Lamar Odom: Is Khloe Kardashian Waiting for Him, Or Moving On to Scott Disick?

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If Lamar Odom wants to get Khloe Kardashian back, he may have to stop dragging his feet and get busy.

Insiders have been batting different versions of the story back and forth for weeks. Some say that Lamar Odom is not returning Khloe Kardashian’s phone calls. They hint that he is ducking her because he does not want to sign divorce papers.

Other reports say that Khloe and Lamar talk all the time, that she even called him on his birthday. So what gives? Why haven’t they finished everything off?

To make matters worse, it has been almost a year since Lamar and Khloe filed for divorce. These things don’t stay on the shelf forever. Insiders say that they have to get this done or it will expire and be dismissed.

“Khloe has been told by her attorney, Laura Wasser, that she could file a motion to have the divorce granted, even though Lamar hasn’t formally responded,” an insider told Radar.

Might one of both of them actually be hoping it all goes away quietly, and maybe that they can have the option to call off calling the whole thing off?

But, wait. It gets even more complicated. Because now the rumor mill is grinding on about whether Khloe and Scott Disick have been just a little too “familiar” with each other. At first, everyone laughed it off, even when Scott Disick posted to Instagram joking about it.


A photo posted by Lord Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) on

But then Kourtney Kardashian, Scott’s girlfriend and Kourtney’s sister, posted a rather mysterious pic of her own that some have interpreted as aimed at Scott.

It may not be that Scott Disick is leaving Kourtney Kardashian, mother of his children, to hook up with her sister. That would be a textbook example of “sh**ting where you eat.” But if Khloe herself is having trouble deciding what she wants in a man — does she want Lamar back? is she not quite done with French Montana? what about the guy right here on the same show with her? — perhaps the flirting is just getting to Kourtney.

Maybe Lamar needs to step up and sign the papers, or step up and tear them up.

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