Kris Jenner Defends Kendall Jenner, Slams Waitress

    August 17, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kris Jenner has jumped from ‘momager’ to ‘Momma Bear’ mode and is rushing to the defense of daughter Kendall Jenner. Kendall was recently accused of having left a restaurant without paying her tab. A New York waitress named Blaine Morris supposedly chased after Jenner, claiming that when she did cough up the cash, she did so in a most unkind way–including throwing the money in the waitress’s face.

Both Kendall and Kris Jenner vehemently deny this claim–about the rudeness anyway.

“Well, first of all, the woman tweeted ‘chasing a Kardashian down the street, Kendall’s a Jenner, so [Morris] needed, I guess, to get that attention out there,” Kris Jenner said during a recent interview.

“If anybody knows our little Kendall—our tall Kendall—she’s the most respectful little girl in the world and would never do anything like that,” Kris added. “And once she realized what was going on she absolutely gave the woman the 30 dollars that she owed—or 33 dollars, plus a tip—and felt very horrible about the fact that somebody would do this and create these stories and start spreading things.”

Blaine Morris has been sent a cease-and-desist letter from Kendall Jenner’s lawyer for spreading what both Kendall and Kris Jenner claim are lies about Kendall.

“Although you are working as a waitress at Mercer Kitchen, I understand you are also a struggling actress. You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself,” a portion of the cease-and-desist letter reportedly reads.

Morris must be concerned because her rant about the supposed scenario has disappeared from Twitter.

Kris Jenner is definitely a feisty lady–especially when it comes to defending one of her kids. Do you think the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch was really protecting Kendall or the Kardashian empire instead?

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  • tamara

    Kris is better know any body else whom she grown up and raised, she raised all of them the way she used to to when she was young ,For example chasing rich old man … ect

    • Hamer

      Tamara, did you not finish grade school or is it that you just don’t know the English language?

      • Applied Logic

        Hamer there’s nothing that disgusts me than seeing people born in this country that can’t spell or speak the English language correctly. I just tend to ignore anything they say or write if they can’t even use correct grammar.

        • HereTodayGoneTmw

          And what if she was not born in this country? How’s your foreign language skills?

        • Joshy

          What if she wasn’t born in the US? Applied Logic, there’s nothing that disgusts me more than seeing Americans who speak English as their first language disrespecting others who are learning a new language. I tend to ignore anything they say or write if they can’t even see outside of their Anglo-American sphere. Let’s let that sink in.

        • greg

          applied, your statement makes no sense “nothing that disgusts me than seeing people”. pretty good critique when you can’t even form a logical statement. I think you meant nothing disgusts me MORE…. dumb ass

        • captainamerica

          uh herd derp im such a perfect spller all my gramer iz sew perfec uh herp derp…kk bitch shut up

          • anna

            Say what??????????

        • TimO

          Hey Applied Illogic, perhaps you can start by improving YOUR grammar.
          Didn’t you mean “nothing that disgust me MORE than people born…”
          Yeah genius, you forgot the word MORE. Your sentence makes no sense. Also you didn’t need the word “just” in your last sentence. Part of good grammar is not to be superfluous. But hey, you missedd a few commas too, like after “Hamer”. More is also partly the beginning spelling of Moron.

          • Nanners

            TimO, missedd?

          • Chris Ruggiano

            Typos are not the same as bad grammar.

          • Nanners

            They are the same. A typo is a mistake made in the typing process such as spelling and misuse of terms. “Missedd” is a misspelled word made in the typing process. How are they not the same to you?

          • Kaliee Eventine

            Funny thing, the brain. I read that statement, never noticed the missed words.

        • Charley

          Forgot the word MORE and the use of the word WHO instead of THAT. LOL

      • Oicu

        She finished grade school, but her teachers had “Tenure” and could care less if they were really teaching the class proper English.

      • Brian

        Could be foreign or even young. Did you stop to think about that or is it that you don’t know how? Shame on you for being such a bitch :)

        • Hamer

          I try and think of any number of things before posting a comment. If she is so young as to not be able to construct cohesive and comprehensible sentences, then she has no business on a sight meant for adults. If foreign born, there are any number of technical aids to assist her in making an understandable argument to support her view. Just in case you don’t know, “bitch” is a descriptor for a female. First time I’ve seen it used by a straight (?) person in describing a male. Have a feeling this may be one of many things you are unaware of.

    • Jenna

      Is your spell check/grammar check button broken?

      • Oicu

        Is your ‘narcissistic’ personality broken?
        Get over yourself Jenna. I’m sure everyone else has.

        • Brian

          Calling someone out who was calling someone out lol I needed that laugh! Pot meet Kettle

  • Hoppy

    Haven’t you realized by now.. The Kartrashians can do no wrong (Even when they do wrong)

  • tamara

    Kris you are right every body knows who is Kendall who is every night going night clubs and get drunk ,always giving hard time to the servers to get shot alcohol . You should be know about your two little monsters whom you raised.

    • Abby

      Do you even understand what you said? BTW, it’s EVERYBODY………..

      • Deb

        Actually it is everyone

      • Pamela Marshall-Holmes

        lol @ do you even understand what you said!

      • Jackie Bradley

        Obviously she is not from here. Why is it so important to point out what is wrong with others?

      • selen

        Abby…Keep quiet and move on. This is not an English class. Her point was made about the trashy katrashians and that is what matters.

    • Monty C

      ESL?? Or simple ignorance?

    • AppliedLogic

      Can you please learn how to speak or type English first before posting anything. It’s a appalling that my 6 yr old son writes and converses with correct English and you an adult sounds so ignorant.
      It’s the language spoken in America for heavens sake, at least learn how to use it correctly.

      • HereTodayGoneTmw

        Maybe you should apply some logic yourself and stop expecting literacy and intelligence from people who post comments on a gossip page.

      • Not one to Argue

        Since you like to point out mistakes you may want to fix yours – heaven’s sake.

      • greg

        It’s a appalling. another well written post from someone critiquing others. dumb ass again

        • pc carter

          Hey guys, I thought this was about Kendall???? Let’s stopped bashing each other. You sound like the Kartrashians….
          @tamara and others!!!!

      • TimO

        Hey Dum Dum you missed a few commas again. Heaven should be capitalized and there’s an apostrophe needed there. You also missed a semi-colon. Learn the language Applied Illogic!

