Kris Jenner Talks about Family and the Holidays

    November 16, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Kris Jenner, the celebrity who famously touts herself as “Mom, Manager, Momager, Lover of Life, Lover of Christ” on her Twitter page recently spoke about the love she has for her daughters as well as her family’s ingenuity at throwing a last minute birthday celebration.

During a recent interview with E! News’ Giuliana Rancic Kris Jenner shared details about her birthday and how the celebrations ended up turning into a spur of the moment dance party. “The other night, it was my birthday, and we really had no plans and I was sitting in the kitchen two nights before and said, ‘Let’s just have a spontaneous dance party.’ Khloé [Kardashian Odom] decided that was so much fun, that once a week we’re gonna have a spontaneous dance party.”

Kris Jenner has already filmed a Christmas holiday special through E!, but is looking forward to Thanksgiving. “There’s nothing that makes me happier than waking up Thanksgiving morning, turning on the Macys Day parade or a good Kardashian marathon,” she said.

Kris Jenner recently announced her split from Bruce Jenner; however, the television personality has alluded to the potential to jump back into the dating pool. “You find who you fall in love with in life. If they happen to be a certain age, they happen to be a certain age,” Kris recently said.

Though Kris Jenner is in the middle of some family transitions, the proud grandparent had lots to share about her beautiful granddaughter North West, which echoed Kim Kardashian’s own pride as a parent. “Oh my god, she’s so delicious! She’s a good baby,” she said.

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  • JOJO

    Who cares about this family..boring article!!! there are more interesting ppl celeb to write about..dont even call them celeb..famous..ha..started with the mom leaking kim sex tape..she will do anything for $$$$$..and her younger daughters dress toooooo sexy for their age..and the way she treated Bruce.OMG..he should of left a long time ago..i have 0 respect for these ppl..wish they would GO POOF

  • nicole staudenmayer

    Please, deliver us of all KK, KJ, KKK, everything K.

  • Linda

    She talks so much about family BUT only her children matters. I saw the show when she told Bruce’s children if they knew her they would LOVE her like everyone else. Also the same with Bruce’s mother. Well she has been in that family for over 22 years and they still don’t know her???? Why the hell not. Why in fuc% did Bruce walk away from his kids? Why did Bruce’s mother have to stay in a hotel when she came to visit? Why because this woman all about her and her children. Bruce has no back bone and is a true wipp. One day she will be an old woman(no matter how many face lifts) and she may have a hard time finding some one to take care of her. She may have the money to hire some one to wipe her ass but where will her family be? She is a work of art alright.

  • Jeremy Holland

    Does anyone else see the contradiction in this statement? “… once a week we’re gonna have a spontaneous dance party.”