Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Working On Relationship

    July 4, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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It seems like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick can’t decide if they want their relationship to work out or not.

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott moved into his and Kourtney’s new home alone.

He was seen sleeping on a blow up mattress without any other furniture and very few personal items around him.

Sources close to the couple said that Kourtney and Scott have been having a lot of issues lately and Kourtney, who is currently pregnant, has had enough of Scott’s drama and wild ways.

The source even suggested that Kourtney and the children may not be moving into the new house with Scott as originally planned.

Kourtney even left Scott in New York while she went back to celebrate North West’s birthday last month. Scott didn’t seem to upset about Kourtney leaving and continued to party, which only made Kourtney more upset.

Even worse, in June rumors began to spread that said an inappropriate photo of Scott with another girl had surfaced. While Kourtney may have seen the photo, nobody else did and luckily, it didn’t get leaked on the Internet.

In spite of all the drama that has been going on between the couple, another source claims that they are now trying to work things out and are in the process of rebuilding their relationship.

The entire family was recently seen spending time together at a carnival where they all looked happy. More family time and less time apart may be just what the family needs.

Since Kourtney is expecting, she better decide soon if she plans to live with Scott or find a home elsewhere.

Do you think the couple will be able to work things out and stay a family or are they just another doomed Hollywood couple?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • audrey

    Kourtney Please wake up…I kno U Love this man but he is using U…He Loves U yes and U Love Him…U have kids together that is it…I have been with someone like him..Scott is not a bad guy just not for U…I have always considered U the smart one of the bunch but How Much More Can U Take??? Mason..Penelope..and your soon to be..Need a Man who wants this and U more than anything…and I just don’t see it…Please really think hard on this..U Deserve A Man Who Will Love U and Give U the World…Be His Queen..Not his Cash Cow!! Sorry but truth be told….

    • Julie

      My goodness, audrey, are you really that emotionally involved with these people?

      • Guest

        Julie took he words right out of my mouth, good grief Audrey!!

  • Larry Fyne

    It’s all publicity and BS. One’s just as bad as the other. They’re a perfect match & fit for each other. Can you just imagine what these 2 bast ard children will be like in 10 or 15 years?

  • Sudie

    Scott soooo needs to be in Kourtney’s rearview mirror.

  • shakey

    If Kourtney would get rid of Kris and all her stupid advice look at her two youngest girls what a mess I think Kourtney needs to make up her own mind be with the man you love send him forRehab on drinking that’s all

  • frmrfran

    Oh no!

  • Guest


  • tym2go

    They are using each other and unfortunately their kids for ratings and money.

  • sickened

    Drama drummed up fr the show. These two weirdos were made for each other.

  • MaryA

    Courtney wants to control EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in my opinion, without that control she is insecure and lonely, I know they have been together a long time, but I have always thought she could do much better than him, she really needs to think things through BEFORE she has another baby with him, not after, because selfishly she has now involved their kids in her stupid decisions, just saying.

  • larry

    scott is the one with money. these ladies are goldiggers

  • larry

    scoot grandfather was very rich. these girls only date marry if money is on the table. cash money please

  • tricia

    Kourtney you are a awesome person and a wonderful mother. You don’t need the hassle of a difficult relationship. I know how that is I was married to a alcoholic and I had two small children as well. It is difficult to think without him being there because he is the father. I would tell him rehab or by. I finally did it. It was a abusive relationship towards me. He did go to rehab and we are not tryng to put out relationship back to together. We lost everything in the process. Kourtney you have an awesome family to help you. Think about it Your worth it

    • Pam Barkulis

      Awesome family….seriously??? And where might they be???

  • T.J. Cifax

    Talk about an absolute FOOL in love. I know Kourtney loves this guy but the feeling is only partially mutual. As long as he is connected to the Kardashian brand, he’s going to continue to be relevant and paid to the fullest. So keep letting her think that he’s in it for the long haul and she’ll keep taking him back. How foolish! Its possible she can keep being this dumb until stress and/or high blood pressure kills her. So sad. Robert isn’t the only one who needs an intervention.

  • Hates Fakes

    OMG! Typical Krapdashian Krap…making things up to boost their TV RATINGS!! The Krapdashians are the phoniest family on the planet.

  • Cat Summers

    All Kourt does is have babies and finds fault with Scott. That is her storyline since the start.. Its getting old……………..

  • nikki

    She is nuts…she keeps taking him back…I dont think he will ever grow up…thats why she wont marry him, she doesnt trust him..i think all she wants is babies, and doesnt really care if scott is there or not/ The games they play r getting old..time to grow up…think about the kids. ..sheeeeeeeeeeesh

  • ChellaBella

    REALLY, STILL??? you 2 are ridiculous I think Scott is a sperm donor. He is the most hated man in America celebrity wise. I use to feel sorry for him, but he is the King of Douche’s. Anyhow, I am sick of hearing about these Kardashian’s you throw them in our face daily. People have been sick of you from day one. Khloe, the favorite Kardashian, has crossed the line lately…….Be gone

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  • clean america

    I read the yahoo for real news, but couldn’t help notice about every three days you have a story about a Kardashian. I have read a couple now and much to my amazement, the sluts actually have a following. Strange as in most civilized countries breading infestation of Armenian are usually at least discouraged if not eliminated. Where are some Turks when you really need them.

  • Margo Grzymski

    wow , this is important why?