Lamar Odom “Hits Rock Bottom” After Knicks Drop

By: Lacy Langley - July 16, 2014

Lamar Odom’s dreams of an NBA comeback have just about officially been shattered. Odom has now been dropped from the Knicks for good, and didn’t even play a game for them in the remaining 2013-2014 season.

Lamar Odom is a free agent at this point and could possibly get picked up by another team, but chances are slim. Very slim.

A source close to Lamar Odom revealed that he had been working hard, sleeping right, eating right and really trying to ensure that he was ready to do his best to fish his flailing NBA career out of the toilet. However, the news that he was dropped from the Knicks really kicked him in the groin.

The source close to Lamar Odom said, “He really put his heart into it. But when he got word that he wasn’t up to par, his whole world dropped. He’s at rock bottom. But it wasn’t a surprise. He knew this was one great possibility from the jump.”

Unfortunately, Lamar Odom has made a few too many headlines as of late for the Knicks to be comfortable with. He is allegedly battling an addiction and his marriage to Khloe Kardashian has crumbled amid rumors of carousing and infidelity.

“This is truly not the way Lamar wanted to go out,” the source continued. “Not at all. Not that he gives a f*ck about what people think about him, but he doesn’t want his [alleged] addiction and his failed marriage to overshadow what he’s accomplished as a professional athlete in the NBA.”

However, it does seem like his stellar accomplishments with the NBA are being a little overlooked and are dwelling in the shadows of his recent mistakes.

“Nobody is talking about the legends he’s played with and the mini-legend he was,” according to the same insider. “That sh*t is not sitting well with him and that’s going through his mind.

“If basketball is done, if it’s truly done for him, he wants to go out in a better light. [Lamar] feels he owes that to himself, to his family, and to the NBA fans who’ve stuck by and supported him in his difficult times, and who were also there cheering him on in championship games.”

Maybe some other team will give the recovering basketball star just one more chance at greatness. We shall see.

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  • Elliot Silber

    Maybe he should have listened to the Knicks and did what they wanted with training and conditioning?

  • grandmadove

    That is sad.

  • mecavee

    Go to rehab and get yourself together. Go through with the divorce and free yourself from bondage.

    • Charlotte de Berry

      once he gets rid of Kartrashians.. he will be okay

  • MinnesotaFifi

    What a shame… The one thing he did NOT want, was to end up like his father. Unfortunately, he has followed that path too closely…. What a shame. He’s a GREAT athlete, but made choices that he will have to live with.

  • Ken Cheng

    Maybe he’ll get an offer from the Lakers. Lamar enjoyed his best days as an NBA player as a Laker, and neither he nor the team has been right since they parted ways.

    • Michelle Renee

      true true

  • ItIsWhatItIs1370

    Hate putting people down and being negative towards others, but I am a strong believer in Karma! That is what you get for cheating on your wife.

    • UhmNoTryAgain

      You do know that Khloe was the other woman when he left his child’s mother for her, right? I guess Khloe will have karma too then? I firmly believe that whole family has no problem with drug abuse and adultery as long as they are the ones doing it. Please be aware that Khloe’s current boyfriend is married and his label is “The Coke Boys” He’s not talking about the soda. She is worse than Lamar could ever be. They were done sucking Lamar’s Blood and he was not the star they hoped for and that’s why Khloe moved on to find another storyline for her show. Poor Lamar is slow, anyone can see that he got played like a big dumb fiddle.

  • Rosemary Davis

    I can’t believe that Phil Jackson would drop him from the team for him not being in shape knowing what kind of player he is, it’s still at least two months before pre season starts so what the hell happen??? he had another couple of months to get in tip top shape did they do a random drug test and found drugs in his system because otherwise I can’t see any other reason.

    • Charlotte de Berry

      Phil Jackson is not a babysitter! He threw a safety net at Lamar, Lamar didnt catch it

      • Louis Swan II

        Thank You. Don’t have time to Baby Sit a Grown Man.

  • annn

    Join 12 step program and head overseas to the international market. Disengaged yourself from former in-laws. They will have their day in the tar pits.

  • Poop MgGeeh

    So is he the next one to go money strapped?

  • Martha

    She dumped him because he was cheating on her. Kourtney and Scott are still together.

    • gail silmser


  • Wayne

    Lamar is a thug, a drug addict, and he has no wisdom at all! He is probably broke after making millions and throwing it away on crap and crappy people!

