LAPD Officer Arrested, Charged with Molesting Two Young Girls

    May 21, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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A Los Angeles Police Department officer is due in court on Tuesday, where he will face charges of performing lewd acts with minors inside his Castaic home.

Officer Miguel Schiappapietra, 28, was arrested on Saturday at his home and charged with two counts of lewd acts with a child. He was held on $100,000 bail.

According to police, Schiappapietra lured two young girls, both under the age of 10, into his home and molested them. The LAPD provided no other details on the actual assaults, or whether there was any prior relationship between Schiappapietra and the girls. Schiappapietra had only been living in the neighborhood for just over a month.

The LAPD says that he has been placed on paid administrative leave pending both the criminal investigation and an internal investigation. Schiappapietra has been a member of the LAPD for 6 years.

Stories of child abuse are always hard to stomach, but they’re even more terrible when the alleged perpetrator holds a position of power – especially one whose job is to protect.

[via LA Times]
  • http://yahoo marcos a herrera

    another guy breaking the law and be protected by his partners

  • Charlie

    Biatch needs to be put in general population in the big house…

  • Bob Brady

    Well , being the fact that I come from a long line of family law enforcement personnel all I can say about this LPD cop is BOOKEM DANO

  • J-R

    How can he get paid this SICKO

  • http://Internetexplorier D. J. Sullivan

    WOW another sick molester and if convicted will face up to 10 years WOW AGAIN. Let the judge who posted his bond and then doubled it, try him for the chardge, if she finds him guilty, give him double punishment 20 years. I say no trial, hang the bastard molister, OOPS hang him twice, WOW, the sick ARSHOLE is an PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE. WOW AGAIN. OK convict him, put him in the population system in any prison, he will love that.

  • rose

    Im sure he will be convicted because its gone public. Dont forget all of the molesters that are allowed to walk out of the jail becuase there isnt enough evidence to prove that they commited the crime. The children are the ones that have to live with what happens for the rest of their lives.