      • Rar

        Applied logic, btw you should have used ‘very ignorant’ instead of ‘so ignorant’ fool. You cant use ‘so’ to describe exageration or emphasize something and youre sooooo idiotic. Shut up already. You’re pathetic and take your own advice pls OR ask your 6 yr old son to teach you a thing or two.

        • Cathy

          I agree, Rar. I was an English major in college and I cringe each time I read a blog.

      • Charley

        Forgot a question mark in the first sentence, there is an A before appalling, you should have used the word SIX and the word YEAR separated by hyphens, and it’s heaven’s sake. Really LOL now!

    • Tiassopinkmommy

      You should really read over your posting before you ya know….actually post them. One or two errors I can understand and deal with but, your s h i t has to be decoded almost.

  • WhiskeyBum

    First she tried to get alcohol , which could have had the restaurant lose their liquor license , and she followed that up by walking on the tab . Apparently both true .
    Whether she threw the $ or not , she is verified as a disrespectful B for #’s 1 and 2 .

    • Justin

      yeah i didn’t understand why this woman who probably works for not even 1/20 of what any of the Kardashians collect in a year should risk her job to give an 18/19 year old alcohol. And she should have no problem paying any tabs. Shit, she should’ve bought everyone’s dinners. And that cease and desist is a damn joke.

    • MurphyG

      It comes down to the simple fact that this family (Kardashians/Jenners) does not think the laws should apply to them. They feel they are above the law and are not used to people telling them- NO!

    • Tiassopinkmommy

      Same thing I was thinking, I almost couldn’t even care about the rudeness towards the waitress for the fact that this kid tried to get alcohol, I mean really. Its more than likely that she drinks openly around her family of course as well as her friends.

  • Brad

    “Mama Bear” would insist she learn how to read.

  • Brad

    The lawyer fabricated the motivation for the account out of thin air.

    • Loope

      Kendall aiming that low? Ughh.

    • Abby

      Wrong! Blaine is looking for attention. She is the one that invented this lie.

      • Cynic17

        And you know this exactly, how? Unless you are one of those little fangirls that think that the JoKes can do no wrong, Blaine’s story sounds 100% perfectly plausible.

        • http://batman-news.com/ mikel1998 .

          It sounds plausible. The only part that makes me think twice is that she took down her rant after the lawyer came into the picture. If its true, you shouldn’t worry about slander.

          • Cynic17

            She probably knows that in the modern US legal system, you don’t really have to have a case to ruin someone else. They can litigate the waitress into the poor house just by filing a lawsuit. There doesn’t even have to be any merit to it. Discovery alone could cost thousands and you can be sure that the waitress doesn’t have it. And even if the waitress were to persevere and win her case, she wouldn’t get reimbursed for her expenses.

            Unfortunately, there are many reasons why she might have taken down the tweet, and not all of them have to do with whether or not she tweeted the truth.

          • Pineygrrl

            Cynic speaks wisdom. That is how the cult of scientology has operated for, like, forever…..Hubbard even wrote that the objective of litigation is not even to win, but to cause chaos, confusion, and run the other party into the ground. So who knows–even if this waitress is right, the K family can tie her ass up in litigation til the cows come home…

          • XLNTMOMMY

            Thats true but shes a 20-something year old girl.. they prob intimidated the heck out of her.. even though all she has to do is say it was “her experience” of the event. I used to get away with all sorts of sh** when I was on-Aire (radio) as long as I gav the caveat it was “my experience” of the person/event(s) etc.. but when I was young, I could still be intimidated.. before I got wiser LOL

      • Lolo

        Kriss , attorney, did not say that she paid the money inside, they did not deny it was paid outside on the sidewalk- they just didn’t talk about that..does that give you a clue????

      • Wolfperm

        Blaine’s story is 100% accurate as the restaurant owner has already confirmed her version of the story. Did you create your account just to defend that trash? How sad.

  • hoh

    Its funny that Kendall is suing the waitress for defamatory comments. Kendall, the only person making you look bad is yourself, your an illiterate, entitled brat. Everyone over the age of 17 sees it. You wouldn’t be a model if it weren’t for Kim’s sex tape.

    • Queen Bitch


      • hoh

        Oh no, I spelled one word wrong, get the hell over it. Really, the only thing you have to use against me is ONE misspelled word? Really sad.

        • just saying

          Well, when you are calling someone else illiterate, you should at least know how to spell yourself.

          • hoh

            I know the difference between Your and You’re, it was an accident(ever heard of those?). I didn’t bother to go back and reread my comment. It does not make Kendall any less illiterate.

          • Abby

            It takes one to know one, honey!

          • Bobie Spencer

            oh please, she is a spoiled brat that has never had to work for anything

          • wolverine91068

            where did you go to school the pee-wee Herman school of arguing.what a joke.i know you are but what am i ?i know you are but what am i? abby you make me laugh.are you sure your not a comedian? ha ha ha ha h he he he he ha ha ha

        • Abby

          Yes, you sound sad! Ken, is far from being illiterate! She also has what it takes to be a model.

          • RealTexan

            You’re still in junior high, aren’t you?

          • Cynic17

            Next year, Real. She can’t wait.

          • Veroncia mACIAS

            Abby go up!!! Kim doesn’t have what it takes to be a model she is a spoil brat!!!

          • Bobie Spencer

            no she doesn’t

          • wolverine91068

            ABBY how old are you ? you sound like a retard thinking trashy behavior is great .did your parents teach you that .slutty people always stick up for one another you sound like a real loser.these people don’t know you and could care less if you lived or died so why spend your time and energy negatively defending them. whats in it for you?your time would be better spent on a puppy then following trash and defending it. i read these posts because they make me laugh, sometimes i sit here laughing at all of the dumb asinine comments that fans say. its funny and entertaining to me .the real joke is people like you. that’s the really funny part .your life is so dull and boring that you sit and dream about being a kartrashian with all of the slutty perks.ha ha ha ha but no mater what you do your life will always suck because you would rather pretend about being someone else then being true to yourself.vanity isn’t all that and most of these people wind up ending in tragic ways .fans like you are really pathetic because you live for someone that doesn’t even know you exist..good luck with that.

    • Pineygrrl

      Please don’t kill me but hoh also said, ” Its funny….” when it’s actually “It’s funny”….

