Kris Jenner Can’t Understand America’s Fascination With Honey Boo Boo

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Kris Jenner, who’s gotten quite a bad reputation as a pushy, fame-starved, exploitative mom, has allegedly lashed out at June Shannon, mother of Toddler With Tiara Alana, a.k.a Honey Boo Boo.

Although there are no quotes from Kris herself, a “source” has confided in RadarOnline that Jenner can’t stand the pageant circuit and thinks the family showcasing themselves on television for money is “classless”. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.

Of course, this same source thinks there’s another reason Kris is upset with the Boo Boo family.

“She thinks the Thompsons are classless, unlike her family and can’t understand why America is so fascinated by them. The show has become bigger than Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Kris is starting to feel threatened by its success.”

While it’s true that America has fallen in love with the Southern family and their gay-pig-loving, cheeseball-gorging, farting ways, it’s also true that the Kardashians aren’t going anywhere. They have enjoyed tremendous reality-show success, and it’s doubtful they need to worry about a TLC show stealing their thunder. Although, if it gets picked up for another season, Kim may want to learn to do this:

You can read more about Kris Jenner here.

Kris Jenner Can’t Understand America’s Fascination With Honey Boo Boo
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  • mellanie o’brien

    classless?!?! come on lady. the only “career” your family has is a sex tape that may or may not have gotten leaked out by accident. that pretty much defines classless. At least she knows who fathered all her children and I’ll bet June won’t ever be cuaght negotiating with vivid entertainment on behalf of her daughter. loser.

  • Nate

    I am confused. Do we really care what Kris Jenner thinks about these things? No? I didn’t think so.

  • http://yahoo Lisa

    Oh!! the Kardashians, where does a person even start lmbo. Well you know it all start’s with the parent’s how their children act and how they turn out as adult’s. Yep i will start with Chris some mother, right?? or more lack of she only got her money by being married to the kid’s father not jenner’s twin girl’s Kloe, Kim, Kortney and, rob’s father get’s all she can out of him just by being greedy and wanting fame so she goes for Bruce Jenner and i’m sorry yes Chris is a beautiful ageing woman (but we all know money does buy that and can keep you looking youger lol) but Bruce Jenner come on i’m sorry but that man is ugly as sin even a face lift to make him look younger didn’t even help. Yes, back in his younger yr’s. he wasen’t a bad looking man but the yr’s. haven’t been good to him maybe would have if he wouldn’t have listened to Chris and her mini-me chris’s, i alway’s believed he was a very intellegent man thou so what the heck yeah, yeah couldn’t have been thinking with the right head at the time but i do believe he’s realized he married an immature woman, self-centered, selfish, nosy, bragging, heartless about poor ppl, flashy (yeah you wouldn’t see a full nude photo of her body without it being touched-up air-brushed wouldn’t want to show those disgusting roll’s, stretchmark’s, cottage cheese leg’s and butt) drama queen, crocidile tear pouring actor, fake, fake, fake yes the list can go on and on. Nope you won’t hear me calling her nasty name’s no need for that it’s way too immature i just say it like i see and hear it. No not is all good in their happy, happy land Bruce is not a happy married man yes i watch the reality show from time to time if there’s nothing else on but rerun’s so from when i have watched it’s so easy to see “read” he is miserable and lonely marriage will not last forever Chris has had lady luck on her side to have had Bruce for this long 20 yr’s is a long time but she can’t keep doing all that she’s been doing forever the day will come where he say’s “I’m Done”. Chris hasen’t been a mother “mommy” to her kid’s she want’s to be fake and act young she want’s to be her daughter’s friend Bruce need’s to step-up and put a stop to the spoiled mouthy twin’s not allow them to follow in their half-sister’s footstep’s. Yeah oh!! and poor rob get’s none of Chris’s attention just goes right along with the sister’s and knock’s him down can never give him any praise no wonder the young man can’t get it together to become somebody he could with the right guidence, support, if sister’s and Chris stop stealing all the spotlight maybe he’ll be somebody.

    • JohnyPinga

      Um…….Wow. Just wow. Please visit whichever middle school you attended and shoot your English teacher. This person did you a huge disservice.

