Lamar Odom Feels Set Up And Used By Khloe

    August 17, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Lamar and Khloe may no longer be married, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t forever linked to each other. The couple’s divorce was very messy and very public and even though it’s been months since they finalized everything, there are still rumors and stories surrounding them.

While both Khloe and Lamar have claimed to be victims, it seems like Lamar may be getting the worst of things. He recently said that he felt like he was used by Khloe to make her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, more interesting.

He also allegedly said that he feels like he has been set up by Khloe on several occasions and that she did it knowing that the cameras would be watching.

One of the most recent examples of Khloe’s set ups happened when Lamar arrived at a club where Khloe’s boyfriend French Montanta was performing. Khloe was also at the club and when she saw Lamar outside she acted like she was shocked and just couldn’t believe her eyes. According to a source, this was all an act and Khloe really called Lamar and told him to come to the club.

“Lamar was extremely upset, because Khloé was the one who had told him where she would be that night. Lamar was only in Los Angeles for a few days, and did want to talk to her. He had no idea that there would be cameras from the show there, and he felt like she set him up,” the source said.

The source went on to say that Khloe even called Lamar the next day and admitted that she knew the cameramen would be filming the incident.

Lamar is allegedly upset that Khloe insists on making him look like a loser or like he is chasing after her all the time. The source said that he had wanted to talk to Khloe the night of the club incident, but only to clear up a few things.

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  • Hairmetalmusic.com

    That’s what happens when you marry a Kardashian. Everything they do is for publicity. Pretty sad and pathetic lives.

    • LoLoNewton

      Ha! You can say that again!

    • Leon Greks

      They are rich stars.Thats not pathetic.

  • Tracy She’saBrikhouse

    I’d rather be set up and used like that than cheated on with hookers, have my hubby turn out to be an addict and disappear all the time. Hmmm which one is worse? No sympathy for him from me.

    • Arjay

      Exactly! Apparently payback (and Khloe) can be a bitch.He brought it on himself.

    • Guest

      You are very liberal about hookers.

    • Leon Greks

      He is a weak man.

    • YoMama

      I agree. I don’t feel sorry for Lamar at all. He’s getting what he deserves.

  • fortune

    he needs to go fix up, and stop acting victim…kloe is the victim here

    • Bird

      Khloe is not a victim because you don’t marry someone after knowing them for three weeks. Also Khloe had a prenup with Lamar that gave her everything from the marital assets, the property, a lump sum of money and monthly payouts for allimony, hair, makeup, clothes, etc. Khloe married way too soon, but she also took care of herself if the marriage ended. Lamar received nothing from the marriage or breakup. Neither one is a victim, but she definately didn’t come out a loser.

      • Michelle

        Why shouldn’t she protect herself? He’s proven to be a loser and she tried in her relationship HE messed it up not her. His career is in the toilet and that’s all him. He couldn’t leave the ghetto life. So stop whining and be a man for once

      • GoldenMane125

        I think Khloe really didn’t need his money and I’m glad she finally got rid of this idiot.

      • Trisha

        Good for her! Too bad she didn’t have a clause in the prenup about some kind of financial compensation for the public humiliation she had to endure.

  • TukTuk Syko

    when you marry someone with a camera in their face, what do you expect?

  • kaiya

    I feel Khloe’ is making a fool of Lamar. She got mad when he no longer wanted to be on the show and I would not put it past her MOTHER to have made up lie’s of him going out on her as she knew their show had higher ratings then the STUPID KEEPING UP WITH THOSE HOE’S!!!

    • Uranidiot

      I bet you are told you are stupid a lot

  • Cindy Gibson Huff

    stop watching the fools who really gives a crap about the Kardashians anyway.

  • Rebecca Howell

    Lamar, Lamar, Lamar… Khloe made one mistake- marrying you. You cheated on her and were a drug addict the whole marriage. Please- stop blaming anyone but the man in the mirror.

  • Lillianne

    Why does he still gives a crap about what anyone is thinking about him? He is no longer part of that superficial family, and good riddance. The healing starts when you stop paying attention to her mind games, little tricks and attention whoring. Move on already! She certainly did. And this time stay away from celebrities for your own good. The best of luck.

  • bitchslap

    she a hoe, everbody no it

  • Catie15

    this is a horribly written article. they ‘may not longer be married’? the couple’s divorce was ‘very mess’? awful!

  • Mom

    Of course you were used and abused!! They’re Kardouchians!

