Kris Jenner Pushes Khloe To Have DNA Test: Twitter Reacts

Jenner details her affair in her new book

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Hollywood mom Kris Jenner is on the receiving end of a lot of backlash this week after the finale of “Khloe and Lamar” painted her in an ugly light.

Jenner, whose new book “Kris Jenner And All Things Kardashian” gives some steamy details about an affair she had while married to her famous daughters’ father, Robert, is pushing Khloe to have a DNA test because she got pregnant around the time of the affair. While some think it’s just a mom wanting her daughter to have closure for her own peace of mind, others think it’s a publicity stunt to gain exposure for her book and, perhaps more importantly, a really shady thing to do to your own kid.

“His name was Ryan, and he was a producer. We had wild sex everywhere, all the time,” Jenner writes in the book.

After Jenner confronted Khloe about taking a test on the show, Khloe vehemently opposed the idea, saying she doesn’t care to find out the truth.

“I don’t care either way cause my dad is my dad and my stepdad is my stepdad,” Khloe said.

But Jenner isn’t backing down. Not only that, she’s promoting the new book on several talk shows and other media outlets, so the word is getting out that Robert may not be Khloe’s father, and she is deeply embarrassed. Her husband, however, is a big support system in her life and said he will be a good husband and stand by her side during the ordeal.

“My mom’s book opened up a can of worms for people to have their opinions. I’m not mad at her but I need time to think. I don’t want to get sucked into the Kris Jenner crazy train,” she said.

Whatever Jenner’s reasons for going public with the affair, she’s garnering a lot of attention for her book by involving her children. No word yet from the man she supposedly had this tryst with.

I hate that it seems kris jenner does everything to be in the limelight/sell stories to mags. I.e. trying to get khloe to take a DNA test.(image) 7 hours ago via Twitter for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Ok kris jenner needs to focus on her family…if khloe doesn’t wanna do a dna test, its her choice. Jesus christ. Kardashian rant over.(image) 18 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Good for you, @khloekardashian, for not jumping on the @krisjenner crazy train & turning down the DNA test she pushed on you. @khloe_lamar(image) 20 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Kris Jenner has lost her mind. Use to love her and now realizing she will do anything for the almighty dollar. DNA test really?!?(image) 1 day ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Kris Jenner Pushes Khloe To Have DNA Test: Twitter Reacts
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  • Kitty Adkins

    She is a Kardashian, but not by blood… YEAH I SAID IT!

  • Patti

    Kris Jenner has sunk to new lows.

  • MsDoone

    There is actually at least one good reason Khloe should seriously consider getting the test.

    If she isn’t the biological child of Robert Kardasian then because of her mother’s actions, she is unaware of any medical issues both she and any future children she may have need to be understand.

    She could always have the test done and then send Kris really crazy by not sharing the results with her.

    Let her see what it’s like to live with that kind of uncertainty.

  • Patti Peterson

    Khloe’ is beautiful, sweet, and a real person. Nothing fake about her. If she doesn’t want to do DNA testing that is her decision. Mom you need to not push the issue. Khloe’ is fine with her thoughts and that is all that matters.

  • De

    I cannot stand this family, but I actually feel bad for Khloe…what if it turns out Kardashian was not the father…How is Khloe going to feel. The mother is simply a witch for publicity at her daughters pain

  • DNA Diva

    Mitochondrial DNA is inherited independently of nuclear DNA, and is transmitted intact from mother to daughter, passing from generation to generation unchanging, like a time machine. The same genetic code is shared by mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great-grandmother, and so on. Females do not carry an XY chhromosome, only XX. If Kris Jenner and daughter Chloe undergo a DNA test, it will only prove that Kris is her mother. It will not prove that Robert Kardashian was her father.

  • http://yahoo Tink

    It’s Khloe’s decision if she wants a DNA test. It’s about time that Kris gets out of her kids life. If Robert was still alive, would she have written this book??

    Of course Bruce is going to stick by her side, she has all the $$$. I am really tired of seeing the Kardashian/Jenner names posted everywhere. Rest in peace Robert, you were a great guy.

  • http://trollvalhalla Kenny

    I thought Juice was the father.

  • Ruth

    Kris, I think Khloe should only do this if she wants to.. Leave her alone.. Should this other guy be the father, maybe he doesn’t want it to be known.. Let sleeping dogs lie.. Kris J, you are going crazy. Give it a break..

  • Pam Anderson

    I heard her real father is a pitbull without it’s lipstick.

  • leyda

    it’s tragic, the things this 60 year old mom, has to do to steal the spotlight from her wonderfully successful daughters. the money has blinded her and driven her to degrade her kids on public TV. what she really needs to do is be home and stop trying to act like she’s still young, and definetely stop being jealous of all the attention her daughters are receiving.

