Laporte Sticks TWiT With Stickam

High-def for TWiT Live's viewers to enjoy

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Leo Laporte’s ‘This Week in Tech’ live video show moved to Stickam.com exclusively, as the streaming provider kicked on 16:9 high-definition resolution for its shows.

Fans of Laporte’s show noted last month how the host lamented the quality of video online as a reason why TWiT stuck with the audio format for three years. Laporte said in May issues with audio and video quality were disappointing up to that time.

Since then, TWiT hooked up with Stickam to handle Laporte’s embracing of video. TWiT Live opted to go all-in with Stickam, as a month of videos drew a daily audience of 400,000 and some 3 million live views of the program.

Stickam launched as a social media site, enabling people to share video, audio, and image files. Plenty of widely-read bloggers in the niche picked up on Stickam and raved about the service.

Today, Stickam announced its high-definition availability, a factor they noted as a reason Laporte opted to keep TWiT Live available through the site. The show broadcasts five times a week.

Stickam may want to address any concerns Laporte still has about chat on Stickam. At the TWiT Live FAQ we found this entry:

Stickam chat sucks!

Yeah, we agree. :-) The IRC channels are much more civilized. Leo has put in several feature requests to Stickam about their chat (particularly, turning off join/leave messages).

TWiT Live airs each day except Mondays and Fridays.

Laporte Sticks TWiT With Stickam
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  • http://www.focalpointmultimedia.com Chris Punke

    My concern with Stickam (regarding using it as a serious business video tool) is the over-abundance of scantilly-clad teenagers using the site to chat with friends. Association by proximity in that environment could leave a seriously negative first impression for a casual visitor who is new to both the business using Stickam, and Stickam itself.

    My first impression was… "oh, my… what did I just stumble into? Is this suitable for work? Leo La Porte is using THIS video community?"

  • JD

    The issue fundamentally with Stickam is the same company that owns them, owns several adult content sites.

    It’s one thing to be a CDN and sell to porn companies, its a whole other thing to be a porn company.  The type of people and talent this company probably attracts can not be top tier by my estimation so I would have long term concerns of its capabilities.

    Secondly, when you look at this "high definition" technology they are claiming, it actually isn’t high definition, but high standard definition which the other companies have had for months.  Stickam has been the LAST to implement this.

    None the less, Leo will have a tough time handling his brand with girls barely dressed in shows above and below him on Stickam.

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