Kristen Stewart Gets Some Lovin’ Behind Robert Pattinson’s Back: Twitter Reacts

    July 25, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Kristen Stewart, a girl who is currently dating a guy most women would lose a few limbs to be with, has reportedly cheated on her beau with first-time director Rupert Sanders, the man responsible for crafting “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Here’s the kicker: Sanders has a wife and two kids, though this didn’t stop him from engaging in make-out session with the 22 year-old “Twilight” star. Oh, to be young and rich in Hollywood.

“Kristen is absolutely devastated,” a source told People. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment.” This anonymous individual also added, “She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but if your “fleeting moment” with a person involves sucking on his or her face when you’re supposed to be with someone else, that’s considered cheating. What’s more, the only people who should be “devastated” by the news is Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders’ wife. They are, after all, the victims of Stewart’s inability to keep her hands to herself. Then again, maybe that’s just me being old-fashioned. Or, you know, just plain old.

Of course, all of this could just be a nasty rumor started to folks with nothing better to do with their free time. That’s something one always has to consider when reading articles of this nature. Still, the fact that Stewart would cheat on a person many feel is the hottest guy on the planet is a little baffling, as is her decision to mess around with an older, married man, particularly one who has children. I hope she can get used to the term “home wrecker”, because I’m sure it’s going to be tossed around like mad if this rumor turns out to be true.

How do folks on Twitter feel about Kristen’s infidelity? You can sample their responses, both good and bad, to the story in the space provided below.

  • http://igoogle slg

    If this is true, I’m heartbroken. I truely believe this will damage her career if it is true. I can’t understand how she wanted to hid her relationship with Rob for so long, yet take the risk of having an affair with a married man in broad daylight, riding around LA in her car that the paps recognize and follow and take the risk of being photographed. Doesn’t make sense!!

  • Deb burgess

    She “supposedly” wanted to keep her relationship with Rob private but she allows a married man to fondle her publicly? She didn’t once think how it would affect the people she loved. She’s selfish and honestly she’s only “devastated” because she got caught. How do we all support someone with such poor character. I personally will never watch another “kstew” movie. Future married directors will be banned from hiring her because their wives will wonder if she’ll do it again. Let’s hear her stutter and use words she doesn’t know the meaning of get her out of this crap. I guess being awkward isn’t cool anymore.

  • Leigh

    Deb and slg, you took the words right out of my mouth! She was insane about keeping the relationship with Rob private and it makes me mad now that she would get mad if when he tried to kiss her after Rob’s WFE premiere… he was so happy and they got in the car and he reached over and kissed her and she acted all stupid and pulled away. And every time he would try to hold her hand in public she would pull it away. BUT NO, when she’s cheating on Rob with a married man, then she’s driving around in her easy to spot car, making out with him in broad daylight in that car, … doesn’t make any kind of sense at all and I know Rob is humiliated, sickened and the poor guy… you know he still loves her but I’m sure he hates her at the same time…. he’s going through hell right now all because she has a serious lack of character and thinks she can do what feels good at the moment.

  • couldn’t care less

    Wow…some people have nothing better to do than worry about a frumpy actress and her bushy eyebrowed fella!!! Looks like SOME people need to get a hobby and worry about their OWN issues before looking at the girl famous for deciding between necrophilia and bestiality!!! This would be an issue between the parties involved and NOT anyone else that has a stake in watching or choosing NOT to watch a movie that these people may or may not make!!!

    Really couldn’t care any less!!!

    • Elisa

      so why are you commenting if you “couldn’t care less”

  • Donna Smith

    I think it is life imitating art in the second movie she loses Edward anyone see a pattern here.

  • http://katiria1977@live.com sandria


  • Linda

    Everyone should leave them alone and let them work it out if they were not in the public eye would you care or make comments with out all the facts. Everyone is trashing Kristen but how about the 41 year old married man that made the advances. He of all people should have known better. Do not condemn until you know the facts and they will only be know by the parties involved casue tabloids like to stretchhhhhh the facts to sell their papers. Rob and Kristen can have a second chance if they are left alone to figure it out together. Here’s to them and I hope it works for them.

  • C

    Her behavior is similar to that of John Edwards and Gary Hart who were so arrogant to think that they could do whatever they wanted and not be found out . The married director, a person in position of power, crossed the line in having a fling with a young actress. Ir’a similar to a boss having an affair with a worker. Once a cheater always a cheater. Both the director’s wife and Pattinson should move on and not look back because they would suffer more heartache later on in their relationships.

    • Theresa Callahan

      Surprise, surprise. Play me hearts and flowers. Like so many narcissits in Tinsletown, director and actress have once again demonstrated they are foremost in love with themselves(yawn).

    • http://webpronewslife chrystal

      I dont like what Kristen did to Rob Thats just uncalled for,and stupid

  • http://webpagenews marykatie

    Kirsten Stewart cheated on a man that is at least five times as hot as she is?? Lucky Robert gets out before she’s pregnant and he is left puzzling out who the daddy really is! He can have anything he want’s, maybe a nice Brit with some class this time. I say run like the wind Robert, there are much better things waiting just around the corner, or across the pond, if you’ll just look! Can we all just say skag and be over it please?

  • Myrna

    Kristen make a big mistake and she’s showing her remorse. Isn’t she suffered enough with all your criticism and comments. It seems like you want to crucify her. LEAVE HER ALONE and mind your own. Our bad comments or criticism is not doing any good. Just Robert and Kristen can solve their own problems we don’t need to poke our nose into their relatioship.

  • Miranda

    Everyone is going to think what they want. Just because Kristen is young is NO excuse for the bad decision she made. The married Rupert should be thrown out here too. He is just as guilty as Kristen is. Rupert’s wife and Robert should kick both of them to the curb and move one. I know its hard if your in love and have kids but a mistake like that ruins a relationship. I feel if you love someone you will have SELF CONTROL to not cheat!! There are many people who dont cheat on their loved ones so its not like thats immpossible to do for anyone no matter the age. Calling them home wreckers and such is not needed. Who are any of us to sit and judge other people. That is Gods job although everyone isnt perfect so judgement happens but correct yourselves. Everything happens for a reason though and whatever the reason is, its for robert, kristen, rupert, and rubert’s wife to figure out.