Laura Linney Secretly Becomes a Mom At 49

    January 18, 2014
    Rachel Kolman
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Laura Linney and husband Marc Shauer quietly hid a pregnancy from the public eye for an entire nine months. On January 9th, the couple welcomed a baby boy, Bennett Armistead Schauer, into the world.

The couple, who married in 2009, were careful to not mention the pregnancy out in public, with Laura even wearing loose, comfortable clothing during red-carpet events to hide the bump. (Last event she attended was back in June, and she hid her few months bump with a loose, black dress.) She’s been quiet ever since – a rarity for celebrity moms-to-be. There’s nothing Hollywood loves more than celebrity baby bumps, but it looks like Laura was careful to keep herself off the tabloid covers.

Fans also seem to appreciate the new baby’s name, Bennett Armistead, which is named for author Armistead Maupin. Linney has starred in several miniseries’ based on the authors work, and remains a huge fan. (Armistead himself even mentioned that he imagines Laura as his character when he’s writing. “She makes it so much easier,” he says.)

In addition, there’s no concern for Linney’s health. Which is rare, since 51% of pregnancies in women over 40 end in miscarriage and health complications for the mother. But a representative told People magazine that “Mother and baby are happy and healthy.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • marybell

    Congratulation Laura and Marc,
    I’ve been watching you and have seen your movies, and a wonderful actress you are.
    I think it was so nice to be able to hide it for the whole 9 months, espcially from the media.
    They always zoom in on any piece of news they can concerning pregnant women.

  • nonparieldolls

    How nice and how unusual, a Hollywood couple who actually wanted to keep their pregnancy private. May others learn from their example! I don’t understand the preoccupation with it lately and I especially hope I never have to hear/read “baby bump” ever again.

    • Ellie

      Got a problem with pregnancy, Nonparieldolls? Would you prefer to go back to the days in which pregnant women stayed home because it was a disgrace to be seen in public with a bump? Having a baby is wonderful, a feel good. Celebrities show their bumps because it’s a “feel good” for them, and being celebrities, they like the attention (well, most of them.)

  • Sadie

    At her age it probably was a safety issue. Congrats Laura

  • Dave

    What a great example to the actors such as Lohan, et al. Laura is not only a great actress, who can handle any role from hunting apes in the jungle to having breakdowns with her brother, but a beautiful woman inside and out. She brings a breath of fresh air to any film.

    A real professional in the mold of Tom Hanks.

  • Dan Brandon

    Alright Laura. You have been my favorite entertainer since Congo. John Adams I have watched many times. I have no idea where you got your professional training. Must be a great school. Tell the baby and your husband congratulations. The baby has your genes and will be a great person some day.

  • susan

    donor eggs!!!

  • Torsh Johansen

    What a slut. Hope she shaved her soppy vagina.

    • morgan old

      WHOA! Where did that come from? She is married and has never behaved in any way that could be classified as remotely close to slutty. She, in my opinion, is one of the few real LADIES in Hollywood. The Britney Spears, Kardashians, Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus generation that is rising to fame today are the sluts! Maybe you should at least watch one or two of her films and read about her life before you make such an ignorant fool of yourself. But, then again, maybe you are just pissed off because your generation is so IMMENSELY lacking in class, style, grace, maturiy, dignity, and all the other myriad qualities that make someone a lady.

    • slgme

      You are a disgusting pig

      • Ralph Malph

        Don’t feed the troll- just a desperate bid for attention.

  • Esther Marlowe

    Maybe they hired a surrogate so there was no pregnancy to hide.

  • morgan old

    Why is it so hard to believe that a lady over 40 could have a child, not to mention that she chose not to broadcast it to the world. I applaud her for keeping her private life to herself. Celebrities are people just like everyone else, are entitled to their privacy, and not all of us have to “tweet, post, share or facebook everytime we pee, sleep with someone, get hammered, or have news of a private nature! It used to be that one’s business was just that, and nobody poked their noses into everyone else’s life on an hourly basis. Not too long ago, people lived their lives without such desperate needs for attention, validation and “friends” that they have never met and never will. Maybe someday people will gain a real sense of self, identity, and relationships and all this sad pathetic social media crap will go away. Trust me, noone wants to know half of what you “share”. Bring back the phrase TMI, go talk to someone IN PERSON, and keep most of the things you “SHARE” to yourself.

    • http://Yahoo Robert Tinman

      The real question here is why would any logical and sane person decide to have a baby at age 49? She will be he oldest parent at all school functions. She will be 67 years old when the child graduates from high school. He ability to be “active” with her child will be severely hampered as she moves into her mid 60’s. I find her decision to even consider having a child at age 49 selfish and bizarre. But I guess when you live in Hollywood common sense is something that many in the entertainment crowd seem to lack.

  • Coco

    For those of you who don’t understand human reproduction, she most likely did give birth to her child although it is impossible that it is biologically hers. 49 year old woman simply don’t have the ability to have children using their own eggs. Even a 70 year old woman can carry a baby. Your uterus doesn’t age, your eggs do.

  • Michael

    sorry, to me that’s not fair to the child and I think it’s just dangerous. She will 60 and the kids in 6th grade. She’s 67 before the kid is out of high school, so old.