Kylie Minogue Compares Cancer Surgery to Performing

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Kylie Minogue recently compared going in for her breast cancer surgery to performing on stage. She recalls going in for the surgery back in May of 2005 and how it felt a little bit familiar.

"When the cancer was diagnosed and I was going in for surgery, I was lying there on the trolley and I was suddenly taken by the fact that I was going into a theatre," she said during a recent interview. "Medicine is so different from my business, but in some ways, so similar. The whole gowning up, the masks, the build-up, the adrenaline… It all felt so familiar."

That's certainly a unique take on something as frightening as breast cancer surgery, but its quite apropos for Kylie Minogue, who is known for being very direct in all facets of her life and for facing everything she encounters head on. That sort of tenacity will no doubt serve her well as she spends a season on the U.K.'s version of The Voice. The show has struggled in the U.K.--completely opposite of how well it does in the U.S. Minogue's presence--along with, Ricky Williams and Tom Jones, should at the very least boost the show's ratings.

Kylie Minogue posed on Monday with her counterparts from The Voice to promote the show.

If Kylie has the kind of strength that allows her to compare breast cancer surgery with performing on stage, can you imagine the kind of example she'll set for the singers she coaches on The Voice? They will no doubt walk away from time spent with her with far more knowledge of the music world as well as an attitude of gratitude and hard work.

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