Kris Jenner Leaves Bruce Out of Christmas Fun

By: Kimberly Ripley - December 13, 2013

Kris Jenner shared a beautiful photo via Instagram of the Kardashian family Christmas tree this past week, but her estranged hubby Bruce Jenner was noticeably absent from the list of family names tagged in the post. This seems a bit strange since Bruce was featured on the family’s Christmas card. The card left out Kris’s son, Rob Kardashian, however.

Instead of the entire Jenner-Kardashian clan being tagged in the photo of the family’s 2013 Christmas tree, everyone else but Bruce was mentioned. Maybe it’s because the caption said “I love you?” Kris says the two get along far better since living apart. Maybe that goes for tagging on social media sites as well. Perhaps the two fare better when not tagged together?

Surely Bruce Jenner has seen the tree, and that certainly counts for far more than being tagged in the photo. You can see for yourself that this is no ordinary Christmas tree, but one that surely lives up to the Jenner and Kardashian standards of over-the-top lights and decorations.

If Kris Jenner was hoping to make people take notice of (and perhaps feel bad about) their normal sized and modestly decorated Christmas trees, she succeeded.

Kris Jenner must be planning quite a Christmas bash this year. In addition to her Christmas tree, she has posted photos about the Keeping Up With the Kardashian family’s holiday plans and even some photos of some very lavish Christmas place settings. Hopefully Bruce Jenner will be allowed to grace the table where those settings will be placed. Maybe if he agrees to wash the dishes after the Christmas meal Kris will tag him in any Christmas dinner photos she posts online.

Image via Wikimedia

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  • Sorry

    Bruce is better off without her. There is this illusion that men are better when they are with women. That is not true. In many ways men are better off without women — life is certainly easier.

    However, there are great women. There really are. It is just that they are very rare. Especially in America. Women in America have lost their way. They have become so materialistic it is not even funny. I mean my God, just look at the article above. Christmas isn’t about a huge tree that cost thousands of dollars that someone else decorated for you — it is about Christ and family.

    I mean seriously America. Just look at women in this country — across the board. My eight year old can dress up in a sexy bratz costume and go trick or treating. My 14 year old can wear g-strings and stilettos to high school. My college age girl can drink like a freaking fish and screw as much as she wants. My daughter in her 20s can become the ultimate slut and sex tape her way to fame and fortune. Then my wife in her 30s can become a gold digger from hell.

    It is about time women actually started looking themselves in the mirror and realize they are out of control. Society loves to blame men. But look at the video picture above. Look at those women and ask yourself — what the hell do they really bring to the table in a marriage and for society?

    Not a damn thing.

    • @Sorry

      You are very much right. I think people are naive as to what is going on in America though. Especially in America. America is so messed up when it comes to sex and that is what this family really sells. That is it really. The made their fortune off of sex and good looking daughters.

      Like I said though, America is messed up. You can have consensual sex in America and if one person is underage, you will be sent to prison for decades. America destroys a life when no real harm was done. This does not happen in most of the rest of the world. Why in the world would you harm a person out of a situation where there was no harm done and everyone consents?

      On the flip side, America sexualizes everything and by doing so sends mixed messages. This is not right. American girls look like full grown women. But then men are told not to look. I am sorry, but attraction does not know an age. To further compound that, American’s stick their heads in the sand. I once dated an American woman whose daughter would dress provocatively and go out all the time. On some level, she knew what her daughter was doing. Her daughter end up going out with a much older man and she was underage. Her mom got mad at the man, but really it was the mothers fault and she knew that her daughter was going after the guy on purpose. It wasn’t as if she was forced to dress that way, sneak out, and go after older guys. The mother just didn’t deal with the reality of what was going on. Americans don’t deal with reality. They deal with some made up illusion in their heads.

      Travel the world and see how other cultures deal with sex. Other countries have much healthier attitudes towards sex and less problems.

      It is just all so hypocritical and dysfunctional, but that is what happens when you make something taboo. Sex is taboo in America and it is out of control. Drugs are taboo in America and they are out of control. What is even crazier is the drug that is the most harmful — alcohol — is legal. Also, cigarettes which kill millions are also legal.

      All so hypocritical. Problem is most Americans don’t realize it. They think that there way of life is how all the world is —- it isn’t even close. They forget the other 6.8 billion people.

      • @ @Sorry

        Yeah you are right too. I have a friend who went to prison for going to see someone from the internet. He was pursued for a year and invited 5 times to meet. The two women who sent him up were mentally ill and one is all over the LA Times because she was connected to a major fraud scandal. She was sued for fraud in Nevada and California — and the police still hired her to set people up. My friend was forced to plead guilty because a DA threatened him with a large sentence.

        He is now a sex offender and a felon —- even though he never even saw a person. The really bad thing is that now all the corruption in his case is coming to light but it may not matter.

        Only in America. This would not happen in other nations. Americans think they are free — please. America and North Korea are the only places you can go to prison for crimes against people who don’t even exist. America is also one of the few places where the police use people with criminal backgrounds to set other people up. That is such a shame.

