Kristin Cavallari Talks Motherhood, Sex And Food


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Kristin Cavallari may have given birth just four short months ago, but she is already back in shape and happy to be on the cover of Line Magazine’s Fall/Winter Beauty Issue.

Cavallari was also interviewed by US Weekly and talked about her hectic lifestyle and also shared some details about her family life.

She shared some of her healthy eating habits, which helped her get fit so quickly after delivering her son.

“I don’t eat any toxic chemicals, so I never count calories, but I’m always reading labels,” she explained. “I try to eat organic as often as possible. We do a ton of grass-fed beef and real butter. If I’m going to eat something I want it to be real food — no fake, processed chemical crap. And I try to make sure I get in at least a few vegetables everyday.”

Cavallari lives in Chicago but works in New York. She commutes to NYC once a week to tape The Fabulist and then rushes home to be with her husband and two young sons.

She said that being a working mother is challenging at times, but completely worth it. She said that becoming a mother changed her and showed her just how much love she really had to offer.

“You just have so much more love in your life,” Cavallari, 27, said. “Motherhood really makes you realize what’s important in life and puts everything into perspective. It’s the hardest but most rewarding job.”

She also said that her boys and her career both keep her on her toes and admitted that it's sometimes hard to make time for her husband.

"With a new baby it’s really hard because the last thing I want to do at night is get ready to go to dinner — I would rather just go to bed,” Cavallari admitted.

She also said that she tries to make up for the lost time in the bedroom and that she doesn't go for the boring old missionary position, she prefers to be on top.

Cavallari may be exhausted at the end of the day, but she has a lot to be thankful for as well. She manages to juggle a successful career, handsome husband and two young children and looks great while doing it.