Kris Jenner Doesn't Include Rob In Family Photo


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Rob Kardashian has been avoiding the spotlight and his family lately. Rob has recently started partying harder than ever and has gained a noticeable amount of weight.

He has also been skipping out on family functions. He even missed his sister Kim's wedding, which he had originally planned to attend but left at the last minute.

Several people have reported seeing Rob in the clubs drinking the codeine-infused drink Sizzurp and he has also been seen smoking marijuana.

Kris seems to be a bit embarrassed by Rob's problems, but claims that he is in the process of getting his life back together.

“He’s struggling,” she said.

Kris recently created a photo collage of all of her children in honor of the July 4th holiday, but she left Rob out of it.

All of the photos showed her daughters wearing red, white and blue outfits and some showed them holding the flag or striking poses in front of it.

Kris did not give a reason for leaving Rob out of the collage and she may have just wanted to make it something special for her daughters. It still seems strange to include all of her other children and not her son.

Many people think the real reason Kris left her son out of the photo is because she is not happy with the way he looks or the negative attention he has been getting. Kris has been known to push her children to do things for media attention, but she usually only wants that attention to be positive for them and her.

While Kris and Rob may be on the outs, he and his sister Khloe are still very close. Khloe threw a big party over the weekend at a nightclub in Las Vegas and many of her family members, including Rob, were in attendance. Khloe even shared a photo of them together.

Why do you think Kris left Rob out of the photo collage?

Image via Wikimedia Commons