  • http://yahoo li

    cris jenner you have no right to dis honey boo boo you are doing the same thing having a talentless family and show who do you think you are your show sucks and so do you

    • sue

      are you jealous that she is getting more attention than your kids sex tapes grow a pair beyatch

  • Kelly

    You got to be kidding?!???! This Mother is making money off her daughter too. Just as Kris Jenner is doing with her daughters. Both of these mothers should be bitch-slapped for exploiting their children.The almighty dollar speaks louder than keeping their self respect.These kids love the attention they get on TV because obviously their parents aren’t giving it to them. Honey boo boo (what a stupid nickname) is mouthy.Where is the talent???
    Same with Kardashians.What talent do they have that deserves to be prodcasted on TV.??? Both these families are outrageous.One thinks they are “classy” and the other one wants to get some “class”.Crazy attempts at entertainment in TV land is all I got to say.

  • sparty04

    Gee, ya think Kris! Many of us laugh of how you just answered what the same qualities are of your own show.

    Exactly what do you see in the mirror anyway?

  • carol

    because although they are white trash…they are a hundred times cleaner than you and that pack of whores you are raising. go away…ain’t nobody buying your clothes and ryan sechrist is pimping you bitches hard…no one cares…you are stank ass trash..I’ll take Honey boo boo’s mama any day of the week.

  • carol

    oh and…ummmm you’ve raised yer daughters to be whores from an early age….the state of california ought to be raiding your home and taking those young girls away….too late for the older skanks…they’ll ever be anything but someone else’s trash.

  • http://webpronews Monie K

    I’m sure for Kris Jenner, America’s fascination with Honey Boo Boo has been elightening. Kris is finally realizing that we are not laughing with her family but at her family, ALL of them, Kim included. It’s finally sinking into her tiny brain that America does not watch the Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo because we want to be like them or because we are envious. We watch these 2 shows because they both are comedic tragedies, 2 moms prostituting their daughters and family for fame and money. At least when Honey Boo Boo becomes of age, she may be smart enough to tell June to take a “flying a leap”, unlike Kim who comes across, well, just dumb. I guess for June and Kris, pimpin is easy.

  • barbara m

    I feel that the Kardashians need to go and leave this Television reality show behind them. There dirty laundry is ridiculous and I don’t feel its any kind of mentor show. As you see Honey Boo Boo isn’t all that either. They will put any kind of stupid shows on now and I am truly getting tired of watching someone life on TV there shows take away what tv is all about. Now the DUGGARS they are such a true loving show and they have real life situations that are real now outlandish. Please get rid of these stupid shows that just show spoiled rich brats.

  • Ryo

    With a name like Honey Boo Boo I already despise her. Seeing and hearing her speak makes me want to drive a sharp object into her eye sockets.

    • Ash

      Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smartest comment on here!

    • Kiara

      You do realize that she is a little girl, right? She didn’t ask to become a reality star. It was probably up to her parents more than anything (just like her nickname was)…

  • Chris

    Kris Jenner thinks this honey boo-boo family is classless for ‘showcasing’ themselves on T.V.Absolutely dripping with irony.Saturated with irony.Oh & BTW,it didn’t take but a second for me to see the irony & hypocrisy in that statement.Peace,I’m out!

  • Sue

    I don’t think that Kris should be worred about Honey Boo Boo. I had the opportunity to watch a portion of the Honey Boo Boo show earlier this week and was sickened by it. Couldn’t believe that any mother would let their child sleep in a playpen with a pig that urinates and defacatess any where it likes. Honey Boo Boo had even commented that the pig did one or the other, I can’t remember. She also kissed the pig on the lips. I did not find any of this entertaining, nor did I appreciate the manner in which this young toddler talked to others. Her parents should realize that these are this child’s formative years and that this is really bad behavior that she is going to carry on with the rest of her life. She seriously needs a reality check. I can’t believe that the show is as popular as it is. Honey Boo Boo should be taken off the air so that other children do not follow her as an example.

    • BB

      All of the reality television shows are classless. The moronic things that we will sit and waist our time watching these days is pretty pathetic. None of the reality tv including kardashians,swamp people, honey boo boo are worth a grain of salt and its sad that the tv networks are delivering this garbage to the american public and calling it entertainment, and these reality stars laugh at us all the way to the bank…..

  • http://yahoo grannyg

    I watch the Kardashians the other night where Kendall and Kylie where
    complaining about they were behind in their classes at school, Kris stopped them from working and let them go to school instead of letting them have their way and just stay home and travel to make more money. Bruce you are their father put you foot down and stand up to Kris and keep those girls in school

  • Rosemarie

    Get a life people. Why are you all shocked with this Family. They are not phoneys like Kris and her intire phoney money hungry Family. June and Honey Boo Boo put on no phoney airs, do you all think you are so perfect that everyone plays God. This IS reality, if we could go into every ones life what stories we could really tell. So don’t watch if you DON’T like the show, I think it is so true to life that it is really funny and I hope they make tons of money. As for you Kris you are one to talk, you are a whore momager, you sell your Daughters for money and you’d sell your soul for money, so leave these people alone and fend to your own garbage. It’s your show I NO longer watch and praying when they take YOU and your brood OFF.

