La Jolla Shootings Stun San Diego Neighborhood

    September 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Two separate shootings by the same man early on Wednesday morning have left two men wounded and a San Diego neighborhood in shock.

The gunman, 48-year old Hans Peterson, allegedly fired into the home of a 53-year old man who was wounded when he got out of bed to see what was happening. While police have not officially identified him, neighbors told local news crews that his name is Steven Dowdy. It’s unclear at this time what Dowdy’s relationship with Peterson is or what the motive behind the shooting was.

Not long after the first shooting, Peterson moved on to a home about half a mile away and opened fire, wounding 43-year old Ron Fletcher. Fletcher is reportedly Peterson’s former brother-in-law. The two men engaged in a physical fight after Fletcher was hit in the abdomen and he managed to take the gun away and bash Peterson over the head with it before calling police. According to CBS8.com, there were two young girls inside Fletcher’s home at the time of the shootings, but they were both unharmed. Both Dowdy and Fletcher are expected to survive.

According to UTSanDiego.com, Peterson and Dowdy were at one time next-door neighbors who invested in a pharmaceutical company that went bankrupt last year. Dowdy is also a cancer researcher who founded Solstice Biologics, a company that works to find new ways for drug delivery.

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  • Benjie

    Wow, our country is down from 25,00 murders per year a decade ago, to 15,000 lately, and they want to panick us with a couple of shooting with no bodies, blood or other obvious evidence. I’ve got that yellow tape at hohome. Ha, ha, ha…

  • DavidDukes

    “The two men engaged in a physical fight…”

    As opposed to what? A mental tussle?

    • Ban Ki Moon

      Yeah, see there are 2 kinds of fights, physical and verbal.

  • Maurize

    Not even la La Jolla escapes gunfire violence.

  • Petal

    Reporting about this shooting craze has gone all wrong. Why not report on where shootings did NOT happen? It would be much easier and take up much less space, money, cops, taxes, etc.

  • alliswell

    It kills me when I hear neighborhoods are “stunned” it happened where they live. Where is it “supposed to happen”? Whether a ghetto or a community of McMansions, where ever a human dwells, violence will swell.

  • beth

    realtors are always screwing each other… realtor Javier Varon was screwing another realtor while his wife was pregnant and carried on long after she gave birth…what a dirt bag…