Lamar Odom Just Can’t Catch A Break

    July 16, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Lamar Odom has had a rough year. It seemed like he had recently put his divorce from Khloe Kardashian behind him and was looking forward to making an NBA comeback.

Sources close to Lamar claimed that he was very focused and driven to do well in the NBA and that he was working out and even eating better in order to be ready for the season.

Unfortunately for Lamar, his NBA career has been put on hold. He was recently dropped by the Knicks and is now a free agent. The worst part is that Lamar didn’t even get to play a game this season.

A source close to Lamar said that although he is very upset with the news, he was prepared for it and knew it was a possibility. Lamar’s public divorce from Khloe wasn’t his only problem and with it came rumors of drug addiction which Lamar did not deny.

He was aware that the Knicks were not happy with the bad publicity he was getting or with the news of his addiction.

“He really put his heart into it. But when he got word that he wasn’t up to par, his whole world dropped. He’s at rock bottom. But it wasn’t a surprise. He knew this was one great possibility from the jump,” said the source.

“This is truly not the way Lamar wanted to go out,” the source continued. “Not at all. Not that he gives a f*ck about what people think about him, but he doesn’t want his [alleged] addiction and his failed marriage to overshadow what he’s accomplished as a professional athlete in the NBA. Nobody is talking about the legends he’s played with and the mini-legend he was,” the source continued.

“That sh*t is not sitting well with him and that’s going through his mind. If basketball is done, if it’s truly done for him, he wants to go out in a better light. [Lamar] feels he owes that to himself, to his family, and to the NBA fans who’ve stuck by and supported him in his difficult times, and who were also there cheering him on in championship games.”

Lamar seems to be struggling to get his life back together, but being dropped from the Knicks may be a blessing in disguise. If Lamar is picked up by another team he could get the fresh start he needs and deserves.

Do you think Lamar will ever get his life back together?

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  • papa luc

    keep your head up Lamar you will get picked up you are a good player

    • josh

      Maybe if he gives up the drugs and faces reality!

  • CHAR

    Maybe if he gives up the drugs and faces reality!

  • Donna Mcelfresh Boley

    lamar did his wife wrong very wrong but he does deserve to play! give him a break!

  • Kenneth Milne

    Neither Odom nor Artest were able to overcome what comes with instant fame after they won an NBA title a few years back and it went to their heads, Literally.

  • Rosemary Davis

    Lamar’s name has come up this season more than once on KUWK just the last episode where Khloe told her own pimp mother to have sex with him was horrible to say the least, so even though he’s not on the show anymore he is always thrown in the mix, they will have one scene coming up this season where he supposedly is going to a nite club and is refused to be let in because Khloe was there with French Montana, so it’s a never ending saga for Lamar the Kardashian’s will always cast him in the most negative way and I wouldn’t be surprise if he goes postal he probably feels he has nothing else to loose.

    • gabriela

      We all make mistakes so lamar deserves changes in his life he’s doing the best he can so you go lamar I know you can do it!

  • Ben Benitez

    The guy is into drugs –he married for a publicity stunt –he can no longer play basketball –he overspends and lives on credit and past reputation. Let’s hope he faces reality because life will not give him a break.

    • Angel

      Finally someone who speaks the truth; He has been given many opportunities and Khloe is not the blame. I blame Lamar and his user friends that he assooiates with. Namely, this one cat name Jamie. Khloe tried to help him recognize that his friends were using him but hey. Bottom line, only person that can help him is him. Not being fit for basketball is a lot of things. I think it is drugs still.

  • Rick Krause

    I hope someone gives him a chance, but don’t you wonder about someone who marries a Kardashian?

  • wilman

    You make your own breaks…. He’s far from being a victim.

  • shelly

    Every pro athlete that goes into reality TV has shot their career to shambles. Pro ball is hard enough to focus on in itself.

    • asdlfh

      Chris Humphries is in NBA and doing well

  • Wovoka

    Another athletic sidellned by drugs. Millions up his nose. Why are we still surprised by this?

  • Bulinda Moore

    praying for you young man!!!

  • Peace

    I wish the BEST for you and where God lead you to be, maybe there is something you can do again play if picked up but if not you will be fine don’t get discourage I will keep you in prayer. You are Great !!!! :) regardless of any bad comments they say about you. If you need advice or spiritual directions call me 773-516-1973, I don’t need financial gain nor public notice very confidential. No
    prank calls pls… Thank you !

  • Nicholas Carracino

    What is it about ugly, stupid 6′-10″ black guys, that white girls love?

  • Nicholas Carracino

    Why am I wasting a comment on this POS?

  • Karen

    I always felt sorry for Lamar Odum,,,,after he became a part of the “Kardashians”.I felt like every athlete who became involved with them and their show,,,was never taken seriously anymore.
    The Kardashians are what they are,,and do what they do,,and make a lot of money at it.Many people find them entertaining..Many people find them disgusting.
    Lamar Odum, can certainly get his life back together,,if he wants to….When you take things for granted ,,and lose it,,,,meaning his basketball carreer,,,not Khloe,,,,well, you have to earn it back.

    • Angel

      Lamar was living his best life when he had Khloe. She looked out for him and hell even lied and covered up for him to keep him in the NBA. Why blame others for Lamar’s downfall when he caused it himself. Remeber, before he even met and married Khloe, he was in trouble for testing positive for marijuana. Phil tried to help this guy but he can’t seem to get it together.

  • Susan dickerman

    The Kardashians should probably keep Lamar out of their show. Good for ratings, nothing else.

  • Jasper

    When will you people learn? Lamar Odom has always been a loser. He has always made the wrong decisions. With low grades coming out of high school he only played limited minutes in college, but his height and skill with a basketball helped him circumvent most of the hurdles in his way. Drafted by the Ciippers his love of the nightlife and weed got him shipped off to Miami for one season. He somehow resurrected himself and the Lakers picked him up. those were the golden years for Lamar. Then once again his mental weakness reared its ugly head and when rumors of a traded reached his ears he barged into Mitch Kupcheck office and demanded a trade. Mitch probably could have sent him to Minnasota or Milwakee but Mitch being the stand-up guy he is traded Lamar to a contender: the Dallas Mavericks. How did Lamar react to that? He bitched cried and moaned. Eventually he was summarily released by the Mavericks. Without a team and gradually gaining weight he claimed to be “training”. His lone supporter and number one fan stood by him all the way Khloe. Miracle, upon miracle Lamar is picked up by the Los Angeles Clippers he is now a bench player who plays marginally and has little major Impact on a game but he is still in the league and making over 7million per. Oh by the way and how does he repay his number supporter (Khloe) he raps about how he cheats on her while in a drug induced stupor. Now going through a divorce and no longer with the Los Angeles Clippers because of declining skills Phil Jackson throws him a life-line with the New York Knicks. All Phil asks is for Lamar to get into shape. Lamar was released from the New York Knicks about a week ago.