  • Constance Oconnor

    I am quite frankly sick of hearing about the Kardashians on a daily basis. They have no talent and they bore me.

  • http://yahoo jessica


  • Dimples

    I think in this case, a guilty conscious speaks and Kris is feeling guilty all these years after the affair. She’s feeling guilty because she knows the truth that Khloe really isn’t a Kardashian and she wanted the ratings from the show because she wanted the truth to be out there. I love Khloe, she’s my favorite Kardashian but she deserves the truth and peace of mind.

  • univer

    So mom was a ho too? That apple don’t fall far from the tree.

  • tinker

    why is it that they need to talk about this in the first place Kris should have told her daughter in private and kept it that way.

  • gloria

    after seeing a picture of oj’s daughter and kloe side by side, they truly look alike.

  • R

    You know if my mother were like Khloe’s mother, I would divorce her. Khloe and Lamar are still newly married, and for her to turn around and try and force her daughter into something she does not want to do, is such BS. You make ie obvious Kris Jenner that you ae nothing but a miney hungry witch (to say it nicely, no profanity). If you did not have your daughters and their fame, you wold be a nobody. You treat your family like crap, and Bruce…well Bruce needs to open his eyes, once a cheater always a cheater!!! She is only in it for what ever Money she can get out of you and all the money she can get out of her daughters. Khloe, my advice, tell your mom to blow it out her ear (again being nice)you stay real to yourself and your hubby, and screw what your mom is tryihng to do to make the almighty dollar. I ma glad you quit the series to be with Lamar, now stay this way and tell your mom to either back off from the test thing or back off from me and Lamar..you choose!!!!Kudos to the sister with the brains!!!

  • jane t.

    This is not surprising she tried to use the late Nicole Brown Simpson to sell her book and Nicole’s sister put a stop to it. Kris J claimed to be Nicole’s friend and she was going to reveal things Nicole told her before she died. LIAR all she wanted was to sell her book and she had an affair with OJ Simpson behind Nicole back all this evil witch is and does is for the $$$$ she’ll sell anyone out. Khloe’s father Kris’ hairdresser Kylie revealed pics of Khloe and this man on her website a few weeks ago. The whole family has known about this for years so this is not new info just as Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives revealed they knew the whole truth but Kris J. wanted it kept secret so she could use it as a storyline for the boring show. They all know and have known about Khloe’s real dad for a long, long time. Another lie to sell. They’re all fake and liars.

  • carrot1

    Kris Jenner is just not a nice person. I remember the episode when she pushed Kim into doing the Playboy shooting, even though Kim didn’t want to at first and Bruce was furious about it because it was Kris’ idea. She sells her kids for the money. Does not make her look good. Not at all.

  • http://yahoo.com regina

    I think Khloe dose not want to know, but deep down inside she everychild wants to know who there father is. Have it done but don’t say what the results are, it your life you have the right to keep it personal.

  • Robyn

    I want to keep this short and sweet & shall try to do so. Although they are rich,overly exposed, and bratty at times they are still human beings. Yes I realize they put their problems out there for everyone to see(Kris most of all)but they do have feelings. We are all Gods children! I have watched the show on a few occasions and it seems to me for the most part Kris manipulates her children for ratings and money. No matter what the reason for her telling Khole these things I think it is wrong to hurt your children for any reason at all!

  • http://microsoft7 jude anne

    We have people in our family that do not look that much alike. This is from going back generations where these family members look like so one going way back. This may very well be the case with Khloe. She should only know two fathers. Her father from birth and her stepfather, Bruce. These two men were the ones who raised her and loved her.

  • RebeccaJ

    “I don’t want to get sucked into the Kris Jenner crazy train.”

    THAT ship sailed a long time ago!

  • Flo

    A father is someone who supports you, is there for you, and loves you. She knows who her father is. Screw the DNA Test!

  • http://YAHOO Linda

    I think Kris Jenner is a b*tch, and I have very little respect for her. Never would I show such a lack of respect for my deceased husband whom I claim to hold so much respect for by writing such a confession in a book, nor would I want to embarrass myself, my children, my grandchildren, or my living husband. And then to try to push one of my children to get a DNA test, it seems she may have doubts herself. She needs to let it go and just shut the h*ll up. I now have more respect for Khloe than any of the Kardashian clan, she has shown so much maturity and class in this situation.

  • paul

    O.J. simpson is Klhoe’s father

  • http://yahoo queen

    Come on everybody, She looks nothing like Robert Kardasian,we all can see very clear she looks just like her Dad OJ……

  • Linda Rhiner

    This is so stupid. Kris Jenner is a horrible mother, especially pushing this issue with Kloe. I hope Kloe has enough sense to tell her so called mother to mind her own business. Kris should never have written this stupid book either. Doesnt she realize how embarrassing this is for her younger daughters? No teenager wants her friends reading about her mother’s steamy extramarital affairs! Why does Bruce put up with her? Great example for the younger girls Kris! Not!!!! Hopefully they won’t be whores when they grow up like their mother!