      • hoh

        Well, you got me there. To be honest, I had just gotten home from a bar when I wrote my original comment and the other two. Oh well, I just wanted to get my point across that these girls aren’t role models, and are little brats, although Abby seems to think they are gods gift to the world.

  • zeit

    of course the hodashian through the money.she is spoiled brat made famous by a sister that made money off pee porn.just yecch…like a pervert pt

    • zeit

      double doh THREW not through

      • turner

        NO, through is correct. Please spend less on a cell phone and more on a dictionary or at least some basic English books.

        • Eve Brown

          Turner, YOU are an illiterate idiot. They may go THROUGH the money, but she THREW it in her face. Do you even know what a dictionary is?

        • Rar

          It is threw, idiot, once you look it up, you will curl up into a little ball and cry about how stupid you sounded. Its very shocking to me that you suggest dictionaries to others when you need it the most. Pathetic

      • Kathy McKay

        she threw the money would be correct. She made money through her sister’s porn would be correct.

  • foxwhat

    Kendall Jenner, “these rumors r absolutely ridiculous! I would never throw money in
    anyone’s face or act that disrespectfully. I was raised better than that” ….
    hmmmmm…..well being a Kardashian it is hard to believe that statement.

    • Guest

      Kendall aiming that low..ughh…

    • Rar

      She says that bc she got caught haha what a dumb ass loser, kendall is a pig

  • Jack

    tried to order alcohol…fact! got upset when denied alcohol and walked out on tab…fact! so why wouldn’t I believe this brat tossed money in the waitresses face after being upset she couldn’t get her way. kartrashian/jenner all the same bunch of losers

  • JB

    No wonder al Quada wants to kill us, because of people like like that family — I exclude the Jenner side of the family pre-Kris.

  • Kelly

    You know Kendall did this… They think they can do what ever they want and get away with it

  • Joyce Feret

    Kendall I am sure the girl would not lie about it either, even Jada did not want you back in their house because of your action there. I think you are making a mess out of your life I don’t know how any of the modeling places would want you to work for them if you are drinking and acting like a two year old, you were doing so good now no one will want to see you. Sorry but you need to go back to the grown up you were instead of the bad girl want to be you are acting like. That girl even lost her job because of you what a shame.

  • Em&Jo

    Did she really call Kendall the “sweetest little girl in the world?” This is the girl who talks trash to,her mother on the show all the time and, in Thailand, led the family on an all-day chase while they worried she hd been kidnapped. Oh, and, momma didn’t dress the fact that her angel was teying to,order alcohol. Go away!

  • ChaiLatte

    How dare you use concocted drama to create publicity and try to squeeze into Hollywood! Pot…meet Kettle

  • Scotty McRazzberry

    “Poor little rich girl” can’t even keep tabs on whether she paid a bill or not??? Priceless. And then gave her most likely a cheap tip. Yeah, she’s being groomed for Kardashian/Jenner stardom, all right

    • Lolo

      momma Kriss said she gave the $30. dollars or $33. dollars with a tip..cheap, cheap, cheap if that was the tip, and again this was all outside on the sidewalk and would have come out of the waitresses pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joe blow

    Right on time .just after midnight Sunday and all ready a article about the Karsatankian clan.Which one of them took a shit over the weekend?Which ones did not?Both days matter.What time did they take these apparent shits?That’s if for now ,I finished my bowl of cereal.

  • yolanda

    Kris should get her lawyers to take that TMZ video of her underage daugters taking shots on video with all those peolpe over 21 at TYga House tell your lawyers to jump on that

  • B.j. Counts

    OMG, now we have to look forward to a play by play in the life of the Jenner girls. Just get lost!!

  • B.j. Counts

    OMG, now we can look forward to a play by play on the Jenner girls life; it wasn’t enough we had to suffer with the “K” women.

  • pattib

    I had to laugh when I saw the Kris Jenner interview on E! Entertainment that Kendall was a Jenner, not a Kardashian. Kris Jenner has stated before that she has considered changing her name back to Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall have both admitted that they use the Kardashian name when they find it convenient to get them what they want faster. I also noticed Kendall’s bratty behavior on KWTK reality show. i do believe the waitress in this matter.

    • Wolfperm

      The E! production crew already admitted during a deposition that they’re all liars who create fictitious scenes on their reality show in order to make people look bad.. so it’s not surprising that Kris ran straight to E! to do this interview. They’re just attempting to protect their investment/advancement as this family is all they’ve got right now.

      • pattib

        You bring up a very good point. Kris does seem to pop up on E!Entertainament whenever there is a scandal brewing to put out the fire. I hope that Kris Jenner really thinks before she files a lawsuit against the poor waitress who is just trying to make a living (mostly on tips).just to save face for Kendall. You also mentioned that without the Kardashians what else does E! have going for it I can’t think of anything either.

        • Cathy

          Maybe it is because their reality series is a product of Ryan Seacrest and E!

  • Lily Smith

    A $3.00 tip??? From a person who makes millions?? How Cheap!!!!

    • Anthony Djuren

      She doesn’t make millions. She gets handed millions for simply existing.

      • Cynic17

        Which actually makes her being a cheapskate that much LESS attractive.

  • Deb

    Definitely momma bear mode

  • Gary Trenton

    whenever a whore, whore-like or whore offspring gets criticized publicly in the news (or someplace pretending to be the news, like yahoo), it immediately the responsibility of the parents of said whore (pimp, or whore-momma), to say something stupid trying to defend them. next, it’s yahoo’s responsibility to post it as news. thanks for another waste of electricity.

  • Barbara Jean Hammond

    It’s genetic. These girls need therapy and medication. They have seen and heard too much from their parents to ever lead a normal life. They are sociopaths. Can’t be helped. They are truly pitiful human beings.

  • Marilyn

    Was Kris there. Is she implying Kardashians r more famous than the Jenners. Did u here that Bruce.

  • TR

    These people are a joke. Of course they never do anything wrong. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Nut jobs. Of course she did what the waitress said she did. They’re above the law, don’t ya know?

  • treas59

    Oh, NOW she’s a Jenner, Kris? Nail polish, make up and clothing line, she uses the Kartrashian name.
    Kris Jenner, (who wanted to drop Jenner herself because Kardashin makes her more money) is an absolute joke herself. Of course she’s going to lie for her money makers, umm I mean daughters.
    But their money talks, so he truth won’t prevail and the waitress doesn’t stand a chance. Sad, sad world.

