Languages a Factor in Google’s Urchin Purchase?

    August 4, 2005
    Chris Crum

Back in the Spring, Google, which is well known to be very multilingual, bought Urchin as you probably know. Urchin itself is translated into 11 languages.

Nacho Hernandez made a post at Search Engine Roundtable, in which he takes a look at Urchin’s different languages, and considers them to be a factor in why Google chose to buy the company. The languages that Urchin caters to include:

Urchin – English
Urchin en Espaol
Urchin – Franais
Urchin – Italiano
Urchin – Deutsch
Urchin – Nederlands
Urchin – Portugus (Brasil)
Urchin – Japanese
Urchin – Korean
Urchin – Chinese
Urchin – Taiwan

This isn’t nearly the amount of languages that Google itself covers, but it’s a start. I wouldn’t be surprised if now that Google owns Urchin, we start to see more and more languages for it.

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