Lara Spencer to Stay at ‘Good Morning America’

    March 28, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Lara Spencer has finalized plans to stay at Good Morning America on a long-term basis.

“You know you’re in the right job when getting up at 4 a.m. is a joy,” said Spencer in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter. “This was a simple decision; I love what I do, and I adore the people I work with. I am thrilled to be on this team and look forward to many more years.”

ABC Senior Vice President Jeffrey Schneider is thrilled.

“We couldn’t be happier,” he said. “Lara is a uniquely gifted anchor at the top of her game. She brings so much energy, fun and smarts to every single broadcast. She is beloved by our viewers with good reason.”

Spencer has been the show’s lifestyle anchor since back in 2011, and has represented Good Morning America at several big events like the Academy Awards. She also hosts a show on HGTV where she hunts for and restores treasures found at flea markets all around the country. Her two worlds often collide.

“Lara is a talented producer who has created terrific original content,” Schneider added. “And we expect that she will continue to flex those muscles in the coming years.”

No word has leaked yet on what Lara Spencer’s new GMA contract might be worth. Good Morning America has been ranked as the top morning news show for about two years now–ever since Ann Curry was fired as cohost of The TODAY Show.

Lara’s new contract meant what is no doubt an even better one for Robin Roberts as well. Negotiations are presently underway with Josh Elliott, who has been offered a spot with NBC Sports. He has left than a month left on his ABC contract and the network would reportedly like to keep their present team together.

What’s your take on Lara Spencer becoming a permanent GMA figure?

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  • Loving Life!

    I could not be happier.. She is and always been my favorite on the show… She has so much energy and comes across as a very caring person. I wake up and watch GMA and the entire team is fantastic..

  • Ellie

    I’m very happy that Lara is going to remain on GMA. A little while ago, I read/heard that there were problems on set, mainly with Josh Elliot, and it made me sad. I’m glad the network realizes that in a world with so much upset, there are those of us that enjoy some smiling in the beginning of our day. It’s not that we aren’t ‘tuned in” to the tragedy and upset in our world, it just really helps go on with our day if we also have some humour to help deal with everything else.

  • Pam Garlick

    Awesome! Love her in the morning. She brightens the morning.

  • jbb9261

    hottest woman alive.

    • Karen


  • editor-at-large

    She acts too silly, too “vacant” for a show that should be presenting more hard news. Robin and Josh go down to her level too often. George is the only one I can take seriously anymore. I like Amy very much! I have watched GMA my entire adult life but now my husband changes the channel to Charlie Rose if I have GMA on and leave the room for a minute. We are highly unsatisfied with morning news right now.

    • JonBattle

      Couldnt agree more. GMA has turned into the Entertainment Tonight in the morning. George doesn’t belong on the show as he is dumbing his skills down to the rest of the team. The whole show is like a 3 ring circus.

  • AM Show Critic

    WAY OVERRATED. The false gravitas giving way to junior school girls giggling and inside jokes. I watch for humor as well – but I’m laughing at them. And we all know they think they’re hotties too. And Josh Elliot is a clown.

    • JonBattle

      Agree – get rid of George and go completely “TMZ” – they’ve ruined what used to be a classy show. Agree on inside jokes…save them, please.

  • pnutt1

    I could not be happier. She makes my day. It is a joy to watch her sparkle. She is just a delight and makes your program. If she would have left I would not have watched it every morning.

  • Teaching

    She’s great. GMA has a crew that is so different in their backgrounds yet they gel so well. I use to watch them off and on but after the Ann Curry thing my wife and I became permanent viewers. Congratulations Ms. Spencer.

  • Auntie B

    This is bad news. When Lara Spencer subs for Robin, please; I turn to the Today show or CNN. She’s so phony, doesn’t have the natural presence of Robin, George, Ginger, and Amy…even Josh. And she’s always trying to steal the spotlight. Once when Amy Robach was doing a segment outside, halfway through, Lara came out and practically pushed her out the way. Talk about rude! And I hate the way she thanks guest contributors like she’s their superior. I was hoping she’d leave and go back to HGTV.

  • sashi

    I love her energy and spirit. She seems like a very humble person. No airs about her, just a good old girl enjoying her job and life! Thanks for staying otherwise I would have gone to cable news!

  • klo

    Good news!

  • Dea, Roberto Rios

    She is great! and wonderful to see and hear when I wake up in the morning.
    Thank you for being part of my morning. A Blessed day with the joy of live to you.

  • MDGirl

    Not good. GMA has gone down the tubes. Pop news, really? The show lacks intelligence except for George and Robin. No one cares about the stars.. Get back to real news. When Robin and George are not there, no reason to watch. Some mornings Lara just pushes me to another channel. Too giddy and tries to hard.

  • susana

    I’m happy that she’s going to stay there!! I wish Robin will go away..