Kristen Stewart Glams Up, Dyes Red for Met Ball

    May 8, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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On Monday night, Twilight star Kristen Stewart wowed on the red carpet outside of the Met Ball wearing a metallic cinched waist Chanel dress with a feathered skirt and sequenced black tulle.

The 24-year old, whose locks are now dyed red, appeared alongside her BFF Riley Keough, grand-daughter of Elvis Presley.

There have been rumors that Keough has been in a romance with Stewart’s ex, Robert Pattinson. If the rumors are indeed true, it sure hasn’t hurt the girls’ friendship. The two were side by side at both the Met Ball and the after parties in New York City Monday night.

Keough, also with red hair, wore a sleek black one-piece pantsuit on the red carpet; however, both girls quickly changed into more comfortable clothes after the big event, sporting Stewart’s famous look: jeans, tennis shoes, and baggy sweatshirts.

In fact, oftentimes, Stewart even swaps out heels for her tennis shoes immediately after leaving the red carpet and going into an event.

“For some reason it pisses people off when I change after a red carpet. If I think about why people have these expectations of me it makes sense, but I genuinely think that if people thought about it for two seconds they’d be like, ‘Oh my God, why do I care that that girl just put some f—ing sneakers on?’” the actress told People. “Are you seriously mad that I put on some Vans after an hour of being in heels? I’m so sorry to have upset you, you crazy person.”

Stewart’s on-again off-again relationship with Twilight co-star Pattinson has been in and out of the media since the two appeared in the film together. In July 2012, Stewart publicly acknowledged their relationship after photos were published of the Snow White and the Huntsman star having an affair with director Rupert Sanders.

“I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment. I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected,” Stewart told People the day the photos were released. “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Since then, Pattinson has been seen out and about with other females, including Imogen Ker, an L.A. hipster who is friends with Dakota Fanning, another close acquaintance of Stewart’s.

Later this month Stewart and Pattinson will come face-to-face again at the Cannes Film Festival with two films they are involved with in competition.

“Awkward is an understatement,” a source told Now. “Kristen hates confrontation, so seeing Rob will be strange for both of them. They have a lot of history together. Feelings don’t disappear overnight.”

It will be interesting to see what Stewart will wear to the Cannes Festival. Will she glam up once again in Chanel, the company of which she recently starred in their latest campaign, or will she choose to be more herself, donning her black and white high-tops? Either way, it’s sure to make news.

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  • Fuji Condor

    Kristen Stewart is hotter than every woman on this board sending hate talk to her. #Jealously

    • youngexecutive

      Big whoop. 5 whole comments….
      She’s flat chested and boyish

      • Mary E Fast

        So its okay to say you are jealous of a baby carrot in a mans way?same thing bucko.

        • youngexecutive

          Wrong place.

    • Chris Mack

      Yeah, that’s totally it. #TakeOffTheBlinders

  • eryche

    She “wows on the red carpet”? She’s a horrible looking creature.

  • eryche

    ” . . .the company of which she recently starred in their latest campaign”. Beautiful English. Where do they find these writers?

  • eryche

    ” . . . with two films they are involved with in competition.” I have to stop now. My 11 yr. old grandson uses better English than this guy.

  • Chris Mack

    I know I clicked on this, so you can call me out, but what is the fascination with her? She was in Twilight. I get that it was super popular. But she is a mediocre actress at BEST. She’s not that good looking (though she’s far from ugly) for being a Hollywood actress, but my god, the coverage of her and the Kardashians are ridiculous. Overhyped. Way overhyped.

  • http://explaintwilightbreakingdawnending.blogspot.com/ catherinemostly

    Is anyone else concerned that these ‘cheating’ scandal related rumors have gone on for a lot longer than Arnold Schwarzenegger & Tiger Wood’s REAL adulterous altercations, combined?!!

    After the ‘cheating’ scandal in July 2012 – tabloid rumor-mongering was finally and barely starting to quiet down last September 2013 – pre ‘catching Kristen & Robert together’ scenario in October. But, that opening led to a lucrative rumor hoax over the holidays that has continued to remain lucrative by ripping not-yet-quite-healed fan-wounds open for MORE $$$ – NEATO!

    Kristen and Robert’s fans should ALL have a LOT more respect from the Hollywood realm considering how much money we SANK into their empire. They don’t continue to write this mean stuff to hurt Kris or Rob – that wouldn’t make anyone any money. They do it to play PRANK after prank on the Twilight Fanbase in order to emotionally-TORTURE them for MONEY at the EXPENSE of Kris & Rob (despite increasing suicide statistics around the globe).

    We have laws in the United States against cruel and unusual punishment. Why do we not care about the effects of cruel and unusual entertainment? No industry’s ‘livelihood’ should be at the harmful expense of anyone else’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. This is why we no longer do the ‘Roman Coliseum’ entertainment thing; abolished slavery (Kris & Rob are just well-paid indentured servants for the majority of you, aren’t they?); nor allow the legalization of
    violent, cash-oriented businesses like Child Trafficking or Dog Fighting.

    SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for all the gory details on the stupid Twilight ‘cheating’ scandal finale – along with the history of The
    Twilight Saga and the unusual over-obsessions of Twilight Fans (especially
    older ones).

    • http://explaintwilightbreakingdawnending.blogspot.com/ catherinemostly

      And oh yeah… come sign the petition for tabloids & paparazzi to reform their own industry of celebrity mistreatment. It is for ALL celebs and their diehard, crazy fans. :)

      Remember back in the day when daytime talkshows used to be so nasty and everyone started screaming about it (in a letter-writing campaign,

      Those kinds of shows became niches at night, and Oprah changed the
      entire format of her show. Her “Angel Network’ nor her book club might not
      exist if it wasn’t for our SHRILL SCREAMS.

      They can change things to make stories about celebrities less harmful on their fans – and they can improve how they treat them on the street
      and in the airports, etc.

      None of that messes with their precious ‘freedom of speech’ or ‘freedom of the press’ at all.

      SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot

  • Crizomar DaSilva

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  • Mary E Fast

    I feel so sorry for the so called little high school girls on here with their jealousy fits about kristen..you are all pathetic.rob is dating people Kristin knows to get back to her.hes such a ass.Kristen deserves better.you dont know what she had to put up with in that relationship. His head is bigger as his flatshaped nose.he loves himself more than anyone else.Kristen wanted a man to love her not having to fight over the mirror with him looking at himself.Kristen has moved on apparently big head hasnt.and not everyone likes jugs hanging off their chest.maybe u need a boob job so you arent throwing yours iver your shoulder.idiot losers without a life or man on here you hateful morons.YOU WISH YOU HAD HER LIFE.

  • Mary E Fast

    The last comment was to the ones who slammed KRISTEN. go look in the mirror..oh did it crack hahaha.not funny is it? Either are yours.