Lara Logan Under Ebola Quarantine


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CBS News foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan has quarantined herself regarding the Ebola virus after visiting Liberia to produce a segment for 60 Minutes, which aired Sunday.

Logan, a South Africa native, checked into a hotel for 21 days in that country, and CBS revealed that she is set to leave this Friday. Four other members of the 60 Minutes production team have also self-quarantined, and none of the five have shown any signs of an Ebola infection.

Logan and her crew visited the "Ebola Treatment Clinic" ran by the relief group International Medical Corps, and documented their safety precautions, which included being careful not to touch anyone, and being sprayed down with a chlorine solution.

Here is a clip of Logan's tour of the Liberian Ebola clinic, which has so far treated roughly 200 patients:

"One thing that strikes you when you arrive in the country is that the first thing you see is Liberian workers in the airport who are wearing face masks, and some of them wearing aprons. Before you can enter the terminal building, you have to wash your hands with chlorine," Logan commented during a FaceTime chat with 60 Minutes Overtime from her hotel room.

As an added safety measure, Geoff Mabberley traveled with the team, though his sole function was to keep the crew safe. "Geoff just watched us every minute of the day. [He] sprayed us with chlorine and disinfected everything: the drivers, the cars, the luggage - every time you got out, came out of somewhere," Logan remarked.

Healthcare workers are especially susceptible to catching the Ebola virus, though International Medical Corps said that none of its employees have been infected.

Commenting on the grave situation in Liberia, Logan said, "Ebola in Liberia is very much like a war. You have to keep it together because that's your job, and you can't be here if you can't do that. But it's so heartbreaking. It's really been hard on all of us."