Kris Jenner Called A 'Controlling Monster' By Bruce Jenner's Mom


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Kris Jenner has been known to be a bit of a control freak, but now her ex-mother-in-law has opened up about the Keeping up with the Kardashians matriarch, calling her a "controlling monster."

The 88-year-old mother of Bruce Jenner recently spoke to the Daily Mail about her former daughter-in-law and how she was ecstatic when Kris filed for divorce.

Kris and Bruce were married in April 1991, and their marriage lasted 22 years before they separated in October 2013. Esther said she hasn't been happy about her son's marriage since the day they said "I do."

"I don't think she treated anybody very well," Esther said. "What do you do with a person like that? ... She's domineering -- it's do it her way, or there's no way. I had very little to do with Kris. I stayed away from her as much as I could."

Not only is Esther happy about Bruce's divorce, she said she can tell her son is just as happy. "He is ecstatically happy right now," she said. "When I talk to him I can hear it in his voice ... Since he has got his freedom he has his own checkbook and doesn't have to ask Kris for money, which he's had to do. He couldn't even buy one of his little helicopters without asking her for money."

Kris and Bruce have two children together Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Esther said Bruce was the sole parent while Kris was busy partying and socializing. Bruce also has four other children, Burt and Casey, from his marriage to first wife Chrystie Crownover, and Brandon and Brody, with second wife Linda Thompson. Esther said Kris never treated Bruce's kids right, and would bad mouth them.

"Kris has been so disrespectful," Esther explained. "She would sit down and bad mouth my grandchildren that I love dearly from Bruce's first two marriages, and then in the next breath [say] how wonderful, wonderful, wonderful her girls were."