Alex is transferred to another prison for whatever reason. No big loss.

    I’m more concerned about Miss Claudette not being on the show anymore! Why isn’t anyone talking about that?

    • Ethan

      I think you’re ridiculous because Laura Prepon causing so much hysteria to Alex Vause fans and they have been overcome with emotion when they find Laura is leaving the show.

      Why? because she nailed it.

      So,stop grumbling and comparing Alex Vause character to others

    • adam

      Change.Org is for whatever you want.

      Which is why the petitioner went as far to make it. And it’s obviously a half-joke. Don’t get so wrapped up in something that’s obviously half a joke.

      Change.org is a platform for change. There’s a thousand, if not millions of petitions. Who are you to judge?

      I’m about to petition you on change.org to simmer yourself down

  • KATE

    Laura Prepon is the main character on the show, no doubts. If she’s in the scene its hard to notice anybody else, she gets all the attention. Never knew what it means to be somebody’s fan, until her. Smart, intelligent, charismatic, beautiful, sexy. Different! So much wisdom in her eyes. Great actress.

    • Lana

      Laura, just dye you hair back to black, couple tattoos, glasses and let us all enjoy your talent.

  • Carolyn

    If you believe that Alex is just like Donna than you have typecasted her. One character and the actress who portrays both are *nothing* alike- at all. I like Miss Claudette but do you truly believe her character was more pivotal than Alex, esp when it concerns Piper’s journey?

    If Laura doesn’t return it will be a shame, the character was good and I thought she nailed it.

    • Amy

      I don’t think I’ve typecasted her. She acts in a very monotone way, and is not very expressive with her voice or facial expressions. It’s just my opinion on her acting — no offense to her as a person. It doesn’t seem like the same sort of genuine emotion that other actresses the show have shown. I agree with the comments below that she is beautiful, and also with you that her character is really important in regards to Piper’s journey. But I find myself not really caring whether she stays or goes. And Piper seems just as ambivalent about her, given that she would rather be with Larry.

      I think that even though Piper is the protagonist, I find myself more drawn to the stories of the rest of the cast, because they are different than anything I have experienced. I can relate to Piper, not having experienced poverty or racism. But the idea of the hardships that someone like Miss Claudette has faced, essentially being sold to pay her parents debt, is intriguing. I really liked the dynamic of her and Piper being roommates, and learning to be friends.

      • Anull Mouse

        She (Laura) has acted just fine, in my opinion, which is to say that is pretty much what her character is supposed to be like. She plays a criminal-minded narcissist; she doesn’t have very genuine emotions or behaviors. She is cold hearted and sort of… fake, selfish, manipulative, conniving, etc.

        Case in point: she throws her ‘love-of-my-life’ ex-girlfriend (who left her under duress due to her drug-smuggling, manipulative ways) under the bus and gets her locked up in a FEDERAL prison, TEN YEARS after the fact… over what? Some sapphic romance grudge and to serve her own interests? Because after so long Piper, as she put it, “wasn’t even real anymore”. As if just because somebody isn’t right there with you they aren’t really ‘real’, they altogether cease to exist?

        Who would even say something like that? Teenagers and narcissists.

  • Kyra

    I absolutely love Laura Prepon’s character Alex, and I believe that the show will lose a lot of viewers when she leaves, unless they have some really good dramatic storyline to pull it all together or add another well known actor/actress to the cast. I feel that there is way too many loose ends right now, in the relationship between Alex and piper. The main beginning point of the storyline is that alex and piper did some crazy sh!t together while they were in love and had to live with the consequences of their actions, while facing each other and the problems associated with other in mates every day in the pen. there are too many lingering emotions between the two characters to simply x her out. And taking out one of the most substantially dramatic aspects of the story will really mess viewers up. In most shows where you have a “love triangle”, that becomes one of the most entertaining parts of the plot. The lead character doesn’t know who she really wants or what kind of person she is. To take away her choice completely by removing alex from the show just doesn’t make sense to me. In the first season piper really screwed up her chances with Larry. You can tell by the relationships between the three characters that piper and Alex can relate to eachother much better, and that piper obviously isn’t ready to lead a slow and boring, normal life like she would being with Larry. Alex obviously loves piper and is hurt by her decisions to leave her but piper still has the ability to smarten up and make things up to her seeing as they have to live together and see each other every day. whereas for Larry to even come back to visit piper after all the crap he has taken and the misunderstandings between them, it’s just unrealistic. Doesn’t make sense. Preponsarmy for the win!

  • K

    Alex HAS to stay