Kylo Ren Cat Looks Like Adam Driver, Internet Obsessed

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A "Kylo Ren" cat that the internet is suddenly obsessed over, really does resemble the Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor Adam Driver.

Put up for adoption a week ago Friday on the Monmouth County, New Jersey, SPCA's Facebook page, Kylo Ren--whose original name was Corey--was adopted rather quickly, due in part to all the hype over his appearance.

Lindsay Sanator is with the SPCA. She admits neither she nor her fellow employees recognized the similarity between the cat and Kylo Ren (or Adam Driver) until the post for adoption went online.

"There were comments saying he looked like Yoda, Dobby the Elf and of course Kylo Ren," Sanator said during a phone interview with a Jacksonville TV station.

"Within the Facebook comments there was a Photoshopped image of Corey's head on Kylo Ren's body among stormtroopers. Within 24 hours Corey's photo had almost 1,000 shares and almost 1,000 retweets, over 500 reddit comments and featured on several viral media websites," she added.

Emily McCombs lives in Brooklyn, which is 50 miles away from the branch of the SPCA where Kylo Ren was up for adoption. She had no drivers license, but didn't want anything to stand in the way of the adoption.

"I put out an alert on Facebook for anyone with a car willing to drive me to meet Corey, and an amazing friend drove me out to the shelter the next morning," she said.

"I wasn't even totally sure if Corey would still be available when I got there, but I knew I had to try," she added.

McCombs got her ride to the shelter and signed the adoption papers. She obviously had to name the cat Kylo Ren.

"Kylo's looks are so unique and adorable, but he really has a very special personality as well. He's the sweetest, snuggliest cat I've ever met--more like a dog, really," she said.

How cool that Kylo Ren found a home so quickly. Don't you agree the cat bears a distinct similarity to Adam Driver?

Kimberly Ripley
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