Lady Gaga Naked, Covered With Men In New Ad

    July 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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People love to get what my Southern grandma would call “het up” about Lady Gaga and her antics. Basically, it means they get angry, offended, up in arms about everything she does without stopping to realize that’s what she’s aiming for. And she’s not changing her ways any time soon.

In a new ad for her perfume, FAME, Gaga reclines completely naked save for a black mask and some little photoshopped dudes crawling all over her body. The perfume itself is black liquid which sprays clear, which was her idea; in fact, she had quite a bit of input as to how the perfume would be made and what the packaging would look like.

“She is an artist that is never satisfied with the status quo – she always has this way of challenging everybody and trying to do something more, something different,” Renato Semerari, president of Coty Beauty said. “She has her own ideas and very often they’re very interesting and challenging…really, she’s not the one who says, “It’s OK, let’s move on and turn the page.” She’s always thinking, “Can we do more?” This is a very stimulating partnership; and she’s pushed us with her ideas, we’ve come with our own ideas – and the combination of the two is very valuable.”

Chances are slim that anyone will even notice the perfume bottle in the ad, so we’ll see how sales go for the megastar.


  • Judy

    I love the ad. She pushes the envelope and yes you are right…what perfume?

  • http://www.katagogi.com/mid18603746 Dan

    OMG !!! this Lady Gaga is crazy … The ad is interesting but If someone else would do it instead of her it would have been much better…For me Lady Gaga doesn’t associate with perfume but she works well with raw meat …