Lackluster Landmine Efforts 'Irritate' Prince Harry


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Sky News reports that Prince Harry is "irritated" that nations responsible for producing landmines are taking little responsibility in removing them.

The prince's opinion came secondhand from HALO Trust chief executive Guy Willoughby, who said that "The Prince has got quite a bee in his bonnet" about the lack of progress made in the area of landmine removal, and that it's a good thing. "He is irritated that the countries which supplied these landmines are not actually putting in any funds to clear them, 25 years on." The prince is a Patron of the HALO Trust 25th Anniversary Appeal.

The HALO Trust was considered a pet charity for Princess Diana of Wales, who visited Angola to support the organization before she passed away in 1997. Of the charities that specialize in the removal of problematic abandoned explosive ordnance, the HALO Trust is the oldest nonprofit of its kind.

The news comes in the wake of Harry's trip to Angola last week to see how the HALO Trust was doing in its efforts to remove dangerous ordnance that remains scattered throughout the country. Angola was embroiled in a decades-long civil war that left half a million people dead and over four million others as refugees, and the HALO Trust has reported destroying over 21,300 mines in Angola since the war ended. Even still, the country is one of the most heavily mined in the world.

Willoughby told the BBC News that "As a soldier [Harry] is seeing so many people of his generation, of his age losing limbs. And that has really brought a focus on it... I think it has brought a focus on it for a lot of the British population of seeing so many people in their 20s who are losing limbs."

"He is technically very competent but he's also very good with dealing with the people, the villagers, the de-miners and he understands the big issue, even the political issue," Willoughby said about Harry's involvement in the project.

Image courtesy the Halo Initiative.