Kristen Bell On Her Paparazzi Free Pregnancy


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Kristen Bell recently opened up about her second pregnancy and how it was so much nicer than her first - not being followed around by the paparazzi.

Bell, who is already a mother to her daughter Lincoln with her husband Dax Shepard, established the No Kids Policy earlier this year that requested that celebrities and media outlets withhold interviews from places that publish celebrity children's photos without their parents' permission. Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston signed the petition among other A-list stars.

"The response has been so overwhelming that it's really almost a moral stance that the consumer demanded their publications take," Bell said during an interview with the Associated Press. "We're all consuming healthier media now."

"I feel a lot safer because I'm not followed at all now," Bell continued. "It makes me feel like we all rallied and did something -- the good people that were on the side of responsible parenting and passionate about child welfare spoke up and made a difference, and that is a really invigorating feeling."

Aside from the paparazzi, Bell said her pregnancy was simply easier overall. "Same as the first one!" Bell told Us Weekly of her second pregnancy. "Really easy, thank God. I've had a lot of friends who have had rough pregnancies and I'm really, really thankful. People are affected differently by hormones, we're all different."

The main change Bell made this time around was giving up sugar. "Idid it for thirty days as a challenge, we both did it to see if we could do it," she said. "The end of thirty days, we ate a bunch of brownies and cookies and nonsense. And within five minutes we looked at each other and went, 'Oh my god. I'm going to barf. This is toxic.' It simply felt like our bodies didn't want it."

However, Bell assured us that she still was able to have some tasty treats. "The sugars I do now are like, I'll have an apple, I'll have two apples, I'll have peaches, I'll have a huge thing of grapes. Being aware of high fructose corn syrup has made a big difference," she continued. "When you give up brownies and cake, you won't believe how good an apple will taste. Brownies are good, but I don't feel good when I eat them anymore."