Lamar Odom: Still On Khloe Kardashian’s Mind

    August 3, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Lamar Odom has had a rough few months. He was ditched by Khloe Kardashian and the NBA, all within a short amount of time.

Well, when Lamar Odom makes choices (like sleazing around), he must lie in the bed he made just like the rest of us, right? I guess that’s easy for us to say since we are all on the outside looking in.

However, in a new teaser for her show, Khloe Kardashian reveals that despite all the pain Lamar Odom caused her, she is still concerned about his life.

“Lamar [Odom]’s stuff will weigh on me for the rest of my life,” she said. “The marriage didn’t work out, not because of me, it wasn’t what I wanted. So for the rest of my life I’m going to deal with that – worry about him, think about him and want just to protect him.”

What she wants to protect him from is unclear. I guess she would need to protect Lamar Odom from Lamar Odom if his life is ever going to continue to turn around.



Khloe’s concern for Lamar Odom becomes even more confusing as she reveals that he is still messing around with lots of women. She said it’s been a while since she’s spoken to him.

“Can’t find him. He went back to New York and then ever since he’s been there he’s been missing. He got so sloppy and started messing with all of those girls,” she said of Lamar Odom. “And all those girls want to do is [get] their ten seconds of fame.”

Khloe, herself, has moved on from Lamar Odom and has found love again with rapper French Montana. So, as concerned as she may seem, life is looking alright for her. Hopefully Lamar Odom can bounce back and get his life together as well.

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  • Steve Bodiford

    Time to go to the local retail outlet and replace her affinity for Lamar. It’s probably that simple!

  • James Brown

    I once had a love that I was really hooked on. If you noticed while reading the second word,,I said “once” then I forgot about it and moved on. You gotta wanna move on chickadee. Close the door,,,,,stand there for a moment, if you wish,,then move on……

  • Joey

    She tried so hard and gave him so much love. She lied to everyone to protect him for so long and he still went behind her back and did drugs and cheated. She should just move on, Sometimes no matter how hard you try it’s never enough.

  • Jan

    Mooove onnnnn!!!!!

  • RRD

    The more she talks, the more ignorant she sounds.

  • Isaac Reap

    She loved him so much she pretended like she was trying to get pregnant..

  • geo7101

    I am betting that she calls out his name ever time her new boyfriend makes a hard thrust!

    What a bunch of crap, if she really was thinking of him do you think that she would be screwing the brains out of another guy??

  • Guest

    Once you’re officially divorced you will see that weight totally lift. Right now you are a part of him b/c your married. You feel responsible coz that’s your husband. Normal! You will feel a freedom that will continue to grow until one day you say, “What was I thinking!!!” Get free girl!

  • Guest

    He’ll do it again…and again. He’s already been disrespecting you when he should be kissing a.. He ain’t gonna change Khloe.


    LAMAR YOUR STUPID, YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH KHLOE SHE WAS A GOOD WIFE…………Follow me on instagram anybody if you agree and I will give you a shout out “REDDFOXXYY” <<<<<<INSTAGRAM

  • Good Girl

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  • SHyima

    She’s just talking just to say, Lamar is going to be fine, he’s missing is none of her concern bc she publicly lets French Montana, snap photos of her butt lying in bed. Lamar, got a contract to play for the Knicks and he is going to be alright. She should let him be, he is s grown man. It won’t be long b4 Khloe gets dumped by that French Toast guy bc he left his wife and child to messing aroud with, Khloe. After he gets tired of Khloe’s assets he will dump her, too and move on.. He is irresponsible for leaving his wife and child

  • SHyima

    If Khloe is responsible she would not get with a man with a wife and child, and making him leave his family for her! She should talking about Lamar bc she is not reasonable as sound. No reasonable lady with conscience takes a man away from his family and go publicly with him. He was busy posting pix of Khloes’s ass bc that’s what he wants and will get over it soon.. If Lamar is nowhere to find, it shpuldn’t be any of Khloe’s concern bc she is busy, having s****x with a married man with a child….

    • rhonda

      You can’t take a man away from his family, he is the one that makes that decision. Quit blaming the other party.

  • SHyima

    U worry, think about and wanna protect him by sleeping with another man, who abandoned his wife and child all of bc of you, huh… Lamar can mess around all he wants, so Khloe shouldn’t be talking bc she is not good herself, they do not believe in for better and worst they only like better… She quickly ran to French MOntana and have been sleeping with him, how do u think Lamar feels about another man posting pix of your, ass online?

  • tee-y

    Why is she worrying about Lamar, he will be alright. She is not in love montana and she knows it. Montana is a stand in.

  • Pick

    Lamar in his heyday as a Laker, was gorgeous, buffed, and spiritually, Mr. Everything. He was simply gorgeous. Just because he’s older now doesn’t mean he isn’t the same person. We all make mistakes, especially if we feel unhappy or unfulfilled. Khloe can say that Lamar was good to her, he’s a good man. Not the type to hit or beat her, just a loveable, huggy, snuggly tall bear who showers you with love and attention. It’s too bad that Lamar had to travel for a living; he couldn’t give wifey all that he had to give.

  • Thomas Wainwright

    I can’t believe I am reading about and now posting about these two losers…..I guess that makes me worse than a loser….lol (I either laugh about it or get depressed about it….so I’ll laugh). So long, fellow losers…I will never read another Kardashian article.

  • kenya

    Khloe is missing the “BIG BOLA!” Once you go Black, it is very difficult trying to go back!

  • http://Goldensociety24k.com/ GoldenSociety24k

    Bad situation. i feel for Rob. He basically lost his only brother in a family full of girls. Good for Khloe tho, She obviously deserved better.

  • Rebe

    It is his loss Khloe, time will heal your broken heart. He does not want to be saved as his mind has been taken over by the evil drugs. He needs to go to rehab and maybe find god.

  • mandarinroses

    This was filmed months ago. Stupid article. She has obviously moved on and is now dating. Didn’t the writer read before they created this fantasy.

  • Aunt Heather

    Awww. She still loves him, and all of this showing out with another man and a new asp is simply to get his attention, which doesn’t seem to be working…..