  • kimmey

    I feel sorry for Lamar Odem. He has had a rough career and it is not all due to drugs or sexual misconduct. Everyone deserves a few chances, and he injured himself so that kinda seems to have an effect. He got some breaks likely due to the Kardashian connection – or at least some visibility. I understand that before he got mixed up with that useless, worthless family, he had a decent career. Ms. Khloe Kardashian is a loser – and she knows it. Not all the plastic surgery or weight loss will help the fatso with low self esteem. Why is only decent people are found in their closets?

    • Jrpsf

      It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who creates their own problems. As much as they tried to hide his issues it was clear he wasn’t ok. He was roaming the halls of the house all night long. The candy and junk food that was in the house is that of an addict not a pro athlete. Pro athletes eat to fuel their bodies and they treat their bodies like machines. It’s the tool that allows them to make millions of $ a year playing a game they love.
      Khloe tried to eliminate the people like Jaime who were bad influences from his life. If they were gone so would the drugs and woman. Without treatment that doesn’t happen. The trade to Dallas and moving away from his support system seemed to push him over the edge. It’s sad for everyone.

    • Misty D Smith

      really your defending him,,,just thirsty ,,Lamar is a crackhead, he was on YouTube rapping high as hell..making his self look like a real catch,,.and watch who you call a fatso,,,cause karma will catch up to you,,,you must be one of them skinny broads ,looking all hungry and sh*t,,,you need to stop talking bad about people and go sit down somewhere and eat a sandwich,,with your hungry self.

  • Marley

    I can’t believe I read this article. This sounds like two high school kids in a he said, she said. They both need to grow up. Thank goodness they had no children together.

  • waybackwhen

    I can not imagine a WORSE FAMILY to become involved with! I was hoping that Kylie and Kendall would take the high road and be good human beings but they are no better than the rest!

  • jane

    Of course he was used. That entire family is nothing but a pack of USERS/LOSERS!

  • tommy tornado

    what is it that you think women do ??

  • RealWorldView

    OMG who cares about him, her or the Kardashians? REALLY, who are they people? People with more money then you or I who are obsessed with belittling the rest of us, as if we’re BENEATH them. If you want to be a productive person, with supreme thoughts and proper usage of your time. A person who will know how to survive IF AND WHEN your WORLD is rocked by nuclear or natural disaster(s). THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you want to be obsessed with anything, BE OBSESSED with what is happening in your OWN REAL world and around you. How much sex people have, or with whom, the clothing they wear and the houses they live in will one day matter as much to them as it does to you when you’re trying to find something to eat or drink in a world that is no longer providing this for you. We’re in a bubble people! The Kardashians will find out someday as well that their money buys them the same circumstance should our world PLUNDER it resources and values, that it buys everyone else. Bottom line, who cares, in my humble opinion there is so much more to care about and watch on TV. I personally care about Benghazi, our lying government, a POTUS who vacations while the world stews, our water, natural resources, CIA, IRS, etc., etc., and when the Kardashian’s who are nothing more than a sex tape and nasty, do go like the rest of us, which by GOSH, they will, I don’t think a U-Haul will follow their Hearst with all of their valuables for use in their afterlife? Do you? So who cares? Concentrate on your own values, teach these to your children, teach them to care and change the drastic course our world is on, the abuse of power, natural resources and time, will AFFECT US ALL……………………………….the Kardashians will not.

    • Shar

      Youcare, your eating all this crap up and you know it. Benghazi is over, idiots get over yourself, get over our Black President, he has made his mark, now lets go on. The world was in a plunder long before President Obama, stop blaming him for Bush, Bush, Clinton Reagan mistakes. He can go on vacations, all Presidents did. I didn’t hear you bigots talking about that. Its ok for the white man to vacation and start wars and mess up our economy but when the Black man comes along and tries to fix all the white man’s mistakes, yall start hollering. Bunch of racist pigs. You will all burn in hell for your hatred. And evidently you long for KHLOE and Kim and all the Kardashians, if they liked white men, yall wouldn’t find them so repulsive but since that date and marry blacks you guys hate that. Its all about being prejudice. But I don’t care whose prejudice cause you will pay for your hatred with the wrath of the almighty God. You people can’t love your enemy or love someone cause their skin is a bit darker than yours, than how in the world would you expect God almighty to even consider letting you enter into his kingdom. If you don’t like the Kardashians, stop watching the show, stop clicking on their articles, stop buying their products. and go on about your business…. I think you guys want to be with them, like them, . Bunch of racist ignorant hater pigs.

      • kathy

        sounds like the only one who is prejudice is you!

