Kris Jenner Caught In Bed With Younger Man


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Kris Jenner has never been the type to act her age and as her children got older, Kris seemed to act younger and take an interest in things that a woman her age shouldn't really care about.

Kris and Bruce split up a few months ago and Kris has been on the prowl ever since. On a recent episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons, Kris was caught in bed with her chef, who is much younger than she is.

It all started when Kim asked the chef if he was dating anyone.

When the chef said no, the family talked about how awesome it would be to have a chef as a boyfriend. A few minutes later Kim and Kourtney happened to look in the bedroom to see their mother in bed with the chef.

Of course, it's likely that Kris was only playing a joke on her daughters and trying to teach them a lesson for being so blunt and nosey.

Kris isn't shy in front of the cameras and in the past, her daughters have even accused her of trying to steal the spotlight away from them. Kim has even said that she feels like her mom is constantly trying to compete with her.

Now that Kris is single, she could be competing for men with some of her young daughters.

Although Kris and Bruce have split, they both claim that they are still really good friends and often offer advice to each other. What kind of advice would Bruce offer to Kris if he knew that she was chasing after men half her age?