Kristen Stewart Scared Of Twilight Fans’ Backlash

By: Amanda Crum - August 20, 2012

Kristen Stewart shocked the world recently when she was photographed making out with her “Snow White And The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders…and then publicly admitted she was having an affair and had betrayed longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Unfortunately for the couple, they are united in more ways than one; they’ve played Bella and Edward on the big screen for four years now, amassing an enormous following of die-hard Twilight fans who have already created a huge wave of backlash aimed at Kristen. Now that the time has come for her to do promotional work for her other films–namely “On The Road”–she’s scared of what will be waiting for her in the real world.

Stewart is right to be wary; as anyone who has seen the crazed fandom on display at any Twilight premiere knows, she and Pattinson have reached a level of superstar which is hard to fathom. They helped bring two romantically-linked, seemingly doomed characters to life and thrilled fans of the books with their real-life relationship. Now that they view her as the one to blame for ending it, it could get very ugly once she returns to the spotlight.

For now, she’s taken to hiding out with friends and hasn’t appeared much in public since the news broke. As for Pattinson, he’s already jumped into the promo game for his film “Cosmopolis”, which opened in a limited release this weekend to good reviews. And while no one knows the whole story but the people involved, it’s hard for fans to see past the media glare in order to give Stewart a fair shot. It’s premature to speculate, but this could even have an adverse effect on her career if she doesn’t address the matter soon.

It’s already been announced that Stewart, Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner won’t be in attendance at the four “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2″ conventions around the country this year.

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  • http://Google Madeline

    Kristan was very stupid she knew that rob loved her and she just went and cheated on him

  • Tv

    Okay, I don’t particulary like Kristen Stewart’s personal life choices, but I do think that everyone is taking this whole scandel a step too far. I am a huge fan of Rob and I am definately at his back, but after reading that there are t-shirts campaining against Kristen I feel a certain emphathy for her, which I’ve never felt before for someone who has done what she’s done. I think that it is a horrible thing for people to do and it’s classed as bullying. She is only young and people make mistakes, big or small. So now she’s got a lot of weight on her sholders, having to deal with the cheating scanel, trying to sort out her emotions, trying to promote her films that she’s worked so hard on and now trying to come over the fact that someone has come up with a range of t-shirt’s which make her seem and feel like garbage. We’ve all got to see it as that she is a very young girl who is constantly in the spotlight, she’s probably made a mistake that she never intended to make. We’ve all got to let ger sort this out herself.

    • no name

      Really i agree if it wasn’t a celeberty than people would be so worried about it.

      • no name


  • Maria

    Kristen,didn’t cheat it’s called experimenting,young,beautyful,talented women have to test and tastea variety of things in life she didn’t ‘marry’ Mr.Pattinson she was dating,experimenting,tasting and learning how life really works.Stop judging her.

    • Kelly

      They lived together that is saying you are committed for one. And for two she was tasting waters of a married man so now this makes her a homewrecker. any woman or man with morals would not dabble in affair with a married person with kids at that now the kids and the wife are hurt. She was being selfish and wreck-less and hurt many people in the process so ya she should be judged. If she didn’t want to be judged she could have broke up with rob moved out and found a single man to dabble with!

  • marlene

    Oh grow up all of you!

    • no name

      thank you

  • Shari

    Kristen is a god awful actor and a god awful person.

  • Foolmeonce

    There is no doubt she did wrong, but what about the pervert that is twice her age. He was not even attractive, and he was a married father. Just wonder how he is going to feel when one of his kids googles his name one day.

  • ikihi

    kristen stewart isn’t the home wrecker. she didn’t cheat! the only one that should take the blame is the cheating father because he has a wife and kids and still knowingly cheated on them.

  • kim

    I am a fan of kristen and rob’s and they are both very good. People make mistakes and the married man isn’t getting crap for it so why should kristen? It takes two people so stop judging her and calling her names.

  • Get Real

    She is an adult. She made a horrible choice along with the other idiot. She was in a committed relationship living with her boyfriend. What’s there to defend? She’s a crappy actress and person.


    everyone is responsible for her or his own actions,no excuses,Eveeryone has to face the reprecussions of those actions. Take responsiblity for what you do.

  • Osita OPurum

    I’m not a fan of her either but if she regret her actions and appologize to those that follow. Let her move on and be a rolmodel which she should represent as a poblic figure.

  • Osita OPurum

    I’m not a fan of her either but if she regret her actions and appologize to those that follow her. Let her move on and be a rolemodel which she should represent as a poblic figure.

    • Barbara

      We often read about actors becoming romantically involved with costars and the like. Yes poor choices have been made. But who did Pattenson run too?! his costar in one of his movies that he was linked to having had an affair with. They are both young and the media needs to back off and allow them both to move on. They are actors and human, give them space. Cast the first stone only if you have not sinned against another….

  • mickeym

    Oh for cripe’s sake…she wasn’t married to Pattison! People date for long periods of time and break up for many reasons – yes, one of them that one or the other moves on! So, the only discretion she committed here was having a brief affair with a married man. It was stupid, she was immature and I suspect she may or may not grow up around this situation because she was VERY immature as exhibited by her inane and silly interviews! As an actress to me, she was so-so; thus, if this affects her ‘brilliant’ career, at some point it probably would have gone into decline anyway once the Teenyboppers got over the Twi-Love age! But to keep pounding on her because of Pattison is just reprehensible…they were DATING!!

  • Gabriel Flores

    She’s a human being just like you. Everyone including myself makes mistakes, doesnt make you a horrible person, just makes you REAL!I think shes a great actress, not as easy as it looks people so dont knock her out. Alot of negativity here which is expected but remember your turn will come and you will hope that people are understanding towards your mistake. Thats all

    • Audimo

      I agree with you that everyone is human and makes mistakes; however, most of her “fans” are immature 10-25 year old’s who haven’t been out in the real world long enough to see. Then there are the die hard moms that like the moral behind the story (the big one being sex before marriage is wrong…in this movie), they saw Kristen as a celebrity their child can “look-up” to, and yea…IDK…I feel bad for Kristen’s road with the fans. She deserves what she gets with whatever Pattinson decides; butyea…don’t rambling. :)