Adds Video

    May 9, 2007

Online radio and social music networking site is introducing video recommendations to their site this week.

Users will be able to create personalized video channels based on their music preferences much the same way they currently do with their radio stations.

Initial video content will come from independent labels such as Ninja Tune, Nettwerk Music Group, Domino, Warp Atlantic and Mute. Featured artists from the labels will include the Artic Monkeys, Moby and Aphex Twin. has also struck deals with major labels like EMI and Warner as well as 20,000 independent labels. The company is currently in talks with two other big labels, Universal and Sony Music Group.

With their partnerships the company says," will soon be able to offer its users personalized channels from the largest legal catalogue of music videos on the web."

They also tout the video quality saying," The quality of videos on will be significantly higher than that of YouTube, with audio encoded at 128kbps compared to YouTube’s 64kbps."

In addition the company shares its ambitious goal. " aims eventually to have every music video ever made on the site, from the latest hits to underground obscurities to classics from the past."

Of their lofty video goal Richard MacManus writes," I immediately thought of as the Web 2.0 version of MTV! That certainly seems to be their goal, and good on them for setting their sights so high."

"The fact they have at least a couple of big labels on board already (EMI and Warner, both of whom already have agreements with regarding radio music) and they seem to be in good negotiations with others (Universal and Sony) indicates that it’s not an impossible dream."