  • Yvette Copeland

    Life…Kloe is a kardashian. KJenner’s ex husband had her feel lonely n there still remain love as KJenner went back to Kardashian; she is not a train wreck just a woman wanting her husband’s 100% love. Made a decision to keep Kloe, and keep her mouth closed of the pain she felt being alone with 2 children. Kloe is a Kardashian because her mother and father Kardashian always protected her.

  • Kim

    She is the only sane one in the family. Leave her alone Kris. Let her be happy.

  • Joan

    One of these days everyone will eventually find out about these women. No doubt in my mind that this is all done to promote this book of hers. No mother would do this to a child, but then again, there is a lot she has done no mother would do to their family. She is making them all look trashy. Poor ole hubby must be in another world or something, no man would put up with this.

  • al

    Khloe, U and Lamar need to get as far away from that family as possible. Ur life messed up, His game is off. Get away b4 u loose it all, like all other reality show’s

  • Coleen

    Just another example of Kris Jenner throwing her kids under the bus for her to be in the lime light. She could care less who she hurts as long as she gets in front of the camera. She isn;t a mother, she is the devil

  • noahlyn

    For God’s sake, have we not had enough of this trash? Please, boycott all things “Kartrashian” and Jenner. What a piece of garbage Kris is, absolutely disgusting garbage.

  • daisy huertas

    Who cares what the late Robert Kardashians ex hoes think….as long as he was alive he never denied her as his own….there isno proof in what the wpnen are saying. And as for Kris….. I get the whole realitt T V thing. But damn why publicly enbarrass and hurt the realest Kardashian…..Khloe…..No matter what at the end of the day he loved n treated her no different in the public eye than the other kids ……so sorry Khloe gotta deal with this bullshit….Kris even got Kourtney all fkd up in the head that she won’t even committ to Scott….. can just imagine what Kourtney remembers as a child…..Klo…..u r a good soul no matter what…. n still a doll…..no natter what….

  • John Anderson

    For years alot of people have been saying Khloe is OJ’s kid. If you look at the facial structure and his other daughters the resemblance is canny. Plus the timeline adds up too. Who do you think started going after the brothers first? It wasn’t Kim or Khloe it was Kris.

  • annie

    WOW. A whole family of publicity whores. Amazing!

  • doug

    that whole family is so f d up! who on this planet really gives a damn what these money hungry,publicity maniacs think or do ….please go away

  • doug


  • koutie

    I think people should just leave them alone… they are famous for being famous because they are a attractive family and people like to watch them….. its called reality TV… As for Khole who cares, to her Rob is her father even if he’s not her bio dad…

  • ck108

    This MORON BITCH! (Kris Jenner) is putting her daughter Khole thru this?? What a selfish person she is! Always putting herself above her family – and then, in the next sentence says “I’m embarressed”?? WTF! If this “mother” is so embarrassed, why in the hell would she address the matter in a book?? It should have been discussed in a family environment (NOT on a national stage)! What a low-life DISGUSTING “parent”! Klohe is doing the right thing – she should just cut off Kris from everything in her life. Khloe is the only sane one in this debacle of a “family”. Khloe should stand up to her slut mother and continue to make a decent famliy of her own with Lamar Odom and tell the rest of her “family” to GO AWAY! Kris Jenner is a money-hungry bitch-queen and will stop at nothing to further her own agenda! Shame of you Kris – I wish I could think of a different way to tell all how DISGUSTING you are!!! Go rot in hell, you publicity whore!!!

  • TheV

    They are ALL whores who like Dark Meat!!!!!

    • kate

      so rude & racist!

  • Catalina

    She is a sorry excuse for a mother!! I am a mother and I find her to be an embarassment to all mothers everywhere. Someone should’ve told her that a mother’s job is to protect their children and not use them in every and anyway to prosper from it. Sad excuse for a human being

  • Barbara

    Khloe is a wonderful girl and is the only one of the daughters that takes marriage and family as a real trait. Wish her all the luck and happpiness in the world.

  • shoosh

    Saw her book at B and N. It was on the clearance table for 5.00. Still overpriced

  • g ruhli

    this whole family are nothing but useless c****

  • kate hardwick

    i always wondered.. she looks so different from her sisters in eye color & body & face shape.

  • lisa

    Khloe may not want to know, but if she ever has kids she will need to know for health reasons for her child. i didnt find out until i was grown that the man I always knew as my dad wasnt my biological. my child had asthma and it was strange cuz we never had a history of it in my fam. then truth finally came out and i found that my biological dad’s fam has a history of asthma. so it may not seem important to her now but for her child’s medical and ancestral background it is very important.

  • ak

    couldn’t get any better if it was scripted

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