Kyra Sedgwick Cut Off The Tip Of Her Finger This Weekend

By: Amanda Crum - July 1, 2013

Kyra Sedgwick, star of “The Closer”, cut off the tip of her finger on Saturday while preparing dinner.

The 47-year old actress was caught on camera in the emergency room by her husband, actor Kevin Bacon, looking decidedly unhappy as she held her hand in a bandage. Bacon tweeted the photos to his followers, saying, “Kale isn’t always healthy … if you chop the end of your finger off”.

Sedgwick is recuperating, although she has to wear a giant bandage on her index finger. No details have been reported as to how many stitches she received or whether she’ll have to have surgery.

The actress had to say goodbye to the character she brought to life on “The Closer”–Brenda Leigh Johnson–last year after seven years on the show. Sedgwick was nominated for four Emmy Awards and won one, and said at the close of the series that she would miss Brenda.

“I admire her a great deal,” Sedgwick said about her character. “I admire her tenacity. I admire her number-one focus being the people that are gone and who can no longer speak for themselves. I’ll miss her complexities and her flaws.”

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  • DagoT

    I bet she wished she was a few degrees off Kevin Bacon at that point!

    Finger sandwiches at the Bacon household!

  • BettyA

    I like kale, but I love Kyra. God bless her heart after such a distressing accident. I can appreciate Kevin’s photo. It made my heart go out to her.

  • Mike Gutierrez

    I cut my thumb off with a utility knife once… the knife slipped while cutting art board. It was barely hanging on by some skin. I taped it up and bandaged it and it’s just fine now except for a scar.