Kosmix Takes In $10 Million In Funding

    December 11, 2007

It may or may not be time to use the r-word, but even in a recession, money has to go somewhere, and $10 million has just found its way to Kosmix, the vertical search company.

Consider the logic of this investment: people get sick regardless of what the economy’s doing, and one of Kosmix’s top sites is RightHealth.  Moreover, a company statement makes known that RightHealth is “the sixth most visited health site on Hitwise and receives over 3.9 million unique visitors a month according to Quantcast.”

Another Kosmix property, RightAutos, might not be so recession-proof – people could visit more mechanics than dealerships if money is tight, making new-car advertisements less profitable.  Still, RightAutos offers news and videos (as opposed to straight-up buyers’ information), so it’s not a bad bet, either.

DAG Ventures, Accel, and Lightspeed are the groups that placed the $10 million wager, by the way.  Accel and Lightspeed have contributed to Kosmix in the past, while DAG is new to the club.

Meanwhile, on that whole will-the-economy-crash front, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports, “Morgan Stanley has issued a full recession alert . . .”  Eep.