Kris Jenner Cries Over Rob Kardashian: Is It Sincere?

    July 29, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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You know what the problem with “reality television” is? For all the so-called claims of “reality”, everything (and anything) is done for the cameras. Drama makes for good television and these shows are increasingly scripted.

It’s getting to the point where you expect these participants to get Emmy nods for their participation.

And that brings us to the prickly subject of Kris Jenner, the famous mother of the infamous Kim Kardashian.

The entire Kardashian brood has made a fortune off of being famous for being famous thanks to their various E! reality TV shows, especially the Keeping Up With The Kardashians series.

Jenner’s son Rob Kardashian has had some pretty serious struggles, including concerns over his weight.

Unfortunately, it seems as if his personal demons have put him at odds with his more famous relatives.

Sister Kim went on record as saying she has “no sympathy” for her brother in a recent episode of the Kardashians series.

Jenner on the other hand appears to be seriously torn up about her son’s situation.

She cried and conveyed that she wished she could “fix” her son and his life.

Said Jenner, “It’s the worst feeling in the world when one of your kids isn’t in a good place.”

The Rob-related drama didn’t stop the Kardashian clan from heading to Thailand without him.

Jenner’s display of emotion may be genuine, but not everyone is convinced. After all, Rob has been suffering from his emotional and physical issues for some time now. Why break down now? On Camera?

Rob Kardashian recently surfaced after being missing for a few weeks.

Hopefully someone will be inspired to reach out to the struggling Kardashian in the near future. Preferably when the cameras aren’t rolling.

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  • teeny

    This woman is a piece of work, she doesn’t give a dammmmmm about her son, he’s not a money maker so she does not have time for him. The only reason for the crocodile tears is because people are posting she and her cash cow KK are being so awful to him. I hope he finds help away from this dbag family. The only way he will survive and thrive is if he gets completely away from them.

  • teeny

    And by the way, both these pigs have the ugliest cry faces I’ve ever seen! So maybe they should stop the dramatics.

    • debra

      Their Frozen Masks ? Too many injections/surgery no muscles can move they are Freaks like The Joker ! But this is NO JOKE ! they are screwed forever. just wait till Brainstorm Kanye walks !!!!2 Crymasks !

  • Di

    I don’t believe it is sincere it’s all for he camera. I believe she’s all about the money and face time.

  • Sandy

    The only person that matters to this crazy woman is “Kris”. She’ll do or say anything to get attention. And, she’ll demand her kids do the same. She really should be ashamed to show her face in public!

    • debra

      I agree, she has serious mental problem,competing w/her daughters. I Loved when Khloe told her she could have Lamaar feel free to F— him !If she already hasn’t. Nothing shocks me about these debased women anymore.

      • Sandy

        Debra, they are definitely big embarrassments to the strong, intelligent, Conscientious, females everywhere!

  • Roy Welsch

    The only thing that brings tears to her eyes is the realization that not only is she getting older and less attractive, but that she will never be an “A-lister” because that requires more talent than spreading your nasty snatch.

  • jancieg

    This woman needs to grow up!!!! What 58 year old woman has the need to party with her teenage daughters. Get a life…you are not that fabulous.

  • MissKDurant

    The only person on
    this show who seems to be completely soulless. I was disgusted at her
    lack of compassion for her brother on the last episode and ones leading up to
    it. She is the definition of a self-absorbed, narcissistic human being.