    “I understand you are also a struggling actress. You no doubt concocted a
    fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to
    create publicity for yourself,”
    Because making a sex tape and letting ‘momma bear/manager’ leak it out and then sue over it is only for the up standing girls seeking publicity, right?

  • annie

    Well what I think is always what I think…Chris Kardashian and her daughters are just ghetto…Trips me out she wanted to discuss that she paid for the meal after the waitress hunted her down…but how about why your daughter would get up and leave the table and ot pay for her meal in the beginning..Kendall and Kylie really should have been raised by Bruce…they would have more morals. cause Khloe, Kim, kourtney are a lost cause.

  • Marc Jacobson

    Mother and daughter whore!


      Aww.. c’mon.. ALL mothers go into “momma bear” mode when one of the cubs is attacked. I do. They call me “The Lioness”! Hah. However, when I’m ALONE with said cub, I tell them EXACTLY how it is.. (“I love you but you were wrong honey”, or “next time do this or that instead”, etc..) I think Kris Jenner is a GENIUS in marketing her girls they way she does and all I hear is envy in these comments.. if you don’t like them, why are the KWTK shows getting the ratings they do..? Because we watch, thats why! I advocate for my daughter all the time, (she tutors other students in ALGEBRA, and she is an intern for a FL Senator..! yes yes pushy mommy n all that) but I digress.. because the point is: we ALL want our kids to do well. If making millions from a show means you “manage” them, then sobeit! Whats the Big Deal in promoting your kids livlihood? If my daughter could make $ like that from a reality TV series.. I’d keep it going too! And thats just what Kris Jenner is doing.. yes, for herself, but also for her kids.

      • Marc Jacobson

        I don’t disagree to a point. Kris Jenner has #1 slutted out her daughters to her own benefit. I have no problem with making money on reality TV but doing it how they have is absolutely over the top. Cases in point: Kim, divorced twice, married to a dick, and a sex tape. Rob, everything is wrong with that boy. Chloe, married and divorced, in 3 years, making over the top slutty videos with a DJ, Kourtney…..may be the only half normal one, Kendall and Kylie are being positioned to both have disastrous lifes and Bruce is just plain weird.

      • wolverine91068

        your posting is typical trash that i read and laugh at.first thing you said was you like how she markets her children .really your children aren’t something to market or make money on .they are your kids your suppose to provide for them and teach them right from wrong not sell them like a commodity .that’s disgusting to think you would lecture people about being jealous when all of these so called fans are the really jealous ones who sit and watch and pretend its them on that screen not the kartrashians but besides that any one can have a reality show if your interesting enough so to your point is your daughter any more ugly or more beautiful than them? why isnt she on her own reality show.you sound like the trash you emulate so why arent you cashing in on your daughter?becosue you would rather pretend your like them than actually be them .so pathetic.you confuse outrage and disgust for jealousy maybe you should take a good look in the mirror you might see the pathetic loser you really are always living in someone else s shadow instead of being true to ones self very sad .if you think its a good thing to be that shallow and vain then you deserve all of the disappointments that come your way vanity is a deadly sin so if i were you id think twice before pissing off god he might just take everything from you to teach you a lesson.

        • XLNTMOMMY

          ROFL!! Name Calling = You Lose !!

          What a response nottomentionyourrunonsentencesthatmneverstopppp lol.

          Lets see.. we went from the issue we were all commenting on to personal attacks and name calling.. to religion as well!

          Why not keep it germane to the topic at hand, shall we..?

          If your (albeit adult) child became famous in some celebrity way, you would probably hav a hand in their “managment”.. I will tell you I AM AN ON-THE-AIRE RADIO PERSONALITY and $ changes people.. however, you want to maintain that CONNECTION with your kids, and not let $ egress you into a seduction where you compromise your value system.. there IS a difference!

          Your thinking is disturbed because you are projecting motive.

          Secondly I think you’re also projecting a bitter, vehement, jealousy because maybe your parents never took a true interest in you.

          Parents can, indeed, protect and love their kids and still want them to hav an esteemed, privileged, successful life!

          As far as wishing ill upon me, I can only say I HAV “lost everything”, and yet managed to bounce back and now my kids hav known what its like to hav beach houses, flying lessons, a summer vineyard, time on my parents beef cattle ranch, and private boarding schools.. if they do well at the school they are allowed to choose just about any school they want to go to.

          But yes, what they say is true about “the first million is the hardest”.. the truth is once you know how to earn money, its not that hard.. I plan on imparting the same information to my kids.. so they will always know how to make it when they need it.

          Lastly, celebrity isn’t hard to achieve, its just takes prioritiztion, and tenacity.. if you Really want it.. only it does come at such a cost (usually social/familial relationships) that many just giv it up for a regular life.. even the ones that succeed sometimes feel the effects in a way they cant handle.. look at the child molesting Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson .. talk about a cry for help! :: shudders :: So its not a life for everyone..

          Remember, you dont hav to be poor to be Happy! Thats the mindset of those still blaming everyone else for why they never got their GED.. lol.

  • Monty C

    Good that the bar wouldn’t serve the Ho alcohol – that way she keeps her clothes on and her legs together!!

  • Peter Dailey

    Raised better than that? Your mom is basically a pimp, and at least one of your sisters is a whore.I’m comfused……….

    • $114246727

      They never got the memo on what raised better actually means and they apparently do not have the mental capacity to use Google to look it up.

      If she had actually been raised better she would not have been trying to break the law and order alcohol under age and she would not have committed a second crime of theft by walking out of a restaurant without paying the bill.

  • Mulka Louise

    Rumor has it the Kartrashians show is being cancelled..Please make it be true..

  • Laura

    What an idiot! No wonder those “women” are so effed up!!!

  • Mel

    “30 dollars that she owed—or 33 dollars, plus a tip”…well 20% on $30 makes for a $6 tip if we are being fair–but since they have money pouring of their ass why tip a server 20%..right…?

    • bev

      Kris Jenner an Kendall need Jesus in there life that little girl dont have no respect for nobody look how she talk to her mother dem need to come to our country to gain respect she let the girl loose her work because she is a lier but god is going to fix jenner kanall an di kardashian cause di fool an his money shall dapart kardashian family them a go a hell dem a devil dem gone like them better then anyone else unno a go burn in a hell fire soon u are a set of evil people u cant go to hell wid u money a kendall fi go a school she an her sister dem gone like dem bad an dem a bully

      • bev

        Look an kendall an her mother face how it look just like satan an di devil she should a give di girl money insted of sueing her u are wicked son of a bitch god going to deal with unno case we are praying for that lady noo evil cannot cover good

      • Wanderer125

        It hink you need some lernin….