      • Jason

        Shar Storm, you are what is wrong with this country. You can’t handle criticism of yourself or your President so you play the race card. I don’t like Obama because he is a Marxist ideolog. A friend asked me why I think Obama still has a presidency even though he is incompetent and his ideology goes against everything that makes this country great. That’s easy. Many people in the past have tried to push a radical agenda like Obama’s but have failed because they were exposed as radicals. Now, however, Obama is the perfect ideolog. Certain people will never hold him accountable and will always defend him because of his race. His administration knows this and know that they can do outrageous things because many whites won’t criticize him for fear of being branded racists. If Joe Biden was Prez and acted like Obama, he would have been impeached long ago. Shar Storm, you are the racist since you pick sides by skin color, not right or wrong.

        • Bryan Williams

          White people have no fear of being labeled as racist.

  • fckyou

    Jesus Christ, get a proofreader.

  • GoldenMane125

    Lamar is an idiot! After several years as part of this family, he really thought he would have privacy in a dance club? I guess, stupid is as stupid does.

  • yahoo

    so so so SICK about hearing about these “NO” substance bitches,,,they are as Fake ass as they come,,,they use people everyday for their gain,PERIOD !! Please call Chris Angel and see if he can make them all disappear and never to be seen again,,P*L*E*A*S*E !! (( read and believe ))

  • Coco

    Lamar Lamar,,,it really took you very long.Are you slow like this when playing?????

  • Maalik Eure

    the grammar of this writer is first rate. read the first sentence

  • vickyhastings

    DUH……. he just now figured this out?wish he would talk about the whole family & tell the truth.

  • Beverly Peterson

    That’s exactly what he deserves ! You couldn’t find a nice black girl to marry ! You wanted a whore !

  • Caelewis2014

    Lamar don’t worry about that wanna be. She will always be trash

  • Rozzzie

    When you drug and drink, who’s the loser? Who’s working? When you cheat, who’s the loser? It’s time to move on.

  • berfa

    slap the crackpipe out of his hand

  • JL

    Oh Lamar, get over yourself, you brought this upon yourself.. You have to admit to yourself that you are a druggie, and need help… You won’t take it, so you are creating your own dimise.. You are the cheater and you took advantage of Khloe. Shame on you..

  • less-a-moron

    Lamar don’t you watch the Big Bang; them bitches be crazy!

  • ThePatritoteer

    Well, anyone who is sucked into watching that show should feel the same way, but they are just too dumb to realize it.

  • MS.S

    In my opinion, I will keep Lamar, in my prayers,and yes by all of this time that has now PASSED by and khloe has MOVED onto a NEW man rapper Montee. It is what it is publicity. It is sad that people needs to realize everything printed most of it is nothing but fabricated storylines to bring storylines to non reality show and to all who has an attatchment with the kardashian name pimp mama kris jenner on the board of directors. It’s called doing what they all do everyday Business/Job. Whether the storylines are with truth or not there will always be Fabricated storylines written each day for their show rotation. I find it yes, truly SAD that after 8 plus months khloe is still breathing,hating,and talking about Lamar which she is suppose to be still married to as of this day. The question who is to say that they was never married and the all the publications and networks,media,tabloids all has been PAID by the kards to keep the LIES rolling in for the non reality rotation. All must realize, that khloe started on that agenda of getting sympathy from all who believed all her LIES. Besides khloe, has even stated she has LIED about so many thing within want actually went down but only disclose the negative personal business of Lamar. No one really knows nothing of what had went down behind Closed doors like khloe stated only her,rob,and Lamar really knows what has happened in their house,and that she really blames herself for everything (Rob knows everything). I believe there is more to this wickedness of what is being told, and I find it so sad that khloe has stated in the pass that she would not allow herself to continue the Lamar Bashing, now this was last year ok. Now it is several months later and khloe is still talking on the issues of Lamar,setting him up with invites,and no telling what else and not in a good way just for what RATINGS AND ROTATION. Also all must realize that Lamar has not as yet appeared on any of the media or several of the talk shows (BASHING KHLOE),discussing any of his/heir personal information. I can only say I see only khloe displaying her Bashing and Hatred for Lamar an on going scripted lines just for the show. Lamar is stilll keeping a low profile,and seems to be keeping his personal life very private. Why can’t khloe, just LET IT GO, allow all of her HATRED for Lamar die,why still be so angry of things from the pass especially now that she does has someone NEW in her LIFE. Khloe has stated if any is true SHE DOES NOT CARE,what think about her life with MONTEE,but she certainly keeps BASHING LAMAR big time. Khloe needs to let it go and move on which she has already done that and much much more. Khloe has her own DEMONS, give it time everything will be EXPOSED by the whole wicked,evil,and very Kursed kards/jenner family.PEACE!

