Lark Voorhies’ Appearance Brings Back Mental Illness Rumors

    May 6, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Lark Voorhies shot to stardom in the late ’80s as Lisa Turtle on the hit sitcom Saved By The Bell, and has had continuous television and movie roles since the show ended in 1993. But in the last few years, her public appearances have been marred by odd interviews and questionable behavior, and rumors began circulating online in 2012 that she was suffering from a bipolar disorder. Now, after a turn on the red carpet for the film Where We Started, the rumor mill is starting back up again, and some are upset that the negative media attention for her appearance is downplaying the fact that there might be something seriously wrong with the beloved former child actress.

Voorhies’ appearance on the red carpet–with what several online news sources are calling “bizarre” makeup–has led to her supporters taking to Twitter to voice concern for her and the way she is being treated. While the actress denies suffering from any mental illness, her mother, Tricia, said in 2012 that she had been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and was dealing with things that had happened to her.

“There are things that have traumatized her,” said Tricia. “I care deeply about my daughter and I want her to resume her life.”

Around that same time, People Magazine said Voorhies gave them an odd interview in which she would often stop in mid-sentence to stare into space and mumble to people who weren’t there.

“I have a strong spiritual sense,” Voorhies said in response. “You caught me in moments of pray [sic].” So go ahead and pick a side. It shouldn’t be hard.”

Voorhies is all over Twitter today as some wonder “what happened” to the former ’90s star and others hope for her to be able to turn things around.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • doggypoos

    If you look at the pictures you can clearly see at theses and past photos she may have a skin disorder. This most likely affects her confidence and she does not look like she has a drug disorder. Imagine being one of the finest women on TV and having that taken away from you due to a skin medical condition.

    • Sahih

      I don’t think she has a mental disorder but I do think she had on the wrong color foundation in those photos. I don’t wear or like makeup but I know enough to know that when you put on make- up inside and step outside or into the light (flashing camera) it can show up too light or dark if you haven’t blended it enough. Too me it looks like the outer eye makeup is too light. peace

      • lokilasher

        Im a guy and I even noticed that! Whats wrong with human beings??

  • Love

    It’s so sad and disturbing to me when people just talk about her!!! Seriously can’t you see the pain in her eyes (smh) if that doesn’t make you concerned are prompt you to
    pray I would suggest you look in the mirror; because God can quickly remind you
    that if it wasn’t for his grace and mercy you could fall short as well.. Those
    of you with a heart lets lift her up and not tear her down. Lets pray!!! God is

    • Sara James

      Pray all you want, she needs a good doctor and treatment.

    • kimberlyclark



      Oh shut up you archaic weirdo. I got news for you…Jesus ain’t coming back, because there never was anyone named Jesus. It’s a MADE UP STORY. A fantasy, A FABLE!!!

    • speldrong7

      I can see the pain in her eyes from having to look at that face! Damn girl! Hey if you’re gonna dress up like your brother Jason, you should try the mask and not just makeup

  • dubc73

    I think she is schizophrenic. She is still beautiful, just needs to lay off the makeup. Hope she recognizes that she needs help soon.

    • Sara James

      The words she used in the E.T. interview are troubling.

  • sunnyt

    Wow, she appears to be a mess. But guess what? She’s not! Her statement; “I have a strong spiritual sense,” Voorhies said in response. “You caught me in moments of pray [sic].” So go ahead and pick a side. It shouldn’t be hard.”; she’s doesn’t understand her spirituality and how to work with it. Spirituality is very deep and all do not understand–and it is not for all to understand. If you d don’t understand you will think you are going nuts and so will other people. Please watch the Long Island Medium and other Psychic’s–it is then you will understand. Let me say, its not for you to understand, it’s for her to understand. When you don’t understand, or refuse to understand your god given spirituality; you will look and feel crazy. Just to give an example, the spirit will appear ant anytime when it is for your benefit. I was at a particular place, talking to someone, and I stared into mid air like Lisa; my guidance was not to go home the usual way… . Hence, I followed; and there was a major train derailment. I am in NYC; look I up on the NYC news; no F train service. I followed and avoided a major transit problem. Let me add, as a pretty child growing up; parents push you into acting, etc. Later on, there are regrets. This could also be apart of her problem.
    Tap into your spirituality to avoid future problems!!!!!!

    • E;f

      Please, seek help. If you believe what you wrote, you have some serious issues. I think perhaps medication is what you need.

      • MFSB


      • sunnyt

        Like said: “Tap into your spirituality to avoid future problems!!!!!!”. You will hunt me down one–day to thank me for this post and waking your crazy ass up to life. End~ please do not respond because you don’t deserve anymore attention.

        • Sara James

          Please seek help, based on what you wrote you are not mentally stable.

        • ICYNDICEY

          The internet is a pasture for lunatics, and you my dear are a grazing crazy a** cow

    • Sara James

      Some of the most mentally ill people I have worked with professionally have taken religion to the outer limits.

      • sunnyt

        Pease shut up! !!! Anyone else who feels the same way should refer to the previous post.

      • RA

        Why does anything resembling spirituality or maybe realizing we don’t know everything make you crazy?? Modern secular atheism is such an empty, condescending, pretentious ideology. So many love to ridicule anyone who dares to believe in anything but pure science. There is still mystery in this world but reading all this makes one think we have everything completely figured out. So grandiose.