  • LucyS

    Who the hell is ‘Honey Boo Boo’? And, for that matter, who the hell is Kris Jenner?

  • kimigogo

    Prettier package Kris,, but same result,, bearing your sould on TV for money, no matter if you are LA or white Trash,, ends up in the same result, someone will end up getting harmed.

  • norman

    Kris is just afraid viewers will tune in “Honey Boo Boo”, instead of “Honey Boob Boobs”!

  • Marie

    Kris Jenner is SUCH a hypocrite! She “whored” her daughters out to make them “famous”, and I truly use that word LIGHTLY, and then she puts down another Mother who is doing the same thing? I do think Bunny Boo, Boo Boo or whatever her name is, is not an engaging show at all. But then, neither is “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and all of their other shows. The whole family are just a bunch of media whores, who happen to be flashy to the YOUNG female adults that keep them on the golden screen! And to read that Kim wanted to have a star on the Walk of Fame?? What a joke! She should go down on Hooker Avenue, and I am sure the johns down there would be more than happy to give her a “Slut Star” of her very own, since that IS what made her “famous.” And when all their money runs out, they will still be exactly what they are underneath all their fancy duds and poofy hair – a bunch of media whores!

  • fran

    Well, our prediction was right…….10% Momanager, Kris Jenner, has pushed her 2 youngest daughters into the business so hard that they’ve missed too much school, got behind in their studies & now have to be home-schooled in order to get their HS Diploma!!!!! Their father, Bruce, is a WIMP for letting this happen!!!! These girls will never see a college campus or college degree!!!! Push over Kim…..here comes “Baby Jenners”…….too sad!!!!!!

  • C……….

    Kris Jenner , is the epitome of a mom who sells her daughters to the nearest pimp, get real who cares what that self serving B$%^& thinks or wants. Her husband has been castrated by her , such a sad and pitiful site to see of a former Olympian.

  • tygehb

    Amazing… Kris Jenner’s kids can’t even speak the King’s language and are so dumb… Kim thinks she has a sixth sense that can smell cavities! That is called gum disease and EVERYONE can smell it. Also, although I like Khloe, she recently used the term uncomfortableness… puhleeze, Khloe the word is discomfort. How much education do these people have???

  • Chippy

    Kris Jenner thinks Honey Boo Boo is classless? She needs to take a look in the mirror!

  • susy

    oh please id lot rather watch honey boo boo over kris jenner or her fake ass snoody rich brats any day and i’m not a redneck

  • NBaker

    I will watch Honey Boo Boo over the Kardashians any time… any day.

  • http://google debbie young

    funny…I don’t understand people’s fascination with her entire family…not thatI’m a fan of ..what the heck exactly is a honey boo boo??? oh yeah that obnoxious little kid with the even more obnoxious mother….why oh why is this crap on tv???

  • jk

    Do not understand people’s fascination with either family. Both families are simply exploiting themselves for the almighty dollar. Someday that litle girl may not want to have to live with the fact that her mother made a complete fool of her on national TV. But, when you look at the Kardashian clan, maybe not, either. What exactly, is it that people are watching them for? They are rude, crude and obnoxious – both families. Not an example of the type of people any of us should desire for our children to emulate. Shows how little the gap really is across society that two families so far apart financially and educationally are so alike in manners, language and examples of high standards and morals. What a shame.

  • james

    all these american shows are pathetic and keep getting worse and worse. kardashians all look like trannies and kim k has a penis. then you got these trailer trash pageant kids. typical american bulls*it

  • Dante

    Classless? Of course it is. Can’t stand that show.. which brings me to the point, is it any less classless than Kartrashianism? Sounds like a jealousy problem to me. God forbid ANYONE get more attention! Maybe it’s time to “leak” another sex tape? I refuse to watch any of this reality show garbage, both shows significantly contribute to the dumbing of America..

  • Keepsitreal

    I can’t understand the fascination with her show. Kris is a madame pimping out her children. Now the younger ones are jumping on the tramp wagon. She has nerves/ America really, the world could use some morals again.

  • Keepsitreal

    As long as people watch they will get a check. I think all these idiots to thinking about an education for the future.

  • Dana

    Kris thinks the family showcasing themselves on TV is “classless”.
    This from a woman who pimps out her daughters at every opportunity.
    I’m not a fan of either show, but Kris Jenner makes me want to

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