Kris Jenner Is Still A Bad Mom, Kourtney Puts Her On Blast

    June 25, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kris Jenner is well known for her bitchy shenanigans regarding her daughters (not so much her son, although he doesn’t get nearly as much play as they do so why would she?), and the most recent episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” doesn’t do much to change that perception.

In recent weeks, Kris has been in the news for revealing an affair with a younger man while married to her now-deceased husband, pushing Khloe to have a DNA test because of said affair, and allegedly being the driving force behind Kim’s sex tape with Ray J (and perhaps even making Kim re-shoot it). Now, she’s trained her critical sights on Kourtney, calling her indecisive and causing a scene over dinner because Kourtney was late.

“Oh Kourtney you’re so indecisive, ‘I can’t decide if I want another kid, I don’t know if I want to marry Scott [Disick],” she said.

Kourtney, however, had enough of her mom’s mouth early on and put an end to it by firing back about Kris’s meeting with her ex behind Bruce Jenner’s back. Apparently Kourtney doesn’t feel like she can trust her mom after Kris’s memoir came out, which detailed her affair.

That Oprah interview was just the tip of the iceberg with this family, it seems.

  • miaramos349@yahoo.com

    I am a viewer of the kardashian show and I cant see what the deal is with this family. As a viewer, the issues are not too different to what mothers,daughters, and teenagers are going thru these days. Great mothers are checking out younger guys and ofcourse do you blame them these days , with the way men are refusing to keep their marriage alive because they feel they have a wife and now its over and done with. The daughters with beauty and not neccessary with brains are all sexually driven and have you seen some of these african american gorgeous men out there latley that workout and really look good, so hey its a revolving door. The teenager girls…To me they are the smartes and the least hormonally driven from waht I can see. These days when you ask a teenage girl for an advice, they really shock me. Im embarrassed with the advice I get from my nieces and younger cousins. They have seen their moms and aunties and older sisters going thru crap and they learn from that, not to mention what they learn from the streets. im almost possitive I read something on the statistics this year on teen pregnancies this year , as apose to the last few years and its dramatically lower. As for Bruce, i admire the man for not taking too much BS seriously and golfing all the time, it keeps him away from the everyday troubles. AS for Robert, He’s just not matured yet and , guess what i have a 45 year old brother that hasnt matured yet either. Now the choices the woman in the kardashian family make with their men…I feel like this..”you make one,two maby three mistakes when you first start dating thats ok, but If you continue making those mistakes, Something is really , really wrong. I can say this Class is the best thing in the world for any beautiful woman to have, If you dont have Class, It doesnt matter who you are and how you got there , you will be a big fat Zero.

  • dmkennedy

    I used to watch the Kardashian show on a regular basis but not any more. Like the housewife series, no matter what city, the story lines are all the same. The K series has a few more story lines than the housewives series but they are starting to repeat themselves. Also none of these people, except maybe Klohe , is a nice persom. Villians may bring drama to the piece but viewers tend to tire of them quickly. Most people want to like, or at least not despise the people they are watching on these reality shows.

  • gabi532@yahoo.com

    Spoiled brats starved for attn. They would have nothing without their parents…Pls let kids be kids…

  • Denise

    No wonder the girls are such sluts. They learned it from their mom.