  • Flynn Jones

    All SCUM

  • MurphyG

    Well if Kris wants to be so picky as to point out that the waitress called Kendall a Kardashian- when she’s a Jenner…then maybe she shouldn’t be on a show called Keeping up with the Kardashians?! Afterall, as Kris JENNER pointed out Kendall is not a Kerdashian (and neither is she for that matter)! She can’t have it both ways.

  • turner

    Funny how she didn’t defend her ‘respectful little underage daughter’ ordering an alcoholic drink or that she left the restaurant without paying in the first place. And that’s where the priorities and manners come from……..

  • Ebony Sue

    No one who was actually at the restaurant or the Baldwin girl has come out to defend the kardashian/jenner girl. Tried to order alcohol and didn’t pay tab (this isn’t disrespectful? Trying to protect the brand.

  • Sharon

    The girl should pay her bill; period.

  • Guest

    I don’t know whether she threw the money or not, but she has been very disrepectful toward her mom on their show. I actually took the time out to watch the show to see what everybody was talking about, but I stopped because they talk to their mom so bad, and I ended up not being interested. I do understand her standing up for her daughter if indeed the story is not true.

  • Peggy

    I have no doubt this happened, both of the younger girls have a rep for drinking, so to cop an attitude and leave, yes, I believe it happened. Kris got the attorneys to write the letter to threaten this girl, and it worked. The momager mother, will do anything it takes to not pay out money to anyone, or to keep her ‘family’ name unmarked by bad publicity. Sad, when someone turns into what she has, and also turned her kids into ‘I can do anything or say anything I want, and not have anything happen’ type of people.

  • Judy

    I guess Jada Pinkett Smith is a liar too?

  • Erin

    Yes Kendall, you were raised better…AND I AM SURE that Kim was raised better, she would never make a sex tape and then use something from a private moment and EXPLOIT it to CASH IN and skyrocket your family into fame!!! AND SHAME on the ENTIRE Kendall and Kris for involving lawyers and costing a hard working, minimum waged paid girl to lose her job, and probably her home, car and anything else she may have lost BECAUSE YOU ARE TO ARROGANT to apologize!!!!

  • Janice

    Momma bear???????? where was she when her daughter was dressing like a sleezy tramp???? They will do and go after anything and anybody that will keep them in the news!!!!

  • Charlotte Eve


  • Chris

    Sorry, but there is no defending your underage daughter trying to order drinks in a restaurant. She sadly is turning into trash like the rest of your klan.

  • Sandy smitz

    The power of money,they just make things disappear if they don’t like the comments and to think you people who watch this trash is keeping these gold diggers on TV and money in their bank accounts,stop watching them and let them disappear!!!!

  • Anthony Djuren

    STOP REPORTING on this god awful family. They offer nothing to society.

  • Slappy White

    “Well, first of all, the woman tweeted ‘chasing a Kardashian down the
    street, Kendall’s a Jenner, so [Morris] needed, I guess, to get that
    attention out there,” Kris Jenner said during a recent interview.”

    I guess they would know because if anyone is an expert on whoring themselves out for attention it’s member of the Kardashian family.

  • ben cruz

    Just wondering if people will miss the Kardashians when they are no longer in the news everyday.

  • Diva2014

    Question? how do you not know if you paid a bill or not at a restaurant? Kendall has been going to restaurants since she was born. Don’t go to expense restaurants if you don’t know how to act

  • lisa gail


  • JON

    Who cares! I grounded myself for clicking on this article.

  • fran attaway

    well if anyone knows “publicity” big mama knows all about how it works. it would seem she and kendall both got a little pr from all of this. notice how she mentioned “tall kendall”??


    I am so sick of this family,they are everywhere.They even have a channel of their own with my cable co.That is all that is on.These people have their noses so far in the air and it is just disgusting.Ok,you are rich and can get away with bad behavior.They say they were not raised to be rude.Really?Well,your mom didn’t raise you anyway,you were raised by a nanny.Whatever,I am tired of seeing and hearing about these people.Enough already…..

  • Tim E

    You were raised better? Witch sister was your role model? Half the people probably like your family, the rest of us are waiting for the train wreck. Momager? you mean pimpmommy making money off your child’s T&A is discussing.

  • Janice Wood Jordan

    10% tip, how cheap.

    • Wanderer125

      service probably sucked. I’ve left nothing for bad service – sorry, waiters/waitresses it’s your job.

      • Bobie Spencer

        this coming from someone who defended the spoiled brat

      • Jeremy

        Apparently it’s your job to be a moron.

  • Veroncia mACIAS

    Kris Your a Straight Pimp for your all daughters!!!! Show me the Money!!!

  • buggy

    You have a check laying on the table. How could you not see it to pay????

    • Wanderer125

      it can happen to the most ordinary of people, why not Ms. Jenner, in the end, she paid.

      • Bobie Spencer

        bull, she walked out plain and simple

      • Jeremy

        Paid? She threw money in the woman’s face after being confronted OUTSIDE, she had no intention of paying until she got caught.

  • SMH

    ” You no doubt concocted a fictionalized account of your encounter with my client in order to create publicity for yourself,” “The Pot calling the Kettle black”

  • ellism66

    Kris Jenner = Cee U Next Tuesday

  • justabeliever

    why do kids underage ones think just because they are famous the should be allowed to drink anywhere. they are allowed into clubs allowed excess alcohol. why don’t they have to obey the laws like the rest of us.

  • Just Me

    n. noun

    One who finds customers for a prostitute; a procurer.

    v. verb

    To serve as a procurer of prostitutes.

    To compromise one’s principles, especially in promoting the interests of another, for personal gain.

    Mama fits these to a tee. So we should say the pimp was protecting her wh@re.

  • Wanderer125

    She’s a mother first & foremost, and although the media trash her mercilessly, she’s made everyone of her kids a fortune, I wish I had a mother like that.

    • Jeremy

      You wish you had a mother who pimped you out? Freak!