  • Jay

    Its the Kardashian Curse and Kanye is next…The Kardashian Curse: Anyone who comes in contact with them loses fame and fortune. See here:

  • ms.s

    In my opinion, it was a DONE DEAL (if any of the storyline is true),because most people who are associated with others behind closed doors does hold their grudges. You sometime have to take yourselves out of the box and look at the situations for how they appears in Black and White. Politics, are everywhere, and when certain people feel that the POWER of a persons life and that person destiny is in their hands, becomes more crazed just to be-little and bring down a wounded SOUL. I am mother of two adult sons and I find it so pitiful that the BROTHERHOOD of the (KNICKS),NBA, whether or not it will ever be stated how can the Owners of such a TEAM, give a young man who was Broken but at the sametime a wonderful chance and HOPE for a new beginning. God knows the whole truths of everything. To turn around and take that HOPE away from him. Lamar Odom,had Proved to others and himself for his LOVE for playing ball, which is his LIFE. I was so Sad to hear the news that the one door which was OPENED, and gave Lamar Odom, HOPE and a new beginning was turned around and snatched away from him. Why? Just because of another A-list player (the world knows who/they are)the same contract. GREED,and no respect of a human being. It is so sad because of the fact that one of the players stating he wanted to play in New York, the contract given to Lamar Odom, was taken away. It gave Lamar Odom, a chance to come ALIVE again this great opportunity gave him a Peace of Mind to take care of his family and himself. No one is Perfect, and only GOD can be our judge, right. It is ok though, why, because God will always intervene and Lamar Odom, will stand to be a Stronger and more Dedicated young man in his sport, because he has that much LOVE in his Soul to atleast give it all that he can give. Lamar Odom, should not be holding his head down, but lifting his head UP. Why! God closes doors for a reason there were to many associations of Lamar Odom’s pass that has a whole lot to do with the RETRACT of his taken away Knicks contract. Inspite of what has been written in the TABLOIDS. It is a wicket world living within the Rich and Famous. God knows everything,and nothing is never what it seems. POLITICS, always plays a major role in everyones life who has that love to be an A-List celebrity. It is what it is, SAD that so many still judge when in all reality no one knows the whole truth behind this young man’s personal LIFE, but only those who are close to him. Well, Lamar Odom, be constantly bashed for the same thing that so many others are still doing behind their closed doors themselves and putting on this pretending with a smoked screen within their own live? I pray for Lamar Odom, because one thing for sure we all fall in our lives, but God will always carry us through the STORM. So as the mother as I am, felt this need from my heart and prayers to express to the people/those who would listen. On a real note all the bashing, and judging on ones PASS, should stop. I respect Lamar Odom, even though we have never nor will ever meet personally, I will forever will keep in my Prayers. Lamar Odom, is a strong man who seems to have this HUMBLE Soul, and just because he made some bad decisions in his Life, should not be constantly and forever JUDGE by those same people who RAVED over him when at one point when he was on top of his GAME. I believe in Lamar Odom, and through GOD everything is POSSIBLE. Prayers for Lamar Odom,stay strong and focus in all of your DREAMS, rest your spirit and allow god to do his WORK for you. Yes, doors will close but many other doors will OPEN for him, in due time. Patience, Focus, and Contentment letting go of what is of the PASS to endure all God’s Blessing that he has for him in his Future. Lamar Odom, was GREAT then, but will become a GREATER Man and father all he has to do is give it all to GOD and allow himself to let go of his PASS. Many has stated to me that I have to much time on my hands. I really don’t, I am just a loving mother crying for Lamar Odom’s Soul, god will keep him strong. God Bless. A praying mother abroad keeping Lamar Odom, in her prayers everyday,and much LOVE.

    • Suzanne

      Are you serious? The Knicks didn’t take away his hope, he didn’t live up to their expectations and released him from his contract. He was told what they expected from him and what “hoops to jump through”. NBA is like any other job, if you don’t do what is expected of you they let you go, we are and should be held accountable for our actions, why should Lamar Odom be held to a different standard?

