Lamar Odom Won’t Take Responsibility for Cheating

By: Kimberly Ripley - December 15, 2013

Lamar Odom admittedly cheated on wife Khloe Kardashian a number of times, but he’s not man enough to own up to his mistakes. Instead he is blaming his friends for his sexual escapades with other women.

Odom claims his friends always brought girls around, and that’s the reason he strayed. Aside from being a drug addict, this guy is certainly a real piece of work. Who on earth uses lame excuses like his when it comes to fidelity? Khloe Kardashian definitely did the right thing by filing for divorce from the L.A. Clippers player.

In addition to Lamar’s childish excuse for cheating–not once, but multiple times, he made a comment to his friends recently, that made its way to TMZ, citing Khloe as the catalyst behind all his serious issues.

“I can’t be f**kin’ with Khloe. She brings out the bad side of me,” he reportedly said.

He now claims he’s getting married again–this time to his basketball career.

Sources claim the final straw for Khloe Kardashian came in the form of a rap video Lamar Odom recorded. In it he admitted to cheating on Khloe. Twitter followers aren’t impressed.

Are you?

Lamar Odom’s refusal to take responsibility for his part in his marriage’s demise sheds a very bright light on who he really is. The L.A. Clippers might have a star player on their hands, but his light has been extinguished where his character is concerned.

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  • Daniel

    Lamar is not a man. He is an immature whiny little boy, who always protests that he is a man, Lamar thou dost protest too much. He has blamed everyone for his downfall, which is part of his arrogance and selfishness, and he has the classic poor me mentality, yep “pour me, pour me, pour me another drink”. He is his own worst enemy, this rotten, spoiled, unattractive man- child

  • RazzelDazzel

    As I understand it, he’s blamed her for the entire mess before by saying he ‘targeted him’ when he was involved with someone else before her. It takes two, but the most true statement I’ve ever heard for these situations is this: If they cheat with you, they will cheat on you! If both of you start with a clean slate (unattached), then there is a chance, but ‘stealing’ or cheating with someone elses’lover is doomed 85% of the time….it’s the thrill, not the person, get it?

    • Anthony

      You make a good point and you’re absolutely correct when it comes to people who cheat. I know for certain I could never trust a woman not to do the same to me if I discovered or she just told me she cheated in her previous relationships. Trust is EVERYTHING

  • Charles Fuhro

    The Kardashian family is clearly dysfunctional, and anyone who gets involved with any of them will get sucked into their craziness. While Lamar has his own issues (chemical dependency), a family such as the Kardashians was custom made for him. You’ve got sister, Kourtney who’s involved with Scott Disick, an alcoholic who is supposedly in recovery. And another sister, Kim who is involved with Kanye West, an alcoholic, drug addict, and sex addict. Both of these ladies have had children with their partners, but neither has bothered to marry the guys, at least not yet. However, Kim has been married, and divorced twice before. Add to all of this the craziness with brother, Rob and the problems half-sisters Kylie and Kendall are having and you’ve got a train wreck in progress. And the current divorce proceedings between mother Kris and step-father, Bruce Jenner don’t add to the family stability. All in all, this entire family is a mess, and in need of some SERIOUS therapeutic intervention. I would not be surprised to hear that one or more family members experienced some type of mental breakdown and needed to be hospitalized for psychiatric care. And as I said above, Lamar, with his own issues, fits perfectly into this circus. And his cheating is just one more symptom of the mental instability that’s present here. Who knows, Lamar might wind up being a sex addict like Kanye. It would certainly fit in with the behavior patterns you see with this family. I wish them all a lot of luck, and I hope they get the help they need before it’s too late.

  • karl

    This fool is emotionally stunted at age 14. No one ever held him accountable for anything simply because he could play basketball. He got a free pass for his misdeeds. Just take a look back at his high school and “college” days. What a flake surrounded by a bunch of greedy coattail riders. Grow up, you putz!

  • M

    This “rap” song is pathetic. He sounds drunk/on drugs. And what’s with being naked with the other guy?? More pathetic as they keep talking…

  • Alley Oop

    Khloe was right for kicking his bastard to the curb! Thank God she didn’t have children with him. She get a clean break from him.

  • Well

    Look at every woman in that family. Every guy they are involved with gets worse until they finally get away from those women. Lamar isn’t a saint but being in that family is not helping either. It is just a messed up situation.

  • http://yahoo the reason

    Is it possible that maybe Lamar Odom just doesn’t care. He’s not perfect but obviously he’s happy about the situation.