Laura Linney Gives Birth To Baby Boy

    January 18, 2014
    Tobias Roth
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After keeping her pregnancy a secret from the press, Laura Linney has given birth to her first child. The 49-year-old actress just surprised everyone when she gave birth to a son on Wednesday, January 8th.

Laura Linney, a big film and television star, will be starting the new year off as a mom. It is the first child for her and her husband, Marc Schauer, who were engaged in 2007, and then married in 2009. Schauer is a real estate agent.

A representative of the couple told People Magazine that “Mother and baby are happy and healthy.” Linney’s son is named Bennett Armistead Schauer.

It was easier for the Oscar nominated actress to keep her pregnancy since she has been doing a good job of staying out of the spotlight in the past year.

She had never addressed the pregnancy publicly, and unlike most celebrities, she was not one to debut her baby bump publicly, and make a publicity stunt out of her pregnancy.

Laura Linney is a three-time nominated Academy Award actress for her films Kinsey, The Savages, and You Can Count On Me. She was most recently seen in The Fifth Estate and Hyde Park On Hudson.

Before her last couple of films, she enjoyed greats success with the hit Showtime series The Big C, which ran from 2010-2013, and earned her a handful of award nominations.

Linney was last seen attending the Women in Film’s Crystal + Lucy Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, which was held in June of 2013. At the awards, she was seen wearing an all black outfit that conveniently hid any baby bump that would have been showing at the time. Following the awards, which was not something that was aired on television, she left the spotlight.

The actress was even able to hide her pregnancy well enough for her to not make headlines until over a week after the baby was born, which seems like a quite a talent for a celebrity like Laura Linney.

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    When I was growing up change of life babies were common. Today it’s usually in-vitro fertilzation when you’re in your 40’s.

  • Lynne

    True, after 45 it is usually in-vitro, even egg donation which could be why she wanted to keep it all private. Too many questions would be asked that were none of the public’s business.

  • David

    One of my three or four favorite actresses. First baby at 49? God bless you, Laura. Do you realize you’ll be 67 when this kid is graduating from high school?

    • http://www.oliverkloseoff.com Oliver Kloseoff

      True, some would say its not fair to the kid, but is it more fair if the kid never existed at all?

      • Amazing

        Huh? If it never existed at all it wouldn’t know it. Your argument is apples and oranges. There are many reasons against a baby at Linney’s advanced age of nearly 50 (she will be 50 next month). And, when this kid is a mere 30, he’ll see someone who is more like his grandmother than his mother, and he may need to begin thinking about assisted living and those types of issues. That isn’t something a 20 year old should need to address. When I was 20, my parents were a mere 47 years old and I was in college. They were still active and vital, of course. When they were 70 (I was still younger than Linney is now) but a lot more able to cope with aging parents that I would have been as a mere 20 year old. There are a lot of reasons this isn’t a good idea. What was Linney doing in her earlier years? Oh I know, being consumed with her career, and now that she’s 50, it’s time for her to have a baby. How selfish of her!

    • co

      yes congratulations to laura no one should judge a woman having a baby at any age its their baby and I wish her all the happiness in the world

  • em

    It’s a donor egg, likely his sperm. Hollywood has no responsibility when it comes to these “miracle” births. I’m looking at you Halle Berry.

    • co

      so what there are many woman having babies in late 40s, 50s and are great mothers so if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it

  • Amazing

    Having a child at her advanced age is not wise on several levels. Some remain to be seen. Where was this actress (not really sure who she is to be honest) 25 years ago? I mean, the ideal age to have children (biologically, mentally, etc.) is between 18 and 29. Yes, it’s true. Having a child when you’re 50 (I looked her up and she’ll be 50 next month), has a lot of negatives for both mother and child, some remaining to be seen. And, when this child is a mere 20 year old (a mere 20) he will need to start thinking about his elderly mother and her health issues. By the time he’s 30, he’ll probably need to address things like assisted living, etc. This should not be an issue for a 20 or 30 year old person. She will find herself like a duck out of water too, when she sees that all her kid’s friend’s parents are a couple of decades younger than she is. Age fifty is when most people begin to become GRANDPARENTS – not first time parents. This is really not what Nature intended. Having children is for those much younger, with the vitality and years ahead to successfully raise them. Sure, a younger parent could die early, but Linney is a half century old. Think about it. Some of you probably have grandparents in their sixties. When this kid is 10 (and in the fifth grade) Linney will be 60. Something is askew with this type of thing.

    • cherry

      you are so judgemental lots of woman for whatever reason chose to have children later in life, its their choice, their body and honestly none of your business

    • L

      So for individuals who don’t meet their husband until after they are 40 not because they are focused on their career but because they just did not meet should they not have children? According to your comments they should not. Seems to me that you allow the societal norms to dictate what is right. In many countries young girls are married off before 16 and are having babies …hmmm not sure this is right so if you miss the cut off of 18-29 (which by the way would include any woman who wanted to go to graduated school and become a doctor they are simply out of luck according to you. Personally I did my first marathon at age 40 and ran my first 1/2 Ironman at age 45. Su much for your theory on youth = vitality!