Lamar Odom Is Finally Ready To Divorce Khloe Kardashian?


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Lamar has been putting off divorcing Khloe in hopes that she would take him back, but it looks like he may have given up and a source recently told HollywoodLife that he is not chasing her any longer and is ready to get the divorce finalized so he can move on.

When Lamar and Khloe separated, it was clear that they were still in love.

Most people assumed that they would use their time apart to regroup and that Lamar would get the help he needed and then they would get back together. That wasn’t the case.

Khloe began dating rapper French Montana and while Lamar did go to rehab to get help with his issues, Khloe wasn’t waiting for him when he got out.

Still, Lamar tried his best to win Khloe back, but the source said that he has finally accepted that it might not happen.

"Khloe knows where he is. She just hasn't made a move or told him flat out what she wants to do. Lamar wants her with him but only if she wants to be. It's got to be mutual. If not, he's cool with letting her go for good," the source said.

Just last month Khloe claimed that she wasn’t able to find Lamar and that he was refusing to meet up with her to sign the divorce papers and finalize the divorce.

It looks like Khloe may be getting what she wants finally. Do you think Khloe and Lamar are still in love and will they really finalize their divorce?