        For those of you who want to know the group that set my friend up — it was Perverted Justice. There is a reason why the people that work for that organization remain anonymous —- most are mentally ill and have criminal backgrounds. But rest assured, they are being investigated and actually the members are turning on each other. That is one good thing about America — the FBI will clean up corruption if they know about it. Sometimes it just take the FBI a while to find out about it. The really odd part is that Perverted Justice may just turn out to be the real pedophiles and not the people they entrapped.

  • http://yahoo tyler

    what a phony and disgusting 6o something chick trying to be hip and the in thing..perhaps she should put some aloe on her veejay shaving burns and have her 25 year old boy friend rub her back..What a whore.

  • Whitley Colton

    I think it looks like the cold, stark insides of a DEPARTMENT STORE! I’ll take my COZY home ANY day of the week. To each their own :) Happy Holiday’s to each and everyone of us. Especially those who will have NO HOME at all……. Here’s hoping that each one of us will find one special thing during the holidays to share with someone who has nothing. Bless us all who do. Love to all, Whitley G. Colton Owner – Art Director 407/Creations, INC Sarasota, FL

    • mary

      exactly! It looks like the entrance to my office building…….not interesting or personal…..just like them!

  • http://ATT& Mr Richard G. Bartz

    Bruce Jenner will make a lovely woman after his operation.

  • mom of 2

    I feel so sorry for those young daughters– they have no role model to show them how a woman should act.They have a mother who pimps them out each and every chance she can and older sisters that have taught them long ago it is what you can do with your clothes off that makes a difference.No on wants to look at you if you are smart..just find a pro athlete and make a sex tape and you are then famous.What a shame Bruce did not put the brakes on sooner with those girls.They are well on their way to being trashy just like the rest of the females in that family.Money can not buy respect.

    • @Mom of 2

      Sorry for those young daughters? Please.

      They are both millionaires and will never have to worry about putting food on the table, losing a job, or retirement. They will go places the average person can only see in a book. Right now, their biggest worry is what outfit to wear tomorrow. That is all their biggest worry will ever be. If they have any major worries going forward it will be from their own doing or because of natural causes. But really, money can solve most worries.

      I don’t agree with the Kardashians but I wont go as far as to say I feel sorry for the girls. If I had a choice of making money by taking off my clothes or having to struggle through life — I would take my clothes off in a heart beat. Sometimes I think we forget the realities of life.

      Tell you what — go to a homeless shelter and as a person how it feels to be there. All the judgmental people will get a really rude awakening. If I could ensure my future, by simply taking off my clothes. Hell yes, I would do it.

      Also, just because you are smart, that doesn’t mean that is better. I know plenty of smart women that are nasty as hell. I also know literal whores who are actually the most kind women you could ever meet.

    • Grandma

      I so agree with mom of 2, kris has lived off of her daughters, wanted to be a Kim, Kloe is the only one that I thought had more common sense,and Bruce should of took a stand, but maybe he needed her money. Those young ones have grown up too fast, and they will be like their sisters, especially Kim, she is nasty. I am hoping that maybe the younger ones would start to hang out more on the jenner side, but, money and fame talk more than family in this case.

  • Cookie

    White House tree. How many years did it take for that tree to grow before hitting the Kardashian-Jenner Pad. Gee. No one needs a Christmas Tree that big. Feed the poor instead.

  • http://yahoo jerry

    Even the tree looks cheap.

  • Neil Anblomee

    What a frucked up family and shame on those Americans for giving these Kardashians attention that they hardly deserve. Please go the fruck away and never come back.And on that note….. Happy Holidays !

  • janice krazon

    I wonder how many hours the fun family ACTUALLY put in TOGETHER decorating and putting this charade together…..LOL more like HOW MANY people did they PAY to put this together.Such family warmth and togetherness. Even the tree looks cold….

  • loren

    Trash doesn’t fall to far from the tree

  • michele

    that is NOT even her house……

  • http://yahoo Kathy

    Nice judgement on woman trying to make a living. Since it is the man That supplies the sex demand. Judge yourself buddy. I have yet to find a man That doesnt sit on his lazy American a** And expect the woman to work full time. . Take care of the home. .. kids. .. cook. .. clean. .. while he makes love to the remote. Why are woman taking over society. Survival. Of the fittest. Because someone has to be in charge. And not all But some of the male race has failed to stand up to the plate And provide for their families. Out of necessity. Nothing more. You think I want the job? absolutely not. But I refuse to be lazy and my children child first. And I am unselfish. If I had loads like that. I would me giving it a way to those in need and live humbly. That would be the best example for childrenn and society. …. sadly my job contract with the government was just outsourced overseas. I’m getting $55. A week I’m an area that has absolutely no jobs at all. I would give anything to have a $30k or more job . Anyone want to vent on that

  • Auntmitty

    Bruce was smart to GET OUT OF THERE!! That whole house is nothing but a train wreck!! In 5 years Kris’ face will look like Bruce’s face, one or both of the twins will be pregnant, Kim will be in a porn movie, and one or two of the rest of the trash will be on METH!!!