Kohl’s Store Shooting Scares Black Friday Shoppers

    November 30, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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A man was shot at a Kohl’s store in Chicago after he allegedly attempted to shoplift and drove away from the store dragging a police officer behind him. The Kohl’s store noticed two men who were attempting to shoplift and alerted the police. Two officers responded to the scene and attempted to stop the shoplifters.

One of the shoplifters jumped into a car to getaway from the police. When an officer tried to prevent him from shutting the car door behind him, the man closed the officers arm in the door and the driver took off. According to witnesses, the police officer was dragged for several yards.

Witnesses also said that a second police officer yelled at the vehicle to stop and even fired warning shots towards the vehicle. When the driver did not stop, the officer shot at him and managed to hit him in the shoulder at which time he stopped the vehicles and the other officer was able to free his arm from the car door.

Both the injured police officer and suspect were treated and neither of them received life threatening injuries. The passenger of the vehicle was charged with attempted murder. The other shoplifters was charged with felony theft and the driver of the vehicle was not charged.

Although several Black Friday shoppers witnessed the incidents, most continued shopping during and after the shooting, even while police were investigating the scene. Kohl’s said they are working with the police and hope the investigation will be finished soon.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

  • JK

    Let me put this in perspective and alleviate some fears.

    In 2013 only, there will be more abortions than all the deaths caused by guns since 1970. If you want to talk about violence, I would start with abortion. Want to talk about saving lives — start there. Want to talk about real death — start there.

    Secondly, it was not the shoplifter doing the shooting. It was the cop. Now, I am sorry, shoplifting is wrong, but by God, you don’t go shooting at people over a few clothes. The public was more at risk by the actions of the police than by the shoplifter trying to steal a pair of jeans.

    Thirdly, if you mind your own business, the odds are greatly in your favor that nothing will ever happen bad to you. Out of the tens of millions of people who went shopping at a million different locations — this was only one incident. The odds of this ever happening to you is the odds of you winning the powerball.

    We are getting paranoid in this country and the media gives a false perception that we are in danger. The reality is that most people will go through life and never have their lives threatened. Actually, you have a better chance of being arrested by the police and being sent to prison than you do of having your life threatened. People are going to prison for next to nothing in this country. Just look at the arrest and incarceration rates. You want to talk about a real danger to your life and well being — start there.

    Don’t worry people. You are safer than you realize. Don’t believe the hype.