  • But see ya

    I agree with Kris J here for coming to her daughter’s defence and I would hope Kendal had enough ‘broughtupsy’ not to do something that tacky and rude as to throw money at someone. If the waitress is really spreading lies Kendal should go further and demand an apology or else. Don’t use the Kardashian name to feather your nest.

    • $114246727

      Are you insane??? Being brought up well means you do not try to buy alcohol when under age. Being brought up well means you do not try to steal by walking out of a restaurant without paying the bill, causing someone to have to chase you down to get the bill paid.

      Being a good mother means you do not defend your child when they commit not one crime, but two crimes. Being a good mother means you punish your child when they commit said crimes and you don’t make public statements saying your child did nothing wrong when you know the child committed these crimes.

      The waitress was doing her job. Other customers have reported on social media sites that the waitress was in the right. The restaurant owner said the whole thing would not have happened had Kendall not tried to purchase alcohol knowing she was underage. Kendall should have been arrested for the two crimes she committed. I will believe the waitress who is not going around committing crimes over the spoiled brat committing two crimes.

      I doubt very seriously that this is the first time Kendall has tried to purchase alcohol underage. It is however the first time she has been told no. Kudos to the waitress for obeying the law. Shame on Kendall for breaking the law and shame on the mother for condoning the breaking of the law. Shame on the restaurant owner for not having Kendall arrested for committing two crimes and shame on him for not backing his employee better than he did.

  • Irish Cornaire

    STFU Jenner,ye and the rest of ye ilk need to jump off a short pier into a pool of shark’s so sick of seeing ye and all ye clan in the news,NO ONE CARES!!!!!

  • Steve Kinosh

    Concocting a fictional and what the hell to the Kardashian’s do all the time? Reality TRV my ass! like Mother, Like daughters., media whores!

  • tahiti 5000

    One day we will be able to go online and NEVER SEE ANOTHER STORY ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE FAMILY.

  • jz

    Kris save the lies for your husband. You are a joke and so is your word. your child acted badly and instead of sweeping it under the rug, address it. You would get more respect if you would just say YES my daughter acted badly but YES she is still a child. Instead you deny it and your child is TAUGHT that treating someone badly is OKAY. I Think people act negative towards the Kardashians because the are crumb snatchers who do not have any morals. My opinion admit the truth and teach your children because that is what they still are how the real world works.

  • America Gonzalez

    Mama Jenner you have manage to raise this little monster if they cuz you out and youre momma what can anyone else expect the difference that no one is going to take their awful behaivor and will talk good for the waitress and do not threaten anyone for speaking the truth .

  • jonesy

    “….raised better than that?” that is hilarious!

  • Tim E

    letting your underage daughter take selfies of her with her boobs and nipples sticking out of her shirt is not art or modeling it’s plain child pornography and Kris should be arrested for letting it happen and making a profit from it.

  • jb80538

    I wish these people wouinally end their 15 minutes of fame an disappear!

  • Rachel Slurr

    I hope every food server from now on that encounters these people, think to themselves, “Did she ask for a booger on that salad, or a bit of spit in their drink?”

  • JutMe1

    Trash, she raised her daughters to be trash. Anything to make a buck.

  • Bartholomewdemon

    So…Kendall walks out of the restaurant without paying her bill because they won’t serve her alcohol, yet it’s the waitresses fault for trying to get the bill paid? I seriously doubt it was the waitress who was being rude. This family is very sick (especially the mother, she should be institutionalized) and anyone who watches or supports them is a moron. I think the waitress should turn around and sue them for spreading lies about her. I would.

  • ameme

    Not shocked MamaHo comes out to defend K-Brat …….

  • coco

    Before defending her maybe you should teach her morals and the right way to act in public. Oh wait you have none yourself so that wont work. The Kardashions/Jenners need to get out of the public eye, you would think they would they would be tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes. Just wait till she makes a sex tape then we will see what happens. The family thinks they are entitled and they need to come back to earth and realize that most of the time the kind of fame that they have only ends up ruining the family. And for all the for all the other people making comments about peoples spelling and using proper English give it a rest you all look like a-holes for a very stupid reason. Put your focus on things that are important.

  • sup yo

    disgusting little monsters

  • Tony

    Worthless untalented cunts arguing… This is not news!!! Kris Jenner is disgusting old skank. Go away!!!

  • Sheila Payne

    It is shameful that a working waitress had to follow this young rich entitled girl out of the restaurant to get paid. And oops I forgot to pay doesn’t cut it. That should not have happened. They at the food and was not served drinks so they just walked and forgot to pay the bill? That doesn’t even sound right. Stop harassing this young working waitress to keep yourself from looking bad. You should have paid your bill BEFORE WALKING OUT!!! Do you think you’re entitled to eat for free?

  • Lolo

    so we are not saying that she didn’t skip on the check, and this what ever did happen out on the sidewalk…and the cease and desist order got the girl fired…Right???? Trashy ass people and to stick up for her when things like this have been reported before…trash doesn’t fall far from the big trash can…

    • Sheila Payne

      Right on Lolo, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • guy

    Kirs, you are the biggest two faced liar on the planet. Stop trying to save face for your spoiled little brat of a daughter. We all get it, it illustrates what a shitty parent you are. You do not have to hide it we know you are horrible person and parent. Kris tried to get a place closed down in Calabasas because they didn’t throw out the red carpet and treat the family like royalty. That right there shows you how dishonest and low this whole family is. Nothing is too petty for these people. Just goes to show you money can’t buy class.

  • lee

    Does anyone else believe that the spoiled rotten Biatch think she’s entitled to all ! She a celebrity because her sister likes to bang on camera ! The mother is the root of all evil . Too bad the clan wasn’t consumed by a typhoon in Thialand

  • No name

    Why did the waitress come after you if you had paid? Why did you pay (again) if you had paid before you left? Something about this rings true.

  • Jeremy

    The waitress works for a living, the Kardashians are worthless for a living.

  • oops

    How do you walk out of a resturant forgetting to pay your, she did the old dine and dash and got caught.

  • gena

    I think it is funny when the mom “Kris” said that Kendall would not do such a thing why not she is young just because she is a jenner she could not possible leave a restaurant without paying the bill. This girl is “20” she did this and the mom is embarrassed because someone put it out there..That family is nothing unless they can get on tv.

