LAPD Shooting: Cops Ambushed Outside Station

    June 25, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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LAPD chief Charlie Beck describes a shooting this morning outside the department’s Wilshire division as “a blatant attempt to assassinate two of the people who protect this community”.

Two Los Angeles police detectives were returning to the police station when a man opened fire on them at 4:30 a.m. local time. The suspect is described as wearing all-black clothing with a black hat and black shoes. One officer was hit in the hand, the other in the head, though it is not yet known whether he was hit by a bullet or by flying glass. Neither injury was life threatening, but the detectives were taken to the hospital. They were later released, are back on the job, and in good spirits.

The detectives exchanged fire with the gunman, but he escaped, and a massive manhunt was launched. Every LAPD K-9 unit has been brought to bear in the manhunt, as well as four K-9 units from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Some 200 officers are involved in the operation.

The two officers are undercover burglary detectives, and were not in uniform. But given the fact that they were in an unmarked police car waiting to enter a police substation parking lot, officials are quite sure the shooter was intentionally targeting the police. Whether he was specifically targeting these two officers, or even only one of them, remains to be seen.

The police are considering the shooter very dangerous, given the brazen nature of the attack. Commander Andy Smith said, “They knew that these were police officers or police employees. Anybody willing to take on two police officers outside a police station is obviously a dangerous individual.”

Tensions are understandably high. A few people have been detained during the manhunt, particularly men who were seen running. Three have been questioned and released. A fourth is still being questioned.

  • Steve

    Glass or bullet to the head? I’m guessing if both officer’s are already back on the job, that it wasn’t a bullet.

  • Suan

    Can’t corner the Dorner.


    DANG! That’s somebody with a huge vendetta for sure. Brazen! Bold! Wild! Reckless! Daring, and STUPID!

  • Ed Johnston

    Yep there is some more of that gun control working well.. I doubt the shooters went thru a background check like the liberal pieces of garbage want law abiding citizens to do!!!!!

    • Name

      There are so many crazy laws in this country that if you follow around the average “law-abiding” citizen for a week, most could be charged with some sort of felony.

      Also, the reality is that the majority of people serving prison sentences or death penalty sentences for murder are first time offenders. Stricter gun control laws would not have prevented the murders.

      At the end of the day, people kill people. I know the media likes to portray things as being very one-sided but I have seen many conflicts between people and in most of them, both parties create the violent situation. Few instances are just random acts of murder.

      I don’t like guns and I don’t advocate owning one because if you ever saw what a gun does to a human being then you would never want to own one. Most (not all) people that own guns never see the death a gun can cause firsthand. When you see what a gun can do to a human being, it is disturbing and life altering.

      However, at the end of the day, the nothing will change until the hearts of men and women in this world change for the better.

      • Patrick

        Guns don’t do anything to human beings but put them higher in the food chain, stop shooting your brothers, shoot animals you dumbasses.

  • Name

    It takes a lot for a person to hunt down another person. When it does happen, something big is going on behind the scenes. Police do a lot of shady things the public never finds out about. We all know this. I wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

    There is much, much more to this story than meets the eye.


    All of a sudden the city has the resources to find criminals but only when the police is threatened. Where were these 200 cops and K-9 units when youth and community members where getting stabbed/robbed/shot up and down Venice, West, Washington, etc. Thanks for the service though.

  • ted spring

    hard to really believe two innocent poor iz me cops were victims…these guys were/are on some person’s zzhhitt list for a big bad reason…. and that’s if there is any truth to any of this story…

  • reb

    who goes to all that trouble and misses my guess this was a clear message and the officers know exactly whats going on.

    • ScottieJ

      I tend to agree with ya Reb. Was probably sitting out there for some time either waiting for the right moment to effect an assassination on a couple of police officers or specifically waiting for these 2 to enter the building for the shoot. Either way they would want to find this one as soon as they can. If a person is willing to take on someone they know to be heavily armed then what chance does the average Joe have?

  • Patrick

    Tough cop to be shot in the head and still on the hunt…just goes to show that cops are tougher than citizens, haaha give me a fucking break

  • harry

    Why wait to shoot until they are going into the doors of These two were undercover criminals?…police officers?…isn’t that the same thing….I would hunt for the suspect near Sandy Hook…last seen running into the woods… wearing black and camo and while at the same time carrying all sorts of weapons…AK’s, Long Rifle’s, Blackpowderweapons, hand-guns, and a huge space beam death ray that could of brought down the twin towers…I smell another False Flag…this is Alex Jones signing off

  • Larry

    Finally!!! Some good news!