Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Bikini [PHOTO]


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Unless you haven't noticed, it seems the term "selfie" and the name Kardashian go hand-in-hand these days, as the famous family has become known for tweeting images of themselves and sending them out to their millions of followers.

In October of 2013, Kim Kardashian tweeted that now infamous photo of her wearing a white one piece bathing suit, that she says she took for her fiance Kanye West. Well now, it's Kourtney Kardashian's turn to send out a revealing image, as the oldest of the five sisters just posted two photos on her Instagram account.

Evidently, Kourtney's new year's resolution for 2014 is to get in better shape, so she posted two images. One is a selfie of her standing in front of workout equipment with a no-nonsense look on her face, and the other is a professional shot of her wearing a barely-anything-there bikini.

She posted the workout photo with the words "Day one," which suggests she's trying to get rid of some excess weight, although in actuality, she looks relatively fit. The second photo seemed to be posted for motivation, as she wrote the words "This is why I started working out today," so it's likely Kourtney considers this particular look to be her best, and she's eager to look like that again.

For the most part, Kourtney's followers seem to supportive of the posts and some were even inspired by the bikini photo. "I think I may have found my motivation," one person wrote. "You go get that body gorgeous," another commented, but the follower also took the time to send Kourtney and her sister a jab. "Tell [Kim] to spend some time with her kid. She should learn from you," the opinionated fan wrote.

Out of all the sisters, it seems like Kourtney is most comfortable being seen in public without makeup or fancy clothes, which of course is abnormal for a Kardashian. However, some may think that she's just as vain, because any posted photo of yourself is a form of self-promotion, and if she really needed a bikini photo to stay motivated, then why would she need to send it to millions of people? It's a good question when you're dealing with the real world, but when you're dealing with the Kardashian world, posting a revealing image is quite normal. But the jury is still out on whether that's a good or bad thing.

Image via Wikimedia Commons