Kylie Jenner Wants To Try Out Acting

    November 18, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kylie Jenner said recently that because she was just nine years old when the world of the Kardashians was spilt into our living rooms, she doesn’t remember not being famous.

“I don’t remember how it was before [I was famous] because I was nine when this all started,” the 16-year-old said. “So it’s kind of like I grew up into it. It’s kind of like I don’t know any different.”

Indeed, her family and the rigorous documentation of every aspect of their lives has made it so the daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner has been in the public eye for a good chunk of her life…even if she didn’t personally do anything to cause her fame. However, she and sister Kendall have used their famous name to create success for themselves, including a jewelry and fashion line and even a book. The next obvious move is in show business, and Jenner says she’s interested in acting.

“We’re still working on our Pac Sun line. We have a jewelry line at Nordstrom and we’re coming out with a book that we’re really excited about,” Kylie said. “I would love to in the future maybe create my own line and branch away from Kendall and continue Pac Sun. Maybe try acting or something. I have no clue.”

When that will happen is still up in the air, but no one can say that any member of the reality-show family relies solely on their names for success; Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have jumped into the fashion world with ease and have dominated commercially with their clothing lines, scents, and various endeavors in the apparel business. Jenner says she’s grateful for the opportunities she’s been afforded simply by living in the same house with her famous half-sisters.

“Its brought me such great things,” she said. “I’m so grateful for everything.”

Image: Twitter

  • Wow

    I am sorry but this woman looks 26 and not 16. I once saw a black bikini picture of her when she was 15 and I was shocked. At the time, I didn’t realize she was 15 or even related to the Kardashians because I never watch the show. I thought it was just some random bikini model. I was very flabbergasted and quite shocked when I found out the details.

    In the year 2013, our teenagers aren’t children anymore. The are full grown adults and doing everything adults are doing. I am not sure that is a good thing at all, but it is the reality of things.

  • http://jamesreyes65@yahoo.com James Reyes

    I hope she’ll do better like Chloe Grace Moretz and not like that airhead Miley Cyrus.