Kylie Jenner: Dangerous Moves With Selfies

    July 14, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kylie Jenner has been behaving in a dangerous manner when taking selfies recently. The youngest member of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians family took a selfie while driving her luxury SUV and posted it to Vine. In the Vine, as seen above, Kylie Jenner is clearly getting into the sexy music she’s playing. Wearing barely there denim shorts and a gray t-shirt, she even closes her eyes for a couple of seconds behind the wheel of her Mercedes G class. At one point she removes both of her hands from the steering wheel. How she managed not to crash her vehicle into another or veer off the road is almost incomprehensible.

Kylie’s dangerous selfie has definitely made news.

“The 16-year-old was captured taking her hands off the wheel as she flicked her hair and danced to sultry music while sat in the driver’s seat,” The Mirror reported. “Kylie took her love affair with social media a little too far as she posed for a video while driving.”

Kylie Jenner’s selfie-while-driving wasn’t the only one she took that day. A short time later she posted another one on Instagram. Fortunately she wasn’t driving at the time.

On Thursday, Kylie was definitely behind the wheel of her SUV when she posted this selfie via Twitter. It’s unknown if the car was running or if she took the picture prior to driving.

Kylie has certainly seen her fair share of selfie experts–right in her own home. Big sister Kim Kardashian is known for posting selfies of her hind quarters. Even mom Kris Jenner posts the vain pictures from time to time.

What has gone so horribly wrong with our culture to prompt teenage girls to take the kinds of risks Kylie Jenner took in her vehicle while taking her selfie? Is there nothing she does that isn’t permanently preserved via some type of media? Is this happening to all teens or is this a tragic result of growing up on a reality show?

It’s no secret that texting and sometimes even just talking on a cell phone can cause serious–even deadly–car accidents. Taking selfies just seems like a ridiculously indulgent pastime to engage in while behind the wheel of a moving car.

Image via Twitter

  • TOO Real

    wow Kimberly Ripley, you really are digging for something here…. smdh that was barely anything dangerous, you made it sound like she said jesus take the wheel and jumped out of the car! go back to cooking for your big family and leave the exagerated drama to TMZ….

  • Fed Up

    I Agree with TOO Real Kimberly you are reaching, maybe you should take a few refresher courses on what journalism truly is, and go back to the basis. But, this is what I expect from Yahoo writers, 5th graders could do better.

  • Jeff

    As they say, Apples don’t fall far from the Tree!!!!

  • Jane Smith

    Are you kidding me? That video is 4 seconds long. She keeps her eyes on the road the whole time her hands are off the steering wheel, which totals for maybe 3 seconds. Don’t act like you haven’t done something like this.

  • Idiocracy Bystander

    Me: Did she crash?
    Kimberly: No. But in that split second that she took her hand off the wheel, she darn well could have.
    Me: Get a life.

  • red rush


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