  • Sarah

    Of course Blaine Morris removed the tweet. She doesn’t have the kind of money to fight with those band of hoes. I believed what she said. It happened. That Jenner chick did walk out without paying. It was not made up. Kris Jenner allows her cash cows to get away with everything. Kendall was raised no better than what Blaine Morris described. The threat of a lawsuit is meant to shut Blaine Morris down. What a bunch of pigs those Kardashian/Jenners are.

  • Laura Lewis

    She problay took it off cause she has no proof as no one would unless they were cameras outside the place. Your underage daughter wanted booze and got mad cause they didnt cower to her. I have no doubt she did what the waitress said and ive seen many stories with the name kardashian but was about the jenner girls.

  • Laura Lewis

    And really Kris is gonna call anyone out about publicity? at least she didnt have to suck a black mans dk and put it on tape to get noticed? Yeah!!

  • Linda

    Blah Blah Blah

  • http://batman-news.com/ mikel1998 .

    If Morris’ side of the story were true, she would not have taken her rant down.

  • grammie2t

    kendall may be a jenner but why does she act the a Kardashian….All of them are rude

  • Robin Bednarczyk

    Whether she was rude or not, she STILL asked for alcohol, AND THEN walked out on her bill, angrily. All they’re worried about is people thinking little Kendall would actually throw money in someone’s face, they SHOULD be more worried about the fact that she tried to stiff the restaurant the money OWED to them. Rudeness pales in comparison to stealing OR WHATEVER you’d call it when you don’t pay your bill. It IS a shame that you really can’t believe what anybody says these days though. Instead of Kris slamming the waitress, she needs to give her daughter a lecture on paying for what you eat AND NOT walking out on the bill, OH, AND NOT TO TRY to order alcohol while being under age, as THAT could cause a business to lose their license/lively hood – and all over some over entitled, wealthy CHILD who will never truly be without.

  • Erin

    Hey, MOM, she asked for booze. Wake up and admit you created these little monsters.

  • slv

    So mama Jenner thinks it is ok for her little Kendal to go to a restaurant and demand alcohol service. Not sure that is something to be proud of. And if the waitress had to follow her from the restaurant to get paid, then that is not exactly great behavior either. She is 18 and she should know by now that it is illegal to walk out without paying and also it is illegal to be served alcohol until you are 21. I guess her not knowing that indicates that mama Jenner forgot a little raising along the way.

  • unknown

    “Well, first of all, the woman tweeted ‘chasing a Kardashian down the street, Kendall’s a Jenner, so [Morris] needed, I guess, to get that attention out there,” Kris Jenner said during a recent interview.

    If I were Blaine Morris, I would reply Kris, “hmm i’m sorry, i don’t give a shit about your family because I’m busy working as a waitress here. And my problem is that she wasn’t paying me. If i want to be instant rich and famous, I just make a sex tape like your daughter.”

  • duncansdad

    I guess Kris will now go after the woman who was involved in Kendall’s most recent car crash. The woman claimed that Kendall tried to pay her way out of the situation to avoid police involvement.
    Kendall obviously thought that since she is part of this entitled infamous family that no one would chase her down to pay her check. She was probably pissed off that she couldn’t get served alcohol.
    News flash Kris: your kids are not special in any way, only spoiled beyond belief.

  • TimO

    Nice of the K-holes to sick a high priced lawyer on a waitress.

  • A Sharp

    Trash- in the cleanest sense of the word…..

  • spiderkev

    great a skunk standing up for a skank……

  • Arobs

    These Kardashian/Jenners are so pathetic. Of course it’s always someone else’s fault – never theirs. None of the Kardashians ever take responsibility for their trashy actions. These people disgust me.

  • JJ II

    This is yet another example of a spoiled, egotistical child that wasn’t raised right. The pampered girl couldn’t get a drink so she throws a tantrum and walks out on her bill, then has to chased down the street to even get a dime out of her. This over exposed family is an embarrassment to themselves, the public at large and the country in general. They should all just go the heck away and not try to come back!

  • Ashleigh

    I don’t doubt for a second that this girl did it. I am sure she assumes due to her status she can drink regardless of her age and when the waitress did the right thing thought they can just leave. She has no reality of money. She didn’t deny trying to underage drink or walking out on a tab, did she apologize for that? Then to only give $3 as a tip?

  • http://www.visionaryconsultants.acnibo.com rose Nabers

    Wouldn’t surprise .

  • redflagshere

    I think we’re all so sick of anything Kardashian/Jenner, and I am proud to say neither I or any member of my family have watched a single episode of their show. If we all want them to go away……please refuse to watch KUWTK(not worth spelling out)!!

  • Michelle Gauthier

    Of course the waitress would remove her tweets about it because she got a cease and desist letter from their lawyer. Otherwise she could be involved in a lawsuit. Doesn’t mean the waitress was lying about it. And of course Kris will always stand up for her little spoiled brats. She taught them everything they know, after all. Now, if there was another eye witness outside that saw Kendall throw money at her, then they should tell that waitress so they can get the cease and desist removed and have the Jenner’s lawyer send her an apology letter instead.

  • Geri Schronce

    Tipicial of a spoiled brat.. The Jenner Girl… Would cause trouble for a poor innocent girl just to erase the blimish she put on herself…She should have thought of her actions before she showed herself.. any decent person can read right through this lie that Kendall is telling. I would think Kendall would put her big girl panties on and fess up and tell the truth, this just makes me think even less of the Kardashians, And Yes, MOMA CHRIS.. even the Kardashians make mistakes.

  • Woody

    Slap Kris Jenner in the face with some preparation “H”…..She will disappear. Slip odor eaters into her daughters shoes and they will do the same.

  • Jenna

    We all know how these girls have been raised. That’s why there are so many illegitimate kids and divorces amongst them. And why Bruce is becoming Brucette.

  • Louann Smith

    Kris Jenner as well as rest of family live in fantasy world, I have no doubt it happened and they are all embarrassed. No bad or rude behavior surprises me regarding the Kardashian’s….I mean they keep Scott around so what would you expect?

  • Oicu

    I know you feel you must defend your Kendall Mama Jenner.

    But sometimes, just sometimes, not all the time your children are wrong.

    Kendall DID try to order alcohol, Kendall DID walk out of the restaurant with out paying her bill, Kendell Did make that server chase her down the street to pay her bill. (I have been a restaurant owner for many years, and everyone that walks out says they just forgot. YEAH RIGHT.) But even if she did forget to pay her bill, that’s not the servers fault. (The server “who works for $2.13 and hour’ would of had to pay that bill out of her pocket if she would have not found Kendall.)