  • justafan

    Lamar, bulls___

  • jkebeans

    Oh please. Lamar is playing the victim like all drug addicts do. He doesn’t have to call her or see her. He is the one that is a douche bag. Drugging and whoring. Feel sorry for me…I’m caught up in the Kardashian web. What a loser.

    • Big Dave

      Some one said it best, you dont marry anyone after dating them for 3 weeks thats crazy, you dont know that person, and as for the black president thing, if obama was white and did the exact same thing he has done since he has been in office, he would be considered the greatest pres. ever.

      • Big Dave

        And all the crackhead postings, thats hollywood, everybody in hollywood is on drugs.

  • jkebeans

    You are gross

  • renee

    i doubt lamar would think khloe wanted to talk to him at a club with french montana that’s she rumored to be dating at the time. that wouldnt be any place to talke. he’s a liar.

    • dillydang

      Third rate player with the third rated sister. Do not really know who was uglier or blacker, but know that the world would probably be a better place without the both of them. Ps, I would pay the $50 ppv event where the brother would take a bullet to the dome on live TV. It would make more $ and be better televised than his upcoming future “plea for help” suicide is going to be. Either way, people who live their lives thru reality TV shows r ok, i guess.

  • Janet

    What would one expect from someone who lives on a reality show? Everything’s for ratings. I really don’t understand why someone would want to watch that crap. But then, some people love drama! Maybe it takes their minds off of their own empty livers.

  • tamara

    Lamar you knew now who are Kardashians ,you should be know befire get married to KKKKK. They used you when them needed now dumped you when not needed. That is truth ..

  • mimiUSA

    Want to talk don’t they have lawyers?

  • Misty D Smith

    keep doing you khloe,,and don’t give a damn about, what any of these hataz has to say,stay on your hustle and keep getting that money,,, girl….

  • Leon Greks

    Lamar must understand that he is in show business whether he likes it or not.Unfortunately his personal problems have translated into good tv programming to watch.If he could only control himself more maybe it would be easier for him.

  • Tom Hanks

    wait a minute. its not like he didn’t know his life would on camera if he married her. He cheated and did the drugs and she stood by him despite the rumors which weren’t rumors at all and so she divorces him and moves on and now hes a victim. so funny

  • Danielle Thomas

    Khloe is just paying him back for all the shit he did to her. If you watch the show, Khloe always tries to protect Lamar as much as she can. I just think that in the end shes just looking out for herself and just had enough of his bs. She packed his shit. If i was her, I would have dumped all his stuff. He just left her to deal with everything.

  • TCH

    umm.. thousands are dying from Ebola, riots are happening in Missouri and bombs are going off in Iraq. So what, if Lamar feels used, I have a hang nail.

  • Paolo X Factotum Deluxe

    Yet another reason perhaps to go back and finish your BM. Such make news and crap news, but oh no the sheeple go for it.

    Laugh if you know better, but keep watching and read on this crap you dumbasses.

  • jack

    Ok Lamar. It time to man-up and quit acting like a little bitch. Life is about choices. You can’t change the past, but you can make better choices for your future. it is time to stop playing the victim. Blaming others for your choices. An focus on changing your circle friends to ones that are a positive influence.


    Kardashians are the true money hungry hood rats ! Greatest filth on TV starting with king Hooker mother Kardashian !

  • 74

    Oh please. All we know is what is on the show and on the internet. Everybody on here bashing Khloe. Y’all act like you know her personally. Back the fuck up and care about your own lives. Leave Khloe, and all of them for that matter, the hell alone.

  • Jen623

    The whole Kartrashian clan is just nasty.

  • Rosemary Davis

    I didn’t know that their divorce was finalized, but according to Khloe she had no idea why Lamar showed up, it’s a he said she said thing he said she invited him she said she didn’t, but my question is if French Montana was throwing a party the man that Khloe is supposedly with why would Lamar show up just to be turned away and be embarrassed by the whole thing knowing that E. cameras were there filming?? why would he put himself in this position knowing that he’s trying to get his career back and knowing that it would have a negative impact none of this make any sense.

  • Lana

    Boo Hoo to you Lamar Odom! All you had to do to keep your marriage intact was to be a faithful husband and not do drugs. You are the biggest LOSER!!!