  • E;f

    Bipolar is an excuse most actors give for a failed career. My guess is she’s a drug addict or alcoholic.

    • Sara James

      That also could be true but based on her interview it looks like mental illness.

  • Victor Steele

    Yeah and those spooky ass Olsen twins are the picture of mental health? If she was still Saved by the Bell cute this wouldn’t even be an issue. She could be as ditzy as she wanted to be.

    • Sara James

      Victor, do take your meds and take a seat.

  • Sara James

    This is “The Amanda Bynes Story” all over again. Lark is in denial, if she is not forced into treatment she might hurt herself or someone else. Clearly, she looks like a clown and is not mentally stable.


      Well so does Lady GaGa and they let her ugly a** onstage. lol

  • Lorna Simmons

    Is that her makeup that’s making her look like that? It seems like that’s why she looks the way she does (not like her old pretty self). I thought Bi polar was when you have mood swings like happy one minute then upset the next. That doesn’t seem the case with her. She does seem like she has something wrong with her. It seems like maybe a psychiatrist could prescribe her medicine and she’d be ok because a lot of stars in Hollywood are so called bi polar and still continue on with their normal lives. I hope she gets better. I always thought she was so pretty and use to want to look like her. I know she has a chance to bounce back and be her old self again. Pray for her.

  • Guest

    I’ve actually read before that she has lupus. You know, African-American women are far more likely to develop the disease than any other group.

  • LolaS

    She looked a lot better than some of those pictures with bad makeup jobs. That reporter must be f’ing stupid if what Lark was saying went way over her head. I totally understood what she meant. Why do all the morons become entertainment reporters?

  • lokilasher

    To me it looks like she was trying to match her hair color tones with her makeup and lipstick-she just needs a make up artist. I had a girlfriend who was a stripper, when her friends put on her make up she looked great. When she put her own make up on she looked like a clown!

  • kimberlyclark

    Actually she seems like an actress giving an interview. I wouldn’t think it was weird if I hadn’t read the article. She must have done something different at the premiere. I hope there is a reuinion.

  • Juniper Rose

    I’d say mental disorder combined with self medication or over medication. She clearly exhibits signs of word salad/disorientation/confusion. Leave her alone. Pray she gets help.

  • berezotko34

    She seems like a nice girl.. I don’t see all of the “signs” that all of you internet “doctors” are raving about. Frankly, I think she’s out of practice in that she hasn’t been interviewed in years and her skin isn’t as perfect as it was when she was 20. Maybe she’s over-compensating? I don’t know….really just giving her the benefit of the doubt and not dissecting a person. Be well.

  • MichMich16

    Hollywood is a sick town and as mentioned by many child actors — can be unsafe causing developmental issues, mental illness following trauma including rape and substance abuse. The fickle “you are hot and then you are not business” has seen many actors and celebrities crash and burn as a result. Media thinks she’s sick but can’t help to continue to interview and post pics of her for ridicule. If her behavior is so “out there” stop granting interviews to her to exploit it. Oh that’s right, that would mean someone in the industry would have to display character, integrity and decency..guess not.


      APPLAUSE!!! You just got an award from me. Best post I’ve read in a week. Couldn’t have said it better myself. You’re right in everything you said about the child actors. Let’s ask Lindsay Lohan, or Judy Garland. Oh that’s right…she’s dead! And died broke and BROKEN.


    Why is everyone picking on this lady? She was once on some teenybopper show in the 80’s and she’s worn some weird makeup, and acts a little off. What’s the big deal? Aren’t all performers a bit fruity? I say leave the woman alone, and if she does have problems…let her sort them out IN PRIVATE. Like how is this ANY of ET’s business? These tabloid shows are the ones that are fu**ing sick. And isn’t that Dustin Diamond dude who was calling her out like a big pervert?

  • Kitty

    So she did her makeup herself instead of a make up artist. Maybe she has allergies to makeup. There can be other explanations. Leave her alone or you will drive her crazy.

  • dickswellz

    no she has a trying to bleach her skin disorder. it comes from the pressure of wanting to be white. sad and pathetic. black is beautiful Lark, always has been and always will be. don’t sip the kool-aid ma.

  • DenseM

    Lisa has Lupus! Its an autoimmune disease. It will make a red rash on your face from time to time, and the rah will look like a butterfly, that’s why its called a butterfly rash!. She must have been having a flare up when this picture was taken.!

  • Jenn M

    People are really cruel.. Bi polar isn’t something that would make you do your makeup that way.. for Christ sakes people educate yourself. And shes not the only famous person with a mental condition which by the way is as common as a common cold now a days. Leave her alone.

  • http://slimcelebrity.com Duane C. Paige

    I think its the combination of plastic surgery overdone, lupus and makeup turned the beautiful girl into such a women. I found an article talking more about her surgeries http://slimcelebrity.com/plastic-surgery/lark-voorhies-lisa-turtle-plastic-surgery-before-and-after-photos-nose-job-facial-fillers-and-skin-lightening/

  • Paul Smith

    All the people saying OMG such a shame! and all the people saying Leave her alone she has bipolar, are all just as bad as each other. There was nothing wrong with this interview. Why cant we just listen to her answers, see her as a human being and stop labelling and judging her? That would make anyone go insane!