    Perception is REALITY. If the server felt that Kendall tossed the money at her then in her reality she did.

    Kendall is the one keeping this story alive, not the server.

    If Kendall forces this server to give her a public apology, IT WILL BACK FIRE.
    Why? Because everyone will know that the poor little rich girl used her (Big Fat) wallet to intimidate a minimum wage server to LIE and say it was her fault….

  • Donorow23

    She needs to realize she has raised rude arrogant daughters

  • Oicu

    Mama Jenner, you need to give your narcissistic little daughter some advice.
    If she makes this minimum wage server give her a “public Apology” it will only make the poor little misunderstood rich girl look like she BULLIED this server into it.

    If that happens it WILL be a long time before people forget that Kendall ‘Bullied that server, if ever.

  • Jenn

    It’s sad that they are going after someone already struggling trying to make a living. They already have money why make someone else life worse.

  • bill smith

    She always defends her daughters of ill repute

  • Mike V

    these people ae trrssh who cares what anyone says about them all the jenners are scuuuummm

  • MizJones

    So why did she leave without paying in the first place? Throwing the $$$ or not, she left without paying!! WHY??!

  • Wolfperm

    Kris Jenner is full of it. Why not address the fact that she attempted to order alcohol? Why not clear that up while accusing the waitress of lying? Because you know that it can be proven in a court of law.. that’s why. So your main focus is to dispute the allegation that she’s rude and disrespectful.. but no mention of the events that led up to that particular incident? Hmmmm.. sounds like a PR move to me. Omission of certain facts pertaining to the case is equivalent to telling a lie.. and now we all see where she gets it from you disgusting excuse for a mother. The restaurant owner already corroborated the servers story so go and sell your bs to someone else satan.

  • JustSaidIt

    Yikes. I read this entire thread and very little of it is about the Kendall Kardashian story. It is so sad that internet chat is really just a lot of people saying things they probably would never have the guts to say in real life. Just saying….Oh, and since I am positive that SOMEONE will comment….I would actually SAY what I wrote IN REAL LIFE. (And) It would be grammatically correct. #trythat

  • Tiassopinkmommy

    First of all I don’t care if that is her daughter, she wasn’t there so she cant for sure say WHAT happened. This is not the first time one of them has been accused of being spoiled and rude. Its obvious they have a strong sense of entitlement. But, what can you expect from children raised by a ” rich madam” who pimps out their kids……..

  • Cool2014

    Is it just me or do I see everyone missing the point Kendall Jenner walked away without paying a$30 bill. I guess she was raised to do that.
    For her $30 is nothing but for someone else it can be more than their hourly wages.

  • will

    Yea shes so respectful just ask jada pinkett smiths maid, she was so respectful she got kicked out of there house lol. Guess she wasn’t raised better

  • rs1981

    Well of course Kris is going to defend Kendall. That’s one of her meal tickets right there. Kris won’t say anything negative about her babies, because she knows if she does, they’ll cut her off. If she gets cut off, she will have to go get an actual job, instead of peddling her daughters to the media. Whatever job she gets, doesn’t compare to what she makes by whoring out her children to the media.

  • Crystal

    If anyone has watched the show they can see for themselves that Kendall has a huge attitude and can be very disrespectful

  • TiredoftheTragedy

    Would this be the same “sweet girl” who parties with ex-con rap stars and drug addicts? And all with her mom’s permission? Anyone who has ever seen the show knows she has little to no respect for anyone, especially her mother!

  • Honesty

    It could be all lies. I really want to like Kendall, she seems different and more down to earth than the other girls. But I also read that Jada Smith doesn’t allow Kendall in her home anymore because she was rude to one of their house staff, amongst other stories. I really hope this isn’t true. Kris…the biggest gift you can give your kids is the gift of humility. It’s disgusting that Kim is move focused on her self-lust. Let the public admire you but when you take more shots of yourself trying to be sexy than the paparazzi does…well that’s unattractive. That photo she took all dolled up in heels and a low cut blazer on make-up done strolling her baby around….well THAT is fake. That did not send the message you expected that “moms can be everything and do it all”…all that said was my team of 20 assembled me in front of a mirror this morning and now im pushing my kid for a hot photo. I respect the game of trying to make money doing nothing…but come down juuuust a bit from the clouds. Humility can be sexy too. Poor Bruce. He was screaming to have a voice in that family. So self-absorbed they all seem.

  • Mia

    I am not defending Kendall but I truly believe Kendall did not intentionally leave without paying her bill. She may have been preoccupied or had alot on her mind. I also do not think it was out of line for the waitress to run after her, after all she did owe the money for her meal.

  • Stash Holly

    A Pimp always sticks up their whores. If a John is stabbed it is up to Kris to defend the bad act like any good Pimp. Momma can’t get the big money on her young HO if she allows her baby slut to be mouthed off at by the help. I mean come on the little slag only has a few years before she is as loose as her big sisters and then what will the Grand Dame of Pimping.

  • Charley

    Applied, you apparently don’t know how to write very well either. Bonehead.

  • anna

    Of course Kendall Jenner is a Kardashian. Her last name may be Jenner & her father may be Bruce Jenner, but her mother’s last name is Kardashian, so what does that make her? Half & half.

  • anna

    Kris Jenner will always defend her slutty daughters, even if they dress like sluts, act like sluts & talk like sluts. Look how Kris talks to her daughters saying fuck you all the time. Kris talks trash just as much as her daughters do. Why should I have any respect for Kris & why should her daughters have respect for her? What kind of mother & grandmother talks like that? That is just DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!.

  • anna

    If you work for a company & say the F word & your boss hears it, high chance you’ll get fired. Usually no profanity is allowed at a work place. My son’s school is the same way. This is why I don’t watch the show anymore, I’m so sick & tired of the whole family saying the F word all the time, it’s like the only word they know how to say. You can see how uneducated they are!!!

  • James Cahill

    Go fuck yourself Kris. You raised another little bitch here.

  • cjwhatcahmacallit

    cood yu awl plees lern to tawk an spel rite. it givs mee a hedake wen I trie to reed this stuf.

  • Tiera

    The waitress is a low life trying to come up! “blaine morris” YOU will never be an actress now dumbass!