Kris Jenner: Kanye West is an “Amazing” Person

    October 5, 2013
    Erika Watts
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By now everyone with Internet access has probably heard of the Twitter feud Kanye West had with Jimmy Kimmel last week. Apparently a spoof Kimmel did on one of West’s interviews rubbed him the wrong way, and Kanye reacted in typical Kanye fashion–by making a million tweets in ALL CAPS (the tweets have since been deleted from his account, but you can read them here).

Fast forward a few days–Kris Jenner, mom of Kanye’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian, has come to the rapper’s defense, so Kimmel now knows for sure that the Twitter feud wasn’t a prank.

Despite Kanye’s never-ending antics, Jenner has nothing but positive say about her daughter’s boyfriend and father of her grandson, North West. Jenner said that she gets to see a different side of Kanye at home, one that is apparently very different from the side he often shows the public. “I love him so much,” Jenner said during an interview with Ross Matthews, “and he’s such an amazing boyfriend to Kim and a great dad and a wonderful person.”

Jenner had Kanye on her talk show Kris at the end of August and said that she thinks her interview with him showed people a new side to the “I Am a God” rapper.

“I think people saw this other side to him,” Kris said during the Hello Ross interview. “He’s creative and he’s an amazing, amazing human being, he really is. And he doesn’t always do interviews and get the chance to really express himself like that, so I was really glad that I got a chance to sit down and talk with him. And it made me so happy that, you know, you guys got to see the Kanye that I know at home.”

It’s a good thing Jenner is happy with Kanye–he probably seems like a knight in shining honor right now compared to Lamar Odom, who is daughter Khloe Kardashian’s (soon-to-be ex) husband. Odom and Khloe have split up following news of his DUI, drug problems and multiple affairs.

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  • Ok

    Is everyone in that family delusional? Or is it just me?

    If he was so amazing, he would marry your daughter. Then again, this might just be a fake relationship like the last one your daughter had. In the end, I think that is what bugs me the most about this whole family. I don’t care if Kim did a sex tape — most people in America are doing freaky things in the bedroom, sending nude pics on their phones, or sexting. What bothers me the most is the fake wedding.

    There are so many really lonely people in this world that would love to find love. Yes, people make so many mistakes in relationships but I truly believe that most people really deep down inside want love. Kim made a mockery of marriage and the love that should come with marriage. That to me is the most inexcusable thing. A person’s heart is something that should never be played with. All the other stuff I can forgive and really don’t care about.