Lance Armstrong & The Sunday Times Reach Settlement

    August 26, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Lance Armstrong finally reached a settlement with British newspaper The Sunday Times, after they sued him for damages they sustained in a 2004 libel suit with Armstrong.

The American cycling champion proven to have been using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career, sued the Times in 2006 after sports writers for the paper claimed he had been “doping” in order to accumulate his wins in the sport. After the US Anti-Doping Agency validated last year that Armstrong had, in fact, been using drugs throughout his career, the British paper sued Armstrong for the 300,000 pounds (approximately $470,000) they paid him in 2006, along with interest and damages. Though the exact conditions of the settlement are confidential, Armstrong was first sued for $1.6 million plus interest and legal fees.

This week’s edition of The Sunday Times said that the paper and original authors had come to a “mutually acceptable final resolution.”
Last year, after the anti-doping agency proved Armstrong’s doping denials to be false, he publicly admitted his use of several different drugs in order to win. He was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles, along with his reputation as being, possibly, the greatest cyclist to ever live.

In January, Armstrong sat down with Oprah for an interview, in which he said that his repeated denials of using performance-enhancing drugs were all “one big lie.” He gave no real answers as to why he was coming clean now, although that seems obvious, as he had been proven fraudulent. The US Anti-Doping Agency said that Armstrong’s scheme was the “most sophisticated doping program the sport had ever seen.”

Armstrong also told Oprah that he didn’t think his wins would have been “humanly possible” without doping, and that it didn’t even feel wrong at the time.

Now, Armstrong says, “I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologize to people – for the rest of my life.”

  • kathleen h

    I think he has done more damage to our reputation than any other sports player…………not to mention all the children and youngsters that looked up to him as their hero and wanted to grow up, ‘just like him’!
    He is a disgrace! I wish I never had to hear about him again……

    • Please

      Ah …. the children will all grow up and see how the real world works. We have a delusion in this nation about what goes on. Most professional athletes are doing something. Most corporate leaders are doing something. Most politicians are doing something. I can lie to you and tell you that they aren’t. But honestly, children are smarter than they seem.

      What you should be mad about is the 100 million dollars that our government spent on dragging a cyclist through the court system. Geez, what good could have come from 100 million dollars? Maybe a lot if people could have been fed or some business that employ people could have been started.

      By the way, I think us invading every dang country we don’t like is damaging our “reputation” more than anything. No one cares if a sports person uses steroids because most mature adults already realize that most professional athletes are doing something.

  • http://none cactassdupree

    Is it me, or what the heck is wrong with these PROS useing what ever they want. The sad story is the A.A.U. Has changed the way they do business I think because the way the Russians trained there atheletes. Now we are putting the best of the Pros into the Olympics. Once you turn pro you shold do anything you want to better your play. Amatures are a different story.

    • Please

      Ah…. have you been around college athletes or even high school athletes nowadays? I am willing to say that well over 75% are doing something. Even if it is taking legal substances that the body naturally turns into steroids.

      Will I most wholeheartedly agree with you on principle. The reality is that we are just deluding ourselves. There are only 5,000 people (give or take) that make their living off of sports. People will do anything to get an edge so that they can live that lifestyle.

      Don’t blame the Russians either. This is the American way. In the end, it is no worse than the CEO who makes a 50 million dollar bonus after he or she laid off 10,000 people. I couldn’t care less if an athlete used steroids at the end of the day.

  • Seb Menta

    Poor Lance. He got stoned to death. OK, he cheated…..but for ten years he was the hero. Where the governing bodies were at, and their drug tests. Did it take ten years to discover it?
    He is to blame as much as the cycling sponsors at all levels.

  • Rich

    If a bank robber stole millions from a bank that was keeping legal savers’ money, he would be imprisoned. I see no difference when a sport celebrity ‘steals’ the rewards that a non-drugged athlete was deprived of by using peds instead of a gun or other ‘criminal’ weapon. First drug test failure–banned for life in all sports.

    • Reality

      You will be banning a lot of people. A lot. But nothing in life is fair actually. Why not ban all the athletes that go into high dollar summer leagues because they are definitely getting an advantage. Or all the athletes that get passed throughout college and high school.

      Nothing in life is fair …. believe me on this. I know that we are taught that is the way things SHOULD be …. but really we delude our kids as to what the real world is like.

      By the way, we have politicians who embezzle millions and the NEVER see prisons. Yet, the average guy who steals a lawn mower will see years in prison. Go down to your local library and pull up cases ….. the most unfair thing in the US is its legal system. We have innocent people locked up for life for stealing tube socks (true case in California) and judges who embezzled millions who were simply fired and never even prosecuted (real case).