      • ms.s

        Yes, I am very serious, but in a good spiritual way. Politics, nothing more everything is a smoke screen for the real reality of a situation,and whether the demands were met or not ok. Life experience is what it is called, teaching a person a lesson so life goes on. Lamar Odom, will move forward and continue to do what he has to do, improve all his craft and stay to remain to be private, and away from all the wickedness that surrounds so many. It is what it is. Why does everything has to be on a NEGATIVE note, sweetheart it is called LIFE. It is what it is and god knows everything. Remember it is only an opinion,and it is sad that if a contract was already SIGNED, god knows the truth. Maybe, maybe not only god knows the real truth of it all. Lamar Odom, has always known what HOOPS he had to JUMP through, after his whole Life was put out on blast into the world for him to be always Judge,no matter how much he will try to work and build on all his personal mistakes made. It is what it is, Lamar Odom, already was aware of all the circumstances and he knew what he had to do to meet the requirements, and he has been working hard so now as it was stated that he did not meet those expectation so it is what it is. Case closed, I forever will be keeping Lamar Odom, in my Prayers for God has his way of closing one door to open many other doors before the real true blessings comes along. Peace and much precious LOVE to everyone.

  • Louis Swan II

    Oh Well ! Lamar had a good Wife at home, did not have to worry about having someone after his money because Khloe has money, so Life is Life. You Live and You Learn.

  • brittany

    damn I hope everything gets better for him! I loved when he played for the Lakers!!! Best of luck Lamar

  • Linda

    It’s sad that he had the world by the tail and chose to throw it away. Too bad he didn’t realize it at the time. Life is full of choices and
    he made the wrong ones.

  • SueM

    Lamar Odom has no one but himself to blame for where he is today. He had a wife who loved him, a beautiful home, and an NBA career. He cheated on his wife,
    and became addicted to who knows what…which came first doesn’t matter. The end result is that his wife’s is finally divorcing him and his career is in the crapper. I think he was a good decent person, but Ike so many others, his demons overtook him. The future for him looks bleak, indeed. So sad….

    • ms.s

      Yes, you may have a point, ex-wifey has her own Demons as well but they were not exposed. Recently, there are whole lot of Truths coming out from his ex-wifey,to be khloe kardashian mouth. Khloe, has stated she had been telling a whole lot of LIES on everything, was aware of everything that Lamar Odom, was doing. Instead she lied to the world for ratings for their show and to gain sympathy,from her fans whomever they might be. So it makes many people wonder what else can she be hiding since she and her and mother kris jenner put all of Lamar Odom’s personal business on blast, just for Ratings for their non real reality show, which they are still in the media on this young man. Why? Khloe kardashian has Moved on yes for the world to see,and what is sad that Lamar Odom, is still being judge for his past, I do give him some Love he is trying and will continue to try to succeed. Remember at the end of the day, God,Lamar Odom,and Khloe Kardashian know all what went down behind closed doors. Lamar Odom, I pray for him that he will continue on his Mission to improve himself , in his NBA GAME, and always stay strong in God. It is what it is right.

    • UhmNoTryAgain

      I don’t believe any of this. I believe he has always been an addict and a little slow. Khloe probably used with him, they were done with him because his career tanked. How she be mad he “cheated” when he cheated with her and her current man is married and reportedly(according to his wife) abuses drugs? Don’t believe the hype. That family is poison. They find weak, substance abusing men that they can control. She had no problem with Lamar being a womanizing druggie as long as he did it with her. The fact that she goes and picks someone who appears to have the same issues a Lamar proves that Khloe is likely a druggie too, we already know the whore part.

  • Victor Tellez

    He was always lazy. Nothing new. He could turn iton when he wanted to, he just did not want to.

  • jomama

    put down the crack pipe…….

  • Charlotte DiLondon

    This is one guy I would like to see a MIRACLE happen for. I am rooting for him. He has to find the strength to get his life back on track. And, yes I think Khloe and Lamar STILL love each other. She was the best thing that happened to him. She even helped him get a relationship back with his father. I think she is the only one who can help him now. Khloe go get you Lammy, as you call him.

  • Shirlee

    Everything as to fast. He wanted love and she wanted fame and I bet they never met in the middle. What man his age sits on xbox when he is taking a break from b.b. He did because she was to busy co peaking with the other trash hags. You only look for someone else when your either high or not getting it a home. He really does have done inner head problems and I hope things work out for him before he destroys himself. As for that jewelry being taken……she knows what happened to it. Just saying!

  • Shirlee

    Was. Competing At home

  • stormy

    Like I’m going to feel bad for him ,”boo f@cken hoo” how many chances are famous people suppose to get. I was a great player ,so what you got paid good for what you did at the time you did it just like us hard Woking minimum wage workers who actually have to work hard for 10 dollars an hour, but hey why not give you another shot at millions it’s not like someone who isn’t doing drugs and cheating